Sunday, June 29, 2014


     Fear of the unknown is what most people experience at some point in their life, whether real or imagined. Kids feared the possible monster in the closet or under the bed. Teenagers feared being ostracized or their first sexual experience. Adults feared they would end up being like their parents, whether it was poverty, failure, alcohol or drug abuse, or being an abusive parent or sexual predator. We all live with fears of the unknown. We live with these fears because we are no more than animals. Yes we are mammals, but we still have a primal fear as does any animal. All animals are skittish around someone or something new or abrupt sounds. We are no better. But we have a new enemy and fear to deal with. It is the fear of the known. 
     For most of us who are say 50 years or older, a fear of the known was not something we grew up with. All that has changed. We see what we fear everyday. Some newspapers and some news organizations will print or report the truth, others will maintain the status quo of allowing the Progressive Agenda to continue hidden from view. Why? They too are caught up in the Progressive Agenda and to report only what the White House, Democrats, and Liberals want pushed to complete their dismantling of America piece by piece. In case you haven't noticed, who are the loudest voices of descent (other than Chris Matthews of MSNBC who is just a berserk, heart attack or stroke desiring left wing radical)? Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Elijah Cummings. Where are the rest of the loud voices of the Democrats? Election year? Could be? Could it be they actually have a mind of their own, thoughts of their own, their own opinions, or maybe their constituents are beginning to wonder what or who they voted into office and why their wants and needs are no longer being addressed, rather, what passes as human that they voted into office no longer speaks and fights for them, instead are just blindly being led by the nose by the old guard who we know are living the high life, the lush life while they watch their country, and more important, their lives and communities suffer from a disconnected, disinterested criminals we know as politicians.
     Now that not only is the heat being turned up on the all the Washington, Obama Administration Scandals, the very person who has single-handedly has dismantled our economy, our control of the National debt, the healthcare system, our standing in the view of the world, our military, allowed the IRS, NSA, DOJ, and EPA, just to name a few, to get away with criminal acts at his behest? Obama has certainly done nothing to bring JUSTICE TO WASHINGTON. His lack of action, deceit and criminal conspiracy to surround himself with those who made him Teflon is working. There was a gangster nicknamed the Teflon Don. Obama is the gangster titled Teflon Insanity. Now, because he still isn't getting his way, he has made the bold statement that if they (Congress) won't do as he wants, he will go it alone, doing what? This President has never got it through his thick skull that the President's Office isn't the department that makes laws. Our Constitution plainly states that Congress bears the responsibility of making laws. Here's the kicker, the reason that Congress has a low rating in the polls is not that Congress isn't trying, it's Harry Reid's choke-hold on the Senate that stops any action by Congress. Reid will blame Republicans in Congress for inaction, yet any attempt by the Republicans in Congress to pass a bill, is met by Harry Reid and the Democratic sniveling, kowtowed minor Senators, or may I say: insignificant Senators, just follow Reid's lead, afraid of what the big bad wolf (Reid) might do should they step out of line. Smoke and mirrors.
     We all now know the situation we are in at the Southern Border. You've heard (or should have) a lot about it, read about, or if you have read my past Blogs, you are aware of it. What Nancy Pelosi (the old guard) wants us now to believe is it is an opportunity. An opportunity to do what? What???? I know they're women and children, and those of you who have called me a heartless bastard are in every way wrong. I mean no harm to the women and children, all I want, no strike that, I expect is for those women and children to board airplanes that will return them to their own countries. That's not heartless, that's being pragmatic. Instead of spending billions of taxpayer's money to become the nanny state, use that money to return them home and as well as to spend the money to militarize the border. Demand that the Immigration Service do their jobs for once in the last 15 years, and round up all illegals and deport their asses! But in New York before they can be deported, they must first be given a public defender! I find it so interesting how we are now spending taxpayer money to defend invaders of our country (not to mention those who killed our people in Benghazi). These people have entered our country without visas or green cards, which I don't care how you spin it especially by stating they are undocumented aliens, people whatever. They have decided to break the laws of our country an enter it illegally. Illegal, by definition, is to break the laws. Hey cross into Mexico illegally and see what happens. Oops, we already know! Let's take care of upwards of a 100,000 illegal women and children but let a war hero sweat it out in a Mexican jail for making a wrong turn. Their goes some more hair I have pulled out!
     Fear of the known is knowing that the part of our Government that should be protecting us from an overthrow is neutered and are bystanders to what is going on. Yes, the Supreme Court is starting to side with citizens and against Obama, but they are going into recess. We know elections are just a few months away, but that's too much time between now and then for Obama and his lapdogs to further destroy our country. How much is your electric bill going to cost you? Will I be able to afford to buy groceries? Gas? Do you become homeless and live in tents? Electricity is going to skyrocket by what most experts say, at least 300%. That means my average electric bill will jump to $500 a month or $6,000 a year. What am I going to do to offset that cost? Live in a cave? What will you do? Coal fired electricity is cheap, inexpensive, but Obama and the earth warmers can't have that! Again, China, Japan, the Saudis and other countries don't use pollution control systems on their cars. They use coal without concern. Again, what about the pollution volcanoes put out? Underwater volcanic seams boil pollution to the surface of the ocean, you reckon gorilla glue will seal them? How about that fancy spray seal on the commercials that will seal any leak. Reckon that will work? Inexpensive electricity is about to come to an end.
     To finish, the fear of the unknown is no longer a concern. The fear of the known is the most frightening thing our country must endure. Our Government is about to take us down a path of no return unless someone in power finds a way to impeach him and remove his funding so now matter what he attempts, there's nothing he can do because he doesn't have the money to enforce it, at least until they can impeach the bastard and file criminal charges against him and his lackeys.
     I am not trying to scare people as I've been accused. I want to warn Americans about what we love and hold dear is being destroyed by George Soros' star pupil. I've been accused of being insensitive by using Hitler and the Nazis as a comparison to The Obama Administration, well...I hate to disappoint you again, but, Hitler did everything he could to commit a complete genocide on the Jews and other nationalities. The Obama administration will, and I repeat, will try to not only destroy America as we knew it, he and George Soros will work to kill Christians and anyone else who won't bow to them and the Muslim hoard. One thing I will suggest: It doesn't matter if you're an atheist, Christian or what belief you hold as true, take some time to read the Bible prophecies concerning the last days, and when you've performed a serious comparison to the prophecies and what you are seeing today, you might want to reconsider your stance on what the Bible states what will occur in the end of days. Just a thought.         

