Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Knights of Rome - The Great Evil

My next book: The Knights of Rome - The Great Evil should premiere before the end of the year. It is the first in the Knight series. The second in the series is: The Quest of Peter and Paul - The Knight Series Book #2, with the last in the series: The Last Knight - The Knight Series Final Chapter.

Stryker's Revenge - Near Completion!!

Just an update to let you know that Stryker's Revenge - Solomon Stryker Series: Book #2 is nearing it's completion. It should be done by mid August 2013 and ready to go through it publication process then. I hope you really enjoy reading it!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Wars End through Amazon/Kindle


Wars End will be available to download to Kindle owners in the next 48 hours. My apology, but it did not allow me to make it available for free. You can still download it from for free, but through Amazon it will be $3.99. Please understand my apology as sincere. Thak you, Terry

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

For those of you have already downloaded my first book: Wars End - Solomon Stryker Series, the second book:  Stryker's Move - Solomon Stryker Series Book #2 is coming along great! There's enough twists and turns in it to make you think you're on a roller coaster! Solomon Stryker and his people, as well as the beautiful Candace Austin, continue to fight for their lives as well as the safety of America! To let you know, the writing has improved 200% compared to book one. Hey everybody has a learning curve! But the new book goes into new depths with new villains as well as the old ones to deal with!   

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Knights Series

The Knights of Rome Series: The Knights of Rome, Peter and Pauls Quest and the Final Knight are short stories I wrote 10 years ago. I will be re-editing them and making them into a longer three episode single book, that I will hopefully have out by the end of 2013 or early 2014. They are assigned in The Library of Congress. They are great reads and I look forward to adding them to my line of books at!

Stryker's Move and how the book is coming along!

Stryker's Move   Solomon Stryker Series Book #2 is moving along, at a slow pace. The story line is more intracate as the web is woven to take down Stryker. I'm excitied as new ideas flood me everyday with new twists and turns that he and Candace experience. Let me know how you liked/disliked the first book in the series: Wars End. I'm open for suggestions and ideas either way! Stryker's Move and how the book is coming along!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wars End Slomon Stryker Series

Please join the adventures of Solomon Stryker, as he goes up against the world's and America's baddest foes. Also, as he starts to develop a lasting relationship with a hard nosed, free spirited journalist named Candace Austin. Wars End   Solomon Stryker Series is available for free download at as well as other Ebook stores soon! The second in the series: Stryker's Move  Solomon Stryker Series Book #2 will be available around September 2013!