Sunday, June 29, 2014


     Fear of the unknown is what most people experience at some point in their life, whether real or imagined. Kids feared the possible monster in the closet or under the bed. Teenagers feared being ostracized or their first sexual experience. Adults feared they would end up being like their parents, whether it was poverty, failure, alcohol or drug abuse, or being an abusive parent or sexual predator. We all live with fears of the unknown. We live with these fears because we are no more than animals. Yes we are mammals, but we still have a primal fear as does any animal. All animals are skittish around someone or something new or abrupt sounds. We are no better. But we have a new enemy and fear to deal with. It is the fear of the known. 
     For most of us who are say 50 years or older, a fear of the known was not something we grew up with. All that has changed. We see what we fear everyday. Some newspapers and some news organizations will print or report the truth, others will maintain the status quo of allowing the Progressive Agenda to continue hidden from view. Why? They too are caught up in the Progressive Agenda and to report only what the White House, Democrats, and Liberals want pushed to complete their dismantling of America piece by piece. In case you haven't noticed, who are the loudest voices of descent (other than Chris Matthews of MSNBC who is just a berserk, heart attack or stroke desiring left wing radical)? Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Elijah Cummings. Where are the rest of the loud voices of the Democrats? Election year? Could be? Could it be they actually have a mind of their own, thoughts of their own, their own opinions, or maybe their constituents are beginning to wonder what or who they voted into office and why their wants and needs are no longer being addressed, rather, what passes as human that they voted into office no longer speaks and fights for them, instead are just blindly being led by the nose by the old guard who we know are living the high life, the lush life while they watch their country, and more important, their lives and communities suffer from a disconnected, disinterested criminals we know as politicians.
     Now that not only is the heat being turned up on the all the Washington, Obama Administration Scandals, the very person who has single-handedly has dismantled our economy, our control of the National debt, the healthcare system, our standing in the view of the world, our military, allowed the IRS, NSA, DOJ, and EPA, just to name a few, to get away with criminal acts at his behest? Obama has certainly done nothing to bring JUSTICE TO WASHINGTON. His lack of action, deceit and criminal conspiracy to surround himself with those who made him Teflon is working. There was a gangster nicknamed the Teflon Don. Obama is the gangster titled Teflon Insanity. Now, because he still isn't getting his way, he has made the bold statement that if they (Congress) won't do as he wants, he will go it alone, doing what? This President has never got it through his thick skull that the President's Office isn't the department that makes laws. Our Constitution plainly states that Congress bears the responsibility of making laws. Here's the kicker, the reason that Congress has a low rating in the polls is not that Congress isn't trying, it's Harry Reid's choke-hold on the Senate that stops any action by Congress. Reid will blame Republicans in Congress for inaction, yet any attempt by the Republicans in Congress to pass a bill, is met by Harry Reid and the Democratic sniveling, kowtowed minor Senators, or may I say: insignificant Senators, just follow Reid's lead, afraid of what the big bad wolf (Reid) might do should they step out of line. Smoke and mirrors.
     We all now know the situation we are in at the Southern Border. You've heard (or should have) a lot about it, read about, or if you have read my past Blogs, you are aware of it. What Nancy Pelosi (the old guard) wants us now to believe is it is an opportunity. An opportunity to do what? What???? I know they're women and children, and those of you who have called me a heartless bastard are in every way wrong. I mean no harm to the women and children, all I want, no strike that, I expect is for those women and children to board airplanes that will return them to their own countries. That's not heartless, that's being pragmatic. Instead of spending billions of taxpayer's money to become the nanny state, use that money to return them home and as well as to spend the money to militarize the border. Demand that the Immigration Service do their jobs for once in the last 15 years, and round up all illegals and deport their asses! But in New York before they can be deported, they must first be given a public defender! I find it so interesting how we are now spending taxpayer money to defend invaders of our country (not to mention those who killed our people in Benghazi). These people have entered our country without visas or green cards, which I don't care how you spin it especially by stating they are undocumented aliens, people whatever. They have decided to break the laws of our country an enter it illegally. Illegal, by definition, is to break the laws. Hey cross into Mexico illegally and see what happens. Oops, we already know! Let's take care of upwards of a 100,000 illegal women and children but let a war hero sweat it out in a Mexican jail for making a wrong turn. Their goes some more hair I have pulled out!
     Fear of the known is knowing that the part of our Government that should be protecting us from an overthrow is neutered and are bystanders to what is going on. Yes, the Supreme Court is starting to side with citizens and against Obama, but they are going into recess. We know elections are just a few months away, but that's too much time between now and then for Obama and his lapdogs to further destroy our country. How much is your electric bill going to cost you? Will I be able to afford to buy groceries? Gas? Do you become homeless and live in tents? Electricity is going to skyrocket by what most experts say, at least 300%. That means my average electric bill will jump to $500 a month or $6,000 a year. What am I going to do to offset that cost? Live in a cave? What will you do? Coal fired electricity is cheap, inexpensive, but Obama and the earth warmers can't have that! Again, China, Japan, the Saudis and other countries don't use pollution control systems on their cars. They use coal without concern. Again, what about the pollution volcanoes put out? Underwater volcanic seams boil pollution to the surface of the ocean, you reckon gorilla glue will seal them? How about that fancy spray seal on the commercials that will seal any leak. Reckon that will work? Inexpensive electricity is about to come to an end.
     To finish, the fear of the unknown is no longer a concern. The fear of the known is the most frightening thing our country must endure. Our Government is about to take us down a path of no return unless someone in power finds a way to impeach him and remove his funding so now matter what he attempts, there's nothing he can do because he doesn't have the money to enforce it, at least until they can impeach the bastard and file criminal charges against him and his lackeys.
     I am not trying to scare people as I've been accused. I want to warn Americans about what we love and hold dear is being destroyed by George Soros' star pupil. I've been accused of being insensitive by using Hitler and the Nazis as a comparison to The Obama Administration, well...I hate to disappoint you again, but, Hitler did everything he could to commit a complete genocide on the Jews and other nationalities. The Obama administration will, and I repeat, will try to not only destroy America as we knew it, he and George Soros will work to kill Christians and anyone else who won't bow to them and the Muslim hoard. One thing I will suggest: It doesn't matter if you're an atheist, Christian or what belief you hold as true, take some time to read the Bible prophecies concerning the last days, and when you've performed a serious comparison to the prophecies and what you are seeing today, you might want to reconsider your stance on what the Bible states what will occur in the end of days. Just a thought.         
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