Thursday, June 26, 2014


     I was asked by one of the readers of my Blogs to write one concerning the southern borders of the united states and the unchecked flow of illegal immigrants across our borders. The first part of this Blog is to remind my readers that somewhere along the line, unless we are full blooded Native American Indian, our ancestors were once immigrants. The difference between our ancestors and what is happening today is summed up in one ideology, "Illegal versus Legal." Ellis Island was the gateway for immigrants seeking the freedoms and opportunities that America offered. Over twelve million legal immigrants passed through Ellis Island. These Immigrants were not an invading force, rather people hopeful of a new and better life.
    THE LEGAL AVENUE: In today's America, the way of becoming a legal immigrant is to obtain a visa before entering the U.S. Get a visa as tourist and then find an employer. Being employed and gaining the support of your employer for a green card status makes your application for citizenship easier. Those who obtain a green card must carry it with them at all times. The green card is valid for ten years, but after 5 years, a green card holder may start the application process for citizenship. Citizenship is not automatic. Background checks will occur. Review of time in America, associations and behavior will all come into play.
     THE ILLEGAL AVENUE: Well, unless you're brain dead, or a living the life fantastic and find the news boring and a disconnect from your high life, all you have to do is look at our Southern Border. Unlike most will consider, Mexico is not just the only illegal crossing point. Cuba is another for the coast of Florida, then let's look at our Northern Border. If you are a conscientious individual, holding fast to law an order, you will cross from Canada into the United States through a Canadian/United States checkpoint. Uh-huh. We see how many of those conscientious individuals are at the Southern Borders, don't be fooled into believing all that cross from the north use checkpoints either. However, the overwhelming crossing is coming from the U.S./Mexican Border.
     One of the things I tried to investigate throughout history: Was there ever an invading force that sent their women and children ahead to open the doors for the invaders. Depending on what accounts you read, history is vague on that point. Sure, women and children have been trained by Japan and other Asian countries to use bamboo spears to kill as well as guns and grenades. The articles did not state that they were placed in front of the armies, rather it indicated that they were to use it as self defense should the invaders overwhelm their army. One thing is certain, women and children have been used to walk into camps of Allied Soldiers, armed with explosives or grenade vests to detonate, much as Arab terrorist suicide bombers are used in terrorist modern tactics. I have sat with Vietnam Vets and heard how they would see a child walking into camp and yell for the child to halt. If the child stopped, they would carefully ascertain if the child indeed was a bomb or just lost or hungry. If the woman,child or elderly person failed to stop (at this point is wherethe person recalling the incident would become quiet, most times a haunted look crossing their face, sometimes with moist eyes), if the child or woman (even the elderly) failed to obey the command, they had no choice but to shoot. Imagine carrying that around for the rest of your life!
     The only other issues I found concerning women and children pertaining to war were requests that women, children and elderly be allowed to leave the town, city or fortified structure, as a request for mercy for them. Other civilizations would sacrifice their children, believing the sacrifice would bring victory to their warriors. Stories of women and children becoming collateral fatalities are prevalent in warfare, especially when bombing is involved. Bombs don't seek out just soldiers, they are indiscriminate as to who their explosive force and shrapnel impact. Yes, I've seen the picture of the maimed and wounded women and children. It hurts to see it, but the United States and Allies don't drop bombs or shoot rockets and missiles just because they like to see the contrails they leave behind. Those who have made it necessary for those bombs, rockets and missiles to be fired are to blame. Behave yourself and we'll just stockpile our arsenal, produce evil...well, we start pulling from that stockpile.
