Tuesday, May 6, 2014


     I have listened to the talk shows, news channels and read all the articles I care to read! Benghazi. Why do Democrats and liberals so quickly dismiss it, tell us to move on, and ask why we need another committee to investigate something that has been investigated until it's threadbare. Here's the answer for the feeble minded Democrats and liberals. No investigation is ever started when the facts and truth are presented immediately. There's no need for one if you're truthful. Multiple investigative committees are ever needed when the truth is told in its totality, with ALL DOCUMENTS are presented when requested, not when you have to have documents released  a little at a time, redacted to the point our government had to purchase stock in Sharpie! Committees aren't needed when Federal employees, who are supposed to be working for the American people feel it's their right to take the Fifth to protect their asses for doing criminal actions as an employee!
     This week has had all of the insane media who are just left wing extremist propaganda sources (and yes, we know who you and your lackeys are) screaming foul because those mean old Republicans just won't let Benghazi be! No, they think all of Congress and the Senate comes to a halt and no way can multitask while Benghazi is screaming for the absolute, unadulterated truth to be revealed. The blood of four Americans cry for justice, not just against the terrorists who took their lives, but screaming at an Administration that not only left them to die, but did so because those who could possibly save them were told to stand down...why? Because of politics. Since when do American lives become an advantage or disadvantage in politics? Are we that meaningless? Are we fodder in the Washington steam roller?
     Cry foul all you wish, but come totally clean and the hunt stops! Until then, you will feel the hounds of justice nipping at your heels, and take a big bite out of your ass when they catch you in your political motivated deceptions and misdirection. I wonder if they still hang traitors? If they do, I'll buy the wood and nails!  
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