Sunday, March 23, 2014


I thought since Daniel Cloud, An Epiphany of the Demonic and Paranormal is taking a while to be written, I would share the Prologue with you and may share a piece of some chapters as we go, (May Share!)LOL. My name is SEH-fehr dah-nee-EHL Anan. That is Hebrew for Daniel Cloud. I am a tall man, with a slight yet muscular build. I am not a particular handsome man, yet women take a second look when I walked by, as if there was an essence or aura that called to them. I gave them no notice. My mind was on the next mission, missions that were always a painful reminder of who I am and why I existed. The Romans had just crucified the one called Yashua Ha’Mashiach, the Nazarene, the Son of God, who the Romans mocked as Rex Judaeorum, King of the Jews. I stand as witness to it all, watching as a good man was betrayed for silver coins. My next assignment was the one who betrayed the Nazarene. No, I am unable to kill humans, but I have the ability to vigorously influence their thinking. This influence was what I had predetermined to use. Many who were closely associated with the Nazarene were in hiding for fear of retribution by the Sanhedrin Priests and the Roman government. I feared neither for they had no dominion or jurisdiction over me. The betrayer, for whom I searched, was now cowered in fear; and his fear being a beacon to me. Yəhûḏāh, or Judas, was in a quandary as to what he should do. Judas had not foreseen the Sanhedrin’s disdain for Yashua to be so monumental as to compel the Romans into crucifying him! Judas was despised by the Sanhedrin as well as the followers of Yashua. What could he do? It was then I appeared in front of him. “You are the one called Judas?” Judas sat quietly for moment. “I am.” “You hide because of the silver in your pouch, silver that hemorrhages the blood of a man you betrayed.” Daniel stated quietly. Judas answered quietly, “Yes.” “Do you comprehend Jewish law, Judas?” “Of course I understand our laws. Why do ask?” Judas inquired. “Jewish law requires an eye for an eye. You have caused the death of an innocent man because of your actions. If a man dies because of anything other than in defense of your own life, what does your law require?” Daniel asked, leading Judas along. “It would require the life of the man who committed the murder. I did not kill him!” Judas cried. “He died just as surely as if it were you taking the whip and ripping his flesh from His body, and just as surely as if it were you who hammered the spikes in His wrists and feet, and just assuredly as if it were you who raised the cross between the earth and Heaven so that He died an excruciating death. You are culpable of an innocent man’s death and the law cries for justice.” Of course the man spoke the law correctly. “What should I do to bring justice?” asked Judas. “Obey the law, an eye for an eye, and a death for a death! You killed a man for a cheap price of thirty silver coins! Is your life worth more?” Later that evening, Judas hung himself high from a tree, however by using such cheap rope, it wasn’t long after Judas died, that the rope broke with Judas’ body striking the ground with such force his torso split open. Daniel watched the event with lack of emotion. His mission was completed and now he must move on. A new mission awaits him as is always the case and as he slowly walks away; he disappears to another place in time.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


My fourth book is coming along slowly because the subject matter needs to be intergrated to be fantastic yet as accurate as possible. Last night my wife and I went to see the Rise of the 300, and while watching the previews, I leaned over and told my wife I had the idea for my next book. The reason for the conundrum is the fifth book will have such a great story line, I want to start writing it today! Arrrrgh!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

My newest book is to be my best!!

Daniel Cloud: An Epiphany of the Demonic and Paranormal has just had some great twists added to it. This book will be my best yet! Terrifying, but hard to put away!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Update on: Daniel Cloud, An Epiphany of the Demonic and the Paranormal

Daniel Cloud, An Epiphany of the Demonic and the Paranormal is coming along, but at a slower pace. I am doing deep research into occults and the paranormal, to not produce just a novel, but one that is significant to our time and events around us. Reading excerpts to my family have produced high and low praise as they point out the excellent and help me intensify the weak parts. I will keep you updated and do a pre-order when it is near completion. If you love reality in what goes bump in the night, Daniel Cloud will take you on a terrifying journey! Thanks, Terry