     Now, what is happening at the Mexican border and why? To start to answer that question, we first have to understand that illegal crossing isn't something new. However, it was at a point that the Border Patrol and participating law enforcement agencies could capture the majority of those who crossed and put them back on the correct side of the border (to try again). All sorts of vehicle were used by American mules to take money from the hopeful South Americans, only to run when they saw the blue lights coming, leaving the illegals to face the authorities. Illegals would also, working with the Cartels, carry drugs across into America and then carry the cash back across to the Cartels. So we have people illegally crossing our border for various reasons. Now we've been thrown a curve and I have some well thought theories I will lay out. I'm going to catch flack for this Blog and will lose and gain followers. It happens. I do not write Blogs to influence the number of followers I have. I try to throw down the gauntlet for various reasons and events I believe those who read my Blogs need to be informed about. I appreciate my followers, but that's not what comes first. Truth is most important. So here goes!
     How would you react if you saw a woman and child in distress? Come know your heart would go out to them and help them in every way you can! Smart minds south of the border know that Americans are just like that. We care. Now let me play the devil's advocate: I know there is a weak-kneed President in office in the United States who is calling for amnesty. This President didn't make it clear if amnesty is for only those who are here or for all who continue to cross. Now, still playing the devil's advocate, if I overwhelm the Border Patrol, how easy is it going to be for me to be more successful to move drugs and cash across the border because the authorities are pulling out their hair because of all the women and children. Hmm. Who else is crossing? Some of the worst gang members, no doubt under the control of the cartels, who are  being allowed to invade our cities, some already fighting severe gang crime, creating an atmosphere of chaos, murder and all types of crimes, and just like the the Border Patrol, our city, state and county officials will be overwhelmed. What happens when this occurs? What is allowed when the nation is in chaos or under siege? Something I spoke of in an earlier Blog: Martial Law (Rule). A President may stay in office beyond their term until he or she declares that the chaos and siege is now under control. Hmm. Yes, I believe the previous scenarios I presented, however, I also agree with those in the know, that state the battle over amnesty is a Democrat and Liberal sledgehammer to beat up on Republicans, especially during election years. With the Democrats, the liberals, this president and Eric Holder all fighting voter I.D. registration allowing for anyone, not just citizens, to cast votes and telling them it is the Democrats who are their friends and helping make their lives better. Without a nationwide law that requires a non-partisan oversight of voter regulations and laws requiring ALL voter must present proper credentials to be registered to vote and then present proper credentials to be allowed to cast votes, the Democrats will have a choke hold on our country.
     Now, what can America do to not only stem or stop the flow of illegal immigrants and return them to their own countries? It's ridiculously simple. The President, by law, is the Commander in the Chief and by notifying Congress fourteen days in advance, can call up the National Guard to relieve those in service across the world. You say, if he wants to allow the flow to continue, why would he call them up? Who cares what the President thinks or says. The Governor of the state may also call up the National Guard because of the result of a disaster, such as Hurricane Sandy or to fight off, wait for it...INVADERS! Why, in God's name, haven't the Governors of these states called up the National guard to aide in stopping the invasion of our country by illegal aliens? I would have the National Guard spread across the borders to repel the invaders, by force if necessary. I would also have them rounding up illegals, arresting them and flying them back to their countries with a warning, "The next time you attempt to enter our country illegally, you may return to your country in a box!" Folks, we might as well allow China, North Korea, Iran and Russia to enter our country so this administration to rule they are eligible for amnesty.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


