Sunday, June 8, 2014


     I know I am on vacation and having to endure the dirty looks and comments my wife is making while I write this, but it is worth what I have to say!! Obama's next move is to utilize the EPA to further his agenda to destroy the middle and lower class by enacting the new emmisions ruling he has made. Not only will it cost jobs in the coal mining industry, but natural gas and fossil fuels. The restrictions he is trying to enact were voted down by both houses, controlled by the Democrats, in his first two years in office. Power plants using coal and natural gas will be required to cut emmisions so drastically in the next 15 years that, power plants and companies will have to spend billions of dollars each year to stay in compliance. His dream of solar and wind power, which will double the cost to produce power and put companies out of business, and guess who pays the price? WE DO! HIGHER UTILITY BILLS AND CONSUMER COST FOR DURABLE GOODS AND FOOD!!
     The lala land that Obama and his liberal cronies and special interests are lining his pockets with greenbacks will win the fight unless Congress and the Senate band together to actually perform their duties, which are to protect their constituents! In a bipartisan move, both houses need to file lawsuits to halt this disasterous plan and relieve Obama, the EPA, the IRS, The NSA, the BLM, and all other agencies he using, of power to destroy our country! In a bipartisan move, both houses need to vote for his Impeachment and removal from office. It is now time to end Obama's agenda and bring his reign of destruction on America to an end. Joe Biden then needs to be informed that his serving out Obama's remaining time had better be one of returning America to its former self or his butt will be removed just as quick!
     This reign of terror has gone on long enough and his usurping the Congress and the Senate with his "Executive Orders" is over. All Executive Orders Obama has made must be evaluated and if needed, reversed (which would probably be all of them).
     America, it's time, if the Congress and Senate refuse to remove Obama, to rise up with the power and might of millions of citizens and take our country back. Remind your sons and daughters, husbands and wives, that either serve in the military or work for this corrupt government,  that we are all Americans and instead of fighting against us, join us in returning our country to "OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, AND BY THE PEOPLE" and return our country to its citizens!
     I personally hope that Congress and the Senate will act on our behalf and choose the hard choice, yet the right one, and Impeach Obama and remove him from power and the Presidency! If not, I fear that it will be American against American, with no Abraham Lincoln in sight to ensure wisdom prevails. Enough American blood has been shed on American soil, yet I fear it will happen. CONGRESS AND SENATE, DO YOUR SWORN DUTY TO FAITHFULLY SERVE YOUR OFFICE, DEFEND AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION AND REPRESENT THOSE WHO VOTED YOU INTO OFFICE AND PREVENT THE NEXT CIVIL WAR!
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