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Incompetent, Liar and Uncaring
Incompetent, Liar and Uncaring

A Hero in Mexico that needs to come home!

     For those of you who have read my previous Blogs, you know or have easily deduced that I am no fan of Obama, his administration and his inability to bring competent leaders to positions in his cabinet that are not just failures, but are as uncaring as Obama himself. First Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who early in her career (Watergate) was branded a liar and fired. Next we have John Kerry whose war record in Vietnam (especially concerning crossing into Cambodia's water, when he knew better), the earning of his medals and the suspicions surrounding them (Swift Boat) and then his anti-Vietnam remarks and statements. Hey, I am the first one to tell you that it was a bonehead, deadly and sorrowful decision to have Americans involved, but the fact that America involved itself, our soldiers served and died because of the decision, and then you have John Kerry awarded medals that immediately were brought under suspicion as to how and why he received them, not forgetting that his crew stated they had crossed the line and entered Cambodia waters at the direction of Kerry, doing so against orders and then lying about it. Yeah, Obama surrounds himself with the dregs.
     Let's fast forward to present day when we have U.S. Marine SGT. Andrew Tahmooressi jailed in Tijuana, Mexico, his only mistake was where to turn around and ended up in the wrong lane, and Mexico thumbing their nose at us, while they continue to hold our hero. Yeah, whoopee, you got UBL (Usama bin Laden), now we have one of young men, just across the border, and you can't send a team in to rescue him? See, this is where again I pull on my thinning gray hair. What in the hell is the matter with our determination and honor when it comes to our Vets? Hell, you leave them to die, while faking papers at our VA Hospitals (Thank God for the VA Hospital in Johnson City, TN that I can personally attest is a caring hospital, by the way they took care of my father and still takes care of my mother, both Korean War Vets).
     The Obama Administration is involved in arming Mexico drug cartels by their miserable failure in their Fast and Furious scandal, allowing drugs mules to continually cross our borders, allowing the flow of ILLEGAL ALIENS to cross into America and then pats them on the back and give them benefits that criminals should never receive. Remember, they are here illegally, hence they are criminals! The Obama Administration is fully aware that Mexico's military crosses onto American soil, armed and at times confronts our border patrol, and nothing is done about it! At what point do you grow a backbone and say, "Enough is enough!" and bring Mexico under control?
     We have a Afghanistan War Hero chained to a bed, seriously suffering from PTSD, and Obama, his administration, and John Kerry just twiddle their thumbs, sigh, and say, "Oh well. Mexico will do the right thing!" And pigs fly, you idiots! Send in a team of Rangers, Seals or ask for volunteers and you'll see our military line up in a line so long, you can't see the end of it. No? Because you refuse to act, you bunch of overpaid jackasses!
     This Memorial Day, as those of us understand the meaning of the day has nothing to do with cookouts and fireworks, one of our own will lay chained to a bed, while the country he served bravely allows an inept, pathetic and uncaring (to say the least) sits back and watches his mother cry and worry if her son about her son and will her government ever show up and flex its muscle and bring her son home. As much as I hurt for both her and her son, I'm not, in anyway confident our government actually cares. What a shame and disgrace.
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