     We ALL need to read what Bill Cosby states in this article. Yes, he was aiming it at the Black community, but the White, Asian and Latino communities are no better. America has lost its way and in the process have ruined our children and grandchildren's futures. I may be wrong, but we may have lost the battle to save the future. Our parents blamed rock and roll, now we blame rap and gangster (yeah, I spelled it correctly, because in my dictionary there is no word 'gansta' to be found) rap. All body parts are fair game for piercings and tattoos. Is that two men or is that two women...who knows? I am glad I grew up in the 50's, 60's and 70's when manners were taught and enforced! God was talked about and mom and dad knelt next to your bed with you to say your nightly prayers. Mom and dads were at the supper table, reading was the past time instead of mind numbing video games. It was a badge of pride to have a job, and we were ready to move out on our own as soon as we turned 18. No living off mom and dad.
     Pride. Such a simple yet extremely powerful word. We took pride in who we were and where we were headed. Sunshine is what we saw in the summer instead of video games. The baseball fields, skating rinks, parks and pools were busy with young people loving life as it should be loved. Hollywood and the so-called music industry has played a big part in ruining our youth, but I can't blame them for everything. Parents should have thrown Dr. Spock's book in the trash and reminded their children what a hickory switch felt like, how to say yes and no mam and sir, held the door open for others and used the bar of soap in their mouths if they thought filthy speech was going to be tolerated. Tough love usually became the eye opening moment for young people. I worry for the world we leave behind when my generation is gone. How will my sons and their families survive in this world? Will they suffer great pain and anguish? I can only state, "Come quickly, Lord Jesus, come quickly."
They're standing on the corner and they can't speak English.
I can't even talk the way these people talk:
Why you ain't,
Where you is,
What he drive,
Where he stay,
Where he work,
Who you be...
And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk.
And then I heard the father talk.
Everybody knows it's important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth.
In fact you will never get any kind of job making a decent living.
People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an Education, and now we've got these knuckleheads walking around.
The lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal.
These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids.
$500 sneakers for what?
And they won't spend $200 for Hooked on Phonics.
I am talking about these people who cry when their son is standing there in an orange suit.
Where were you when he was 2?
Where were you when he was 12?
Where were you when he was 18 and how come you didn't know that he had a pistol?
And where is the father? Or who is his father?
People putting their clothes on backward:
Isn't that a sign of something gone wrong?
People with their hats on backward, pants down around the crack, isn't that a sign of something?
Isn't it a sign of something when she has her dress all the way up and got all type of needles [piercing] going through her body?
What part of Africa did this come from??
We are not Africans. Those people are not Africans; they don't know a thing about Africa .....
I say this all of the time. It would be like white people saying they are European-American. That is totally stupid.
I was born here, and so were my parents and grand parents and, very likely my great grandparents. I don't have any connection to Africa, no more than white Americans have to Germany , Scotland , England , Ireland , or the Netherlands . The same applies to 99 percent of all the black Americans as regards to Africa . So stop, already! ! !
With names like Shaniqua, Taliqua and Mohammed and all of that crap ......... And all of them are in jail.
Brown or black versus the Board of Education is no longer the white person's problem.
We have got to take the neighborhood back.
People used to be ashamed. Today a woman has eight children with eight different 'husbands' -- or men or whatever you call them now.
We have millionaire football players who cannot read.
We have million-dollar basketball players who can't write two paragraphs. We, as black folks have to do a better job.
Someone working at Wal-Mart with seven kids, you are hurting us.
We have to start holding each other to a higher standard..
We cannot blame the white people any longer.'
~Dr.. William Henry 'Bill' Cosby, Jr., Ed..D.

Sunday, June 22, 2014



     I write these Blogs to be informative and to open people's minds to what they may or may not be aware of what is happening in our country or world. There are people I despise. Those whose absolute belief that they are correct and anyone else can have their own ideas or beliefs. One thing I can't have nor will entertain on my Blogs is threat of killing or of outright committing violence. I'm not trying to say what and how you are to believe, I'm just saying don't espouse it here.
     I am the first person to say I want president Obama and his quasi liberal, communist loving, fascist regime out of office, and am begging the Congress to IMPEACH HIM and legally remove him from office. I in no way cry for violence against him or any other person. I BELIEVE the militias are ready, but move your attention to the border and help in every way you can to plug the holes and stem the flow of the illegal bastards that Obama loves seeing cross the border. Again, I am not saying to kill them, just aide the Border Patrol and the National Guard that will have to be called up.
     There is quite a bit of internal violence in our country. We have inner cities that are now war zones. With Obama releasing 35,000 hardcore criminals into our society, it will only get worse as those criminals find ways for Cartels to traffic even more of their drugs into our country, more children and young women start disappearing into human trafficking, then as the Obama's and the Democrats and left wing loonies, buddy up even closer to the Muslims and their ideology, overriding our rights to be Americans and our freedoms in favor of theirs. If you are reading this Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA or whatever other agencies that interested, you are standing by doing nothing while America crumbles into a chaos that may never be resolved, except through the blood of Americans fighting against invaders that Obama is allowing to trample our country. Don't blame Americans for fighting back. You, the Obama administration, and the limp dick government law enforcement agencies are allowing it to occur!
     No president or our so-called federal law enforcement agencies would never allow what is happening at our borders, the release of hardcore criminals that are already in our country illegally, release 5 of the worst terrorists in the world and sit by, playing with yourselves while our country goes all to hell. We have a president that draws a line in the sand that he has proven means nothing. Americans are drawing their own line, and unlike the Muslim, Illegal Mexican loving president, I wouldn't want to be the one who crosses it. When you do hide in Our White House, shaking from fear, but laughing at Americans, knowing you caused the blood bath that is inevitable, remember that those around you will remember they are Americans as well with families they care about. That, Obama, is not a threat or intent to do you or anyone else harm. It is the war I see coming and the hell that will result from it. You, and only you, can stop it! I beg Congress, the Senate, the DOJ and any other law enforcement agency to please stand up and fight back against Obama and remove him from office, then repeal all the crap he has put in motion. Restore our country to order and remove those who should not be here. Then never allow an outside movement, whether it be Muslims or whoever else to overrule the American way.

     If open talk of violence, racism and supremacy continues, I will cease my blogs. I believe in our Constitution and all that it states. Militias are legal, but mobs are not.  

Saturday, June 21, 2014


    I know this Blog makes you feel like you just walked into the room with the conversation already started; a way you would be correct. It was a response to a reader who feels we (the outspoken, or shouting Americans for our freedoms) are just creating fear without substance and that we also should find a way to make peace with everyone. Well, this is my response....

      Our fears are well founded in fact. It was Islamic terrorists that flew 4 passenger planes on 9/11, two taking down the Twin Trade Towers in New York City, one slamming into the Pentagon, the other taken down by the passengers in Pennsylvania. That's not fear, that's reality (fact). Two Islamic terrorist exploded two pressure cooker bombs in Boston, injuring and maiming innocent people. That's not fear, that reality (fact). Our law enforcement agencies take down Islamic cells in our country almost on a daily basis. That's not fear, that's reality (fact). You see, we have a history of fact, not fear, so if that makes me a racist against those unlawful, swine sucking bastards, then so be it. You see, as an American, my feelings are not based in fear, only reality (fact). Muslims, Islamists, murdering cowards or whatever you choose to call them, they bring it on themselves by believing you either follow their bastardized belief or die. No other so called religion requires that. They may not like each other, but murder, beheading and cruelty went out with the dark ages. Now, religions not only live in peace with each other, but also interact peacefully. 
     Anyone who believes that to view Muslims, Islamists and terrorists as a separate entity has just not taken the time to read up on their history. The have never made peace with each other, nor have they ever made peace with those who refused to follow Mohamed, Allah and that book of horror called the Qu'ran. Their beginning was one of hate, because Abraham's wife couldn't bear a  child, she gave Abraham her handmaiden, Hagar the Egyptian who bore a son from Abraham's loin, Ishmael. The jealousy and hate between Sarah and Hagar became so incendiary that Sarah had Abraham send Hagar and Ismael out of the camp into the desert to die. God saved them, but it was the saving of them and God telling them he would make a mighty nation of their seed, that allowed the Muslims to be created. The hate in Hagar's and Ishmael's hearts were so great, it festered into what we know as the Muslim people. Since then, Ishmael has been warring and fighting Isaac ever since. But, the hate wasn't just towards the Jews, it is such a deep ingrained hate that is aimed at every living thing. Fear? No, just fact.
     For the Citizens of America (now, I'm not referring to those pigs, crooks and communists we call politicians), we are tired of everyone running (and ruining) our country, except for Americans. The time for Americans to rise up is close. See, our Constitution does not only allow militias, it REQUIRES them for just such situations as we see occurring.
     I saw a picture I would never have believed I would ever see in my lifetime. A New York City policeman with an American citizen pinned to the ground by putting his knee into the neck of the citizen. His crime? Waving the American Flag in a "no flag waving" area. A WHAT? Who created a "zone" that waving the American flag is outlawed? I could understand if they stated, "Only American Flags in this area!" what point and place did it become illegal to wave the flag of a nation born out of the very blood that fought for such a right and carried the banner (our flag) into battle, proud of a nation it represented?
     Remember the Bundy Ranch where a "No Freedom of Speech" zone was created? Uh...excuse me, but other than threatening someone, this is America, where people used to stand on soap boxes expounding their beliefs, enjoying that very freedom of speech! Who in the hell gave the government the authority or power to eliminate freedom of speech? Yes, in airports, there are key words you better not utter. They don't say you can't speak them, but for the safety of passengers and America, you will find yourself in a holding cell for a long time should you decide to take the chance. This is basic common sense, especially when there are signs everywhere telling you not to say these keywords. That is to thwart terrorism.
     This corrupt left wing, Democratic controlled government is set on destroying our American way of life. We have no choice but to rise up against it. We do that by informing the American people of what they may not know. It is up to those who read our articles to decide to which side they stand. It's not fear-mongering nor racism, but fact, based upon facts. You decide, but just a hint, I wouldn't take too long to decide. Obama and his brigade are destroying our beloved America, one law at a time!    

Thursday, June 19, 2014


     I know that this may be unpopular to the pacifists, left wing loonies, Obama worshipers, a government who has lost it's mind, and a government that has forgotten who their employer is. I don't want to rehash Blogs of the past, because those of you who have read them will just say I have nothing new to say, but I have plenty of new ammunition (a rhetorical phrase meaning none used in weapons, for those Homeland Security and Secret Service who are now monitoring my know you are) to use against not just Obama, but the complete criminal abuse of power by all divisions of government. Lois Lerner and her cohorts need to be held accountable for her criminal activities, by the Department of Justice, the FBI or the court of American Citizens. We did not give any government, Local, State or Federal, the power and authority to trample all over us. America has now turned itself upside down, while we idly stood by and allowed it to do so. Might as well live in Russia. At least they have a leader with a back bone, good or bad.
     With all of the criminal activity occurring in Washington, the Department of Justice and the FBI should be all over the criminal activity in Washington. Where are they? At what point did these departments become partisan? They are to be free of Presidential oversight, and investigate and prosecute, if evidence is present, any and all criminal activity no matter who is alleged of the crime on a bi-partisan basis. Eric Holder, for the most part, is only present for photo ops with the President, but absent when it means investigating all the scandals involved with this Administration. He is not the head of the DOJ, rather another lap dog for Obama, the Democrats and the left wing loonies. If the FBI and DOJ were doing their jobs as they swore to do, they would have invaded the IRS and confiscated all servers, including the hidden redundant systems, and either found the supposed lost e-mails, or locate they key strokes that caused their surprising loss, and prosecute the offender or start unraveling, through the suspect, at whose instructions did they cause the deletion of the e-mails! That's not legal jargon, just good old common sense or horse sense (even a horse could see that this government was throwing horse shit in the face of America)! The FBI and DOJ are just the enforcement arm of Obama. To use names from World War 2 and name them as Hitler's closest henchmen: Eric Holder - Hermann Goering. The FBI - The Gestapo. The only people held to an ever increasing yoke of legality are the government's employers, the American people, while our employees beat us down.
     I believe, if Lois Lerner and her cohorts I call the Magnificent Seven, come out of this scot-free, they will have set a  precedent that Americans will be able to challenge in courts. If you are audited by the IRS, and in your meeting, with your attorney present, you state that your server burned out and you lost all your information, what will the IRS do? If that is not acceptable to the IRS, your attorney needs to cite the legal precedent set by the Lois Lerner loss of IRS e-mails and it was acceptable. I truly believe, if a judge considers this by legal precedents, he or she must rule in your favor! If they do not rule in your favor, you can at that point that we can all rest assure that the tail (the government) is wagging the dog (the citizens).
     Eric Holder should immediately be removed from office. His criminal malfeasance is more than enough to not only remove him from office, but it's criminal. All politicians, from the President on down, are all guilty of failure of the 'Uphold and Protect the Constitution' oath that they swore to. They are not just trampling all over the Constitution, they are shredding it! Now, under the pressure of the Office of the President, the U.S. Copyright Office has revoked the right of the Washington Redskins to use the Redskins insignia and name. I state under the pressure of the Office of the President because it was Obama's office and administration who were the ones crying 'foul' against that team for its use of the emblem and name. Who would have thought that the government, with all its scandals, weak domestic and foreign policies, lies they cover up, lush vacations and internal criminal activities, would have time to worry about the name of a football team? This doesn't border on the ludicrous, it's just flat out insane! Again, smoke and mirrors. Studying both the First Amendment and cases of revocation by the U.S Copyright Office, there is no precedent for this decision. They have and have always had the Copyright and have always renewed it when necessary and have not illegally used franchise's commercial use of said copyright. The political correct police may scream about it, but the Washington Redskins have not violated any laws or their legal ownership rights and responsibilities. I don't give damn that Obama doesn't like the name. He has no power through his office or the Constitution to force the issue. There is no LEGAL CHALLENGE TO THE USE OF THE NAME OR EMBLEM!! This is a Kangaroo Court action, that the P.C. Police, Left Wing Loonies and the Obama Communist regime are using to overpower the law! I've also heard a newspaper refuses to print the name "Washington Redskins". All sponsors should immediately remove their ads and all subscribers should cancel their subscription to send a message that WE WILL NOT BE TRAMPLED ON!
     We have to start putting a hurt on anything Obama is involved in. Wherever he or his administration goes, peaceful, continual and loud demonstrations should be what he is met with. His administration should receive the same. If they all circle the wagons and huddle in the White House, peaceful, continuous and loud protest in their towns should occur, even in front of their homes until they get the message, we're fed up! Once again, I always refer back to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who proved that PEACEFUL civil disobedience is very effective. If you have a nut case show up that wants to start a fight with those being protested, by all means cooperate with the authorities and inform them of the possible problem that the person may cause and that is not what you want. I believe the authorities would respect you for that. Americans, we must take back our country and silent rage will not work. Open, peaceful civil disobedience is the way to start.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


     Today is just a day of political smoke and mirrors by the Obama Administration, his lackey agencies such as the IRS and DOJ. Yeah, two years after Benghazi, they captured Ansar al-Sharia commander Ahmed Abu Khattala, the alleged mastermind behind the Benghazi attack and murders. Does this mean a victory for the Obama administration or is this a political ploy as Trey Gowdy fires up the interrogation committee to find out all the information of the what, who and why about Benghazi. Hmm...I've always heard if it stinks, well you've just stepped in a pile of shit (sorry for the word). Does it pass the stink test, oh hell no! Sure, he is in custody, but how convenient it is that he was captured just before Trey Gowdy goes after the Administration! And now we find out he was read his Miranda rights? Say what? The dude is a terrorist, attacked our consulate and kills four Americans and he gets OUR RIGHTS? Instead of being tried in front of a military tribunal, he will be tried in an American court of law? This is the same guy we've watched for two years, hiding in plain sight to where even the Libyan government tells us, "Hey, he's sitting drinking coffee at this outside cafe if you want him!",since Benghazi and it's just now in our interest to capture him? Right before a committee meeting on the Benghazi scandal and Harry Reid stands up in front of the microphones, slamming the Republics over making such a slight issue of the capture! Smoke and mirrors. (switch and bait could work just as well). Republicans have been the ones screaming their heads off over the scandal, but Harry Reid, being the Democratic, Obama ass kisser he is, makes it seem like the Republicans don't care. Time for a wind of Justice to blow away the smoke and a Hammer of Patriotism to smash the mirrors to reveal the subterfuge, deceit and incredible ruination of America at the hands of Obama and his buddies.
     Another case of smoke and mirrors: Lois Lerner and the IRS scandal. "We know it's been a year since you (The Congress) has subpoenaed e-mails on Lois Lerner and the seven other IRS operatives involved in the IRS scandal have mysteriously been lost in a failure of the server retaining this information." Oh, bull. This is the same government that has the NSA building a giant building to house communications and information on U.S. citizens, but the IRS doesn't have redundant systems to maintain records should one server or multiple servers fail? Did you ever get a notice from the IRS stating that they were going to come after you for back taxes, but now, since our server burned out, you no longer have to worry. Did you ever get a letter from the IRS that you were going to get a refund, but due to our server burning out, tough crap. The largest, most powerful active terrorist organization ran by the United States of America, set only to waste our money, overtly and covertly set to collect money and terrorize its citizens, and one little server housed all the e-mails in this organization passing through the IRS, and how conveniently it occurs just before Lois Lerner and the Magnificent Seven go before a committee, especially since Lois Lerner has been charged with a crime? Do they believe we are that gullible? Use one hooray to cover up the use of corrupt power to hide criminal activity? If you believe any of today's events were just spontaneous as they wanted us to believe Benghazi was, well you need to quit toking so hard on that joint, open the window, satisfy the munchies, and then walk outside and suck in enough fresh air to clear your brain of the crap the Democrats and liberals have filled it with!
     Politicians and Criminals now have the same definition in Websters, at least the copy I have! Folks, if you don't start removing the old, corrupt guard starting at the polls in 2014, then the complete destruction of America as I knew it, and you either knew it or heard about it from your parents is imminent. Please, please get rid of the Democrats and flip the Senate to be either Tea Party influenced or conservative Republicans, and send the rest packing to hide in their house waiting for Satan to come collect their souls, because somewhere they've made a deal with Satan at some country crossroad and payment is due! Go get'em, Scratch!         

