Monday, May 12, 2014


     Let me preface this article with the statement that I am a Republican. I want the Senate to be flipped in 2014. A disturbance is rippling the pool of American sentiment, and the finger that is causing that ripple is John Boehner. He has built a wall that I consider will crumble the 2014 hopes of the Republicans. Hold to principles, protect our Constitution, but remember, those who vote are watching you being an ass when it comes to Extended Unemployment Benefits. No, this isn't another liberal/Democrat entitlement program. Unemployment benefits help those who have lost their jobs to no fault of their own and are struggling in this current economy and job market crisis. I know. My wife is one of those who is struggling. Sure, you can go to work at a convenience store, a fast food chain or any other low paying job. However, when you have a mortgage to pay, taxes and insurance for your home, all of your utilities each month, oh of course that doesn't include car payments, insurance and gasoline. You could work the aforementioned jobs 24 hours a day and still not earn enough to stay afloat.
     You are a millionaire, John. You make a great salary as well as all of the perks. For you to make the decision to block the extended benefits is like me suddenly becoming the captain of a submarine. It wouldn't work, because I have nothing to reference it to. You are so removed from the citizens who have put you in office, you don't understand the pain and suffering we are going through. You wait for the Democrats to come up with a job plan before you agree to the benefits extension, so how about this, get off of your lazy ass and come up with your own job creation plan and release those benefits! Again, you have millions, we have little to nothing. You have everything so you can't feel our pain, because with your cushy life, you have nothing to reference it to.
     May 31st is quickly approaching. If you fail the American people, I feel certain they will make you and the Republican Party pay at the polls in 2014. Be the hero John. Approve the extension now, and let the American public know you care more about them and will come up with a job creation plan with a bi-partisan effort. I believe I know how to create jobs and bringing the jobs back to America. Reduce Corporate taxes (Hey look at what New York is doing!) and make all states Right to Work so Unions don't have the strangle hold they do in some states. Look at what the UAW did to the big 3. Liberals want to blame Bush for their collapse. I worked in the automotive industry. UAW plants are overloaded with employees, way to heavy on payroll, benefits and retirement packages. No, and I repeat, no company can survive under the stress of the enormous output of cash that UAW plants require. I've also worked in the Toyota plant in Georgetown, KY for a month as a Customer Service Representative from our company to theirs. What I saw shocked me. Employees, not just management, but employees who held tight to quality and would place a supplier on notice and require them to send workers in to sort their material and stay there until the problem was corrected and top quality product was coming in the back door. No, it wasn't a manager, or the Quality Control Department who made the initial call to stop production, but a line worker who was hell bent on manufacturing a quality product stamped with their pride on it, and they do it all without a union. They make great pay, benefits and have a caring company pushing them forward. They came to America because they found talent here. That's why UAW's attempt to unionize in Tennessee's Volkswagen plant failed miserably. VW found talent in American workers and the workers found pride in their jobs, company and product and didn't need a union to destroy all of that.
     This country is full of those talented people, but you have to stop our work opportunities from becoming a service economy and return manufacturing to a country that knows how to do it best. EPA rules and laws are too overreaching and makes it too expense of a country to do business in. A simple job starter, the Keystone Pipeline, putting thousands to work, is held up by special interests and a president who has his head stuck up his ass. Make America production friendly and bring back the jobs and encourage new opportunities by using a common sense approach when it comes to American's and putting them back to work.
     Until then, John, get out of the way and allow the Extended Benefits package make its way to the American people and then quick being so damn partisan and work to bring America back to its great manufacturing era! If you don't, Republicans will unfairly pay for it at the polls because of you!
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