Sunday, March 5, 2017


     President Donald J. Trump has been in office for just over a month and, no matter how hard he and his cabinet (at those that are in place and not continually being obstructed bt Democrats), trying to get done the promises our President made to the American public, the distractions that the alt-left and democrats keep throwing up, just show that the Democratic Party still has nothing good to assist the American public and hide behind their circus of smoke and mirrors.

     Anyone, no matter what the party affiliation, should be pushing forward any idea the President has that will make America move forward. Yet, the Democrats have no plans to move America forward, so to hide the fact that they have become a brain-dead party when it comes to us, they just continue to throw up road blocks and distractions to make the President and Republican Party look bad. Listen, I'm all for any Party who has ALL American's best interest at heart and want to, as was the President's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again!". Why wouldn't either party want this? Why indeed?

     Liberals want everything that is 'different' than status quo, no matter how well the status quo is working. Their desire to see Americans prosper and the American Dream be lived out by all Americans, they prefer the majority of Americans suffer at the ideology and lifestyle, as well as lies and subterfuge, without a care as to the destruction of our military, income for the middle class or make dreams come true for the poor by making available the 'hand up' instead of the 'hand out'. 

     Again, to hide their inability to connect with those who want their America back, they push the agenda of their 'shadow government' pushed by George Soros and now Barack Obama to fuel violent protests and use any type of lies and whatr has a hint of interest that sounds like truth, to again slow down the positive direction and results that are already happening and being seen because of our new President and his hope and promise to bring America back to its glory days. These actions by Soros, Obama and all others involved is Sedition and should be dealt with as such. The Attorney General's office and an independant prosecutor and commitee should be investigating this, with every means they can muster, and follow the money back to the sources. All they encounter along the way should be held and tried for sedition, the intention and actions to overthrow our government. These acts of sedition need to come with a heavy price. 

     Concerning our President, stop being distracted by this! You are playing right into their game! Allow your people to deal with this while you do your job! Once your people have gathered all the evidence to present to the American public, then address Americans, directly (not with Twitter), with the truth! Quit Tweeting about these ignorant accusations, and keep moving forward! We voted you in to follow through on your promises, not play childhood, play ground games. Who cares what the other side throws up? YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!! STAY WITH YOUR TIME TABLE AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!

     To those of you who are the obstructionist: you will not win! You can hide behind your masks like a coward, but their use in protests will be banned and your cowardice will come with the price of an arrest, a criminal record and the shame any and all cowaqrds should and will carry! Trump supporters came out to support their President and to protest against the obstructions that the other side is using to destroy our Republic and Democracy, that allows us to peacefully protest, and they did so without the cowardice of hiding behind masks. Yet you couldn't allow them their Rights, you had to make it one of violence. Sedition! I support the Right to protest and have an open forum of discussion and debate, but we always debated civily, allowing all the Right to voice their concerns or opinion. However, the trend is sickening to any American or country, when people can't peacefully speak their minds, concerns and opinions. Both sides lose when violent, shout down protests occur. YOU WILL NOT WIN! 

     To those of you who are in these violent, unlawful acts of protests, I have a idea for you: As positive change does start occuring that could even benefit you, refuse it. You don't want the President to succeed, so you shouldn't want to participate in his success. That only seems the correct trend for you to follow. Then, hit the streets telling America and the world that you refuse to partake of all the positive results from this present administration, that can make yours and your children's lives better! Now that would make me believe you truly are against positive change and that your protests were really what you meant. Understand if I don't hold my breath waiting for that to happen. You are cowards, and protesting just to get your fifteen minutes of fame, and possibly being paid to do so by Soros and Obama's shadow government.

     Let me end this by saying, "The American publis is sick of you, know who is behind your agend and who is financing it, and last but surely not least...YOU WILL NOT WIN!!"