Sunday, June 15, 2014


     If you feel secure, that as Americans in the great country of America, and short of a terrorist attack, we are safe...well you might want to become a little insecure. I just heard the most inaccurate and ludicrous statement by a panel member on Fox News Sunday stating that our allowing ISIS to surge and butcher its way through Iraq and our lack of readiness to stop them couldn't be placed at Obama's feet. I suppose she wants to praise him for playing golf on Sunday to be considered as hard consternation as what the U.S.'s reaction should be to stop ISIS. "Mr. President, that was a long straight drive down the fairway!" "I know, and that means we should take direct action to...monitor the situation and...well, let's play another hole to see what else should be done."
     I know I am probably the most pessimistic and sarcastic individual you've ever ran into, but we (American Citizens) have earned he right to be that way. In my past Blogs, I have performed the best job I could on laying out the failures of Obama, I don't believe the word failures aptly describes what has occurred since 2008. What has happened is a well laid out plan to destabilize America by ruining its economy, to suppressing job growth with his massive socialist healthcare plan, further destabilizing both economy and job growth by demanding an increase in the minimum wage on already shaky small businesses, ignoring world events that he believes are not our problems, secretly releasing terrorists in an Afghanistan holding facility to boldly and illegally releasing 5 terrorist for a traitor, terrorists who no doubt went right back to work to destroy America and push Islam and Sharia law on all countries. Putin would be a better president if it were not for his Communist and KGB background. Remove his background and you see moxy and a spine, something Obama isn't even aware exists.
     Now as Iraq crumbles, like the fable of Nero, Obama fiddles (plays golf) while the world burns. His recent statement, "I didn't take this job to start wars, I took it to end them" Well gee, I suppose every other president before him was a war mongering individual, chomping at the bits to be sworn in and then immediately declared war on some one. I feel very safe in saying that any president, knowing he was about to commit American troops to quite possibly die, was out partying and bragging how he was about to give the body bag business a boost! No, they most likely walked the halls of the White House praying for strength, and possible shedding tears over the pain his country was about to endure. They sure weren't out playing golf!
     ISIS has made the bold statement, "We'll see you in New York City!". Do you believe they wouldn't be successful in attacking America? Let me ask you this, did you ever believe you would watch a wide open border that we now know, Mexican gang members are using to enter the United States, the flow unable to be stemmed by a beleaguered and overwhelmed Border Patrol, their hands full with the exodus of children leaving their country to enter ours? You say, "Well these are just children, they pose no harm! We want amnesty for all the illegals!" Okay, I hope you own a thousand acres so we can build apartments and buildings to house them, and a working farm to feed them because our already skyrocketing debt means our government entitlements are not in a position to do so! You cry amnesty, but by God, if it directly affects you, you would dial 911 and cry HELP. That's how ignorant and immune to intelligence liberals are. If it affected them, their liberal ideology would quickly disappear!
     Back to my point of invasion, (which is already occurring at our border), this President has not only given the rest of the world a view of America as weak, he has proven it. Now let me clarify what I just said. "He" being the President has done this, but the American spirit and determination is alive and well, just throttled by Obama, his administration and Harry Reid. The Superpowers of the world knows and sees this and is readying for Obama to make just the right mistake to take down America. THE MISTAKE is his want to turn our Constitution and Bill of Rights authority over to the United Nations. Once done folks, I don't care how many militias we have and how many gun owners are out there, the might of the U.N., will bring in forces to overrun our country and its citizens at a high price to Americans. The blood will run in our streets, but at what the U.N. will consider more than acceptable to gain control of our country. This President, the Democratic Party as well as the liberals find this as a way to remove the Second Amendment, and squeeze the 'free' out of free speech. Yes we are ripe for invasion. I take ISIS's warