Monday, January 23, 2017


I'm sorry I haven,t been Blogging lately, but I sustained a serious injury (and no, it didn't happen at a Trump rally! :) ). I should be back to Blogging soon, so watch out. I'll soon be back!!

Friday, January 6, 2017


     Well, if you're not sick of it by now, you have just not been paying attention to the news. It's everywhere you look. If you listen to talk radio, it's blasted everywhere. If you read a newspaper or online news, it's splattered everywhere. Good grief, will it ever end? No. Not as long as the Democrats and the Left are no longer in control of every part of our lives and to the point of telling us who can use what bathroom, what we're allowed or not allowed to say for the sake of being politically correct, and most of all: Their ability to destroy our country with their Anti-Midas touch. 

     Party rhetoric and doctrine is more important to the Democrats and Left than keeping America strong and a threat and force if attacked, working to change our inner cities into a win-win scenario for those who live there, curbing crime in our inner cities, and correcting the terrible AHCA (Obamacare). Bringing back our workforce to be the strongest manufacturer in the world again, keeping the American dream, well, the American dream for its citizens, instead of giving that dream away by stifling growth with unrealistic and destructive regulations. The Democrats and the Left have one thing in mind: themselves only. We, the American public, became a nuisance to them, especially if we disagreed with anything they said. 

     Donald Trump won the election, fair and square, and that is not a burr under their saddle, his win is a razor blade to them. But no, someone or something else is to blame. Hence Putin, Russia, Assange and hacking are all at fault for Hillary losing the election. As far as I know, PASSWORD is kinda of a ignorant choice for your password to protect your computer, phone apps or anything else people shouldn't have access to that are not authorized to have access to your private data. Have you changed your password yet, John Podesta? No blame there, right? Geeesh. I change my passwords every 2 weeks to at least once a month. I have a 'Password Sheet" that is printed and locked in my safe, should I forget the new ones. How hard is that? No, people shouldn't be hacking into private Email. There should be a stiff prison sentence for those who do. With that said, those Emails revealed how poisonous the Democrats and Left's agenda is. I don't know if Putin and Russia hacked those Email, and watching the so called Intelligence Community testify on Thursday, 1/5/17, I still came away asking, "Where's the hard proof?" If Putin and Russia did hack the Email, yes, harsh sanctions are in line as punishment. However, before you start kicking Russia's diplomats out of our country, it should be done so based on hard, concrete evidence, not supposition or in retaliation for a poor choice for their presidential candidate losing the election.

     For the last 8 years, no matter how team Obama as well as Obama himself try to spin it, the last 8 years have been a disaster for America and the American people. I have listened to Obama try to convince America his presidency was the best thing for Americans since apple pie, just doesn't add up to the condition our country actually finds itself in. Of course, for those who don't use their brains to research the condition our country finds itself in and the actual reason why, well, Pay-doh continues to make its product, coloring book companies still make coloring books, Crayon still makes crayons and there are plenty of dogs who need a hug. FREE THINKING COMES WITH A PRICE: YOU SEE THE TRUTH!! 

     Over the next four years, we will be seeing a lot of changes. Some even I may not agree with, but good lord, anything is better than what we have. But change is what we need to become the vibrant, working, and world strong country we once were. We need to be a country who again loves the red, white and blue. who is taught American history and proud to know it and remember that we are Americans, not a country pulling itself apart with ideologies that are based on self, not on the greater good for all citizens, not just those whose sole belief is based upon rhetoric, instead of free thinking.