Monday, February 15, 2016


     It is a sad day, indeed, when an American who has dedicated his life to upholding the Constitution and our Republic dies. Justice Scalia was one such American. To read his writings and thoughts on how the Supreme Court needed to change, leaves you with an understanding of the Direction the SCOTUS is heading. Justice Scalia knew the Supreme Court needed to lose all the big time lawyers that sit on the Court. Most of them are from New York! How liberal can you get? Harvard and Yale educated. Again, how liberal can you get? 

     Consider this: Someone so special to our country was deemed as not needing an autopsy, by who? Another judge, no, now we find it was a Justice of the Peace, and over the phone to boot! Who was the person on seen who was medically trained to claim death? The pillow over his head was backtracked by the person who first said it was 'over his head' and adjusted his statement to say, "Well. the pillow was against the headboard and was hanging over his head." Why change your story now? Justice Scalia was a thorn in the side of the Liberal Justices who like to write the Constitution to their ideology instead of upholding the Constitution in its pure form. He was a thorn in Obama's side, choosing to skip Obama' State of the Union speeches. So Obama slaps back, refusing to go to his funeral. How despicable is our president? Damned despicable! 

     I hope and pray his family has an independent and private autopsy done. Those around him stated that he was doing fine, while others stated he wasn't feeling well. His death reads like a Sherlock Holmes novel: Here is a judge who was so pivotal in keeping Americans 2nd Amendment Rights intact (A wall in front of Obama's continuous gun grabbing attempts). Curiously, how Obama faces his last year in office, one of his largest attempts to strip Americans of their weapons and guns has now become possible with the Scalia Wall out of his way. Am I speaking as a conspiracy theorist? No. I see Obama, his cabinet, as well as his aggressive manner of changing the American landscape into another Muslim stronghold, and my suspicions become more realistic!

     Let's talk about the power a President yields, and how they can use it with impunity to move people out of their way. John and Bobby Kennedy were having to deal with the fallout of the illicit affair that John (maybe even Bobby) had with Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn became, not a thorn in the President and Jackie Kennedy's side, but a hot spear as she continuously tried to make contact with John, even after John had ended the affair. She constantly called the White House, really ticking off an already mortified Jackie Kennedy. Now Jackie was aware of her husband's affairs, however, Marylin was making it a world wide circus with her infatuation with John and openly embarrassing the man who controlled the most powerful nation in the world. Then we hear: Marylin Monroe had been found dead, committing suicide by overdose and alcohol. Okay, it could happen, except for one piece of evidence that is kept quiet. 

     One of the ambulance drivers (No, they weren't called EMT back then) arrived on the scene and made his way into the room where Marylin's 'body' was located. This would be where the story would normally end. Not so! The ambulance driver, who kept his story quiet until he felt it was safe for him to divulge what he saw, went on national television and revealed what he saw transpire in that room. He stated that, instead of finding a dead Marylin, he saw a Marylin who was starting to come around. Doesn't sound too dead to me! While she was struggling to wake up, a side door was opened, a man came into the room, plunged a needle into her chest, and with in moments, Marylin was actually dead. The world mourned. Joe DiMaggio began having fresh roses set at her crypt everyday. Yes, he truly loved Marylin. But the one family that didn't mourn were the Kennedys. For them it was a sigh of relief. Would an independent autopsy, even with today's technology, have been allowed and the results released? There was nobody who would have bucked the Kennedys. Joe Kennedy had set up his empire, and he didn't do it by fearing others. The Kennedy dynasty has to be protected. If you think I'm wrong or crazy, you better do your homework and find out about the power the Kennedy name wielded! For one, look up Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick event. Who else would have not gone to prison, instead of becoming a senator?

     Obama has moved chess pieces to do his bidding, not for America or Americans sake, but for his desires, and they are evil. He has no intention to leave America intact as a Republic. His intention is to destroy, and like a spoiled child, get his own way. Do I believe it is possible that Justice Scalia was removed by the power of the White House? I would not put it past Obama and his cronies. Obama wants Americans guns and will stop at nothing to prevent that from happening. A Republican Senate and Congress keeping Obama from putting an new Justice in place, may end up being a dog and pony show. If you have a even vote, 4 to 4 tie in the SCOTUS, the lower court ruling will stand. And who has Obama been loading up with more of his cronies? The Federal courts in all levels. With Scalia out of the way, Obama may get just what he wanted, with a challenge or lawsuit to be heard by the SCOTUS, a mute issue. People have called me paranoid about Obama. I say, when you see evil, they usually don't wear halos. 

     My last thing I'll say to the family of Justice Scalia, my heart and prayers are with you. Just heed this: Don't take any Federal Judges ruling that an autopsy is not needed. Find the most respected Medical Examiner and have them perform an autopsy. If you do, don't be surprised if the M.E. begins getting threats or suspicious characters don't start showing up. Justice Scalia deserves to have the truth told, he earned that right! 

Saturday, February 13, 2016




Ya'll think good thoughts for me today! I'm having a hard day already: I'm having a hard time getting out of bed, a hard time straightening my back, having a hard time getting my legs to work, having a hard time seeing where I'm going, having a hard time remembering what I've done so far, so I have to start all over again. I'm having a hard time remembering if I wrote this. Who am I? I woke up this morning with a woman sleeping next to me and having a hard time remembering who she is. It's gonna be a long day, but I'll have a hard time remembering what day it was.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


     I have, in previous Blogs, outed libtards and Democrats for how they are ruining our country and society. The test of the stability of any country is based upon its citizens seeing facts, not being brainwashed by crooked, evil people, who have committed enough crimes, any 'regular citizen' would be buried under the concrete of the prison or jail they are housed in! I am not looking at Hillary Clinton from a Republican set of eyes, rather, as a person looking at her as to what crimes she has committed, that she should be charged, indicted, and convicted of not only treason, but of dereliction of duty (at the minimum) for the Benghazi disaster and deaths! Where is the accountability? Yet, there the idiots are, yelling and screaming for Hillary, their next president! Damn it, I have had enough!

     Our veterans. These are people I have the highest respect and feeling for! Yet, where are you? Your voices, and the voices of your families should thunder throughout this country, so loud, it will sound like the voice of God speaking!! Why in the world would you not be boldly shouting down the very person who allowed your comrades and a U.S. Ambassador cruelly die at the hands of our enemies, then was part of a cover-up to blame their deaths on a video, knowing it was a terrorist attack within minutes of it beginning! She ignored Ambassador Steven's requests for upgraded security and reinforcement in troops to guard and protect the embassy, yet you stand by silently and allow her time in the limelight, acting like the liar she is (she was fired by the law firm she worked for for lying during the Watergate cover-up)! Why aren't you forcing your words to be heard and shout her down by screaming out the atrocities she has done, not only to our country, but to your fellow Vets and those who gave all? 

     I see the evil in the Democratic Party, how it would rather have a treasonous candidate, one who sold atomic materials to our enemies, a person who stood by and allowed our people to die at the hands of an enemy without offering a smidgen of assistance, has violated and committed treason by have not only classified material on a 'private server' at her house, but it also contained critical top secret materials! Not only that, they have found where she transmitted or had transmitted to her phone the same said material as well as spoke to subordinates over the phone, reading the material, yet you stupid, libtard Democrats (yellow dog Democrats) offer up this evil woman as the best you've got? Are you all totally insane??? The FBI is dragging its feet. Yeah they've found the evidence, but why hasn't the DOJ brought charges against her and slapped her evil person in a maximum security prison until she comes to trial? Hell, they would have hung us by now! Look at how they are treating Edward Snowden. No, he's a traitor and committed treason as well, however, he can't step a foot into the USA. If he did, goodbye Eddie! Why isn't Hillary being held to the same standard? Bet she has the goods on Obama, as well as others in his administration, and she has the by the, well you know what she has them by (it wouldn't be polite to say she has them by the balls). 

     The liberals and Democrats are dismantling our country, one chunk at a time. Whether you agree or not with the 'seige' at the refuge in Burns, Oregon, these men are trying to send a message to our country, one with his life. They are screaming out about a government that is intent on tyranny, plain and simple. The refuge and the two ranchers are just the reason to take the stand. The takeover of our lands and country by a government who is supposed to be restrained by the Constitution, the Senate and Congress, and by We the People, is going unnoticed by most, still thinking our Government is for us. B.S. It is only for those in office and are exerting control, standing in violation of our nations laws and the Constitution. So, these men (one who was questionably shot dead in an ambush), are that loud voice screaming,"Wake up America! We're in trouble and you're not paying attention or caring!"  As for me and others, we hear you, and know how corrupt and uncaring our government is, and what was once our country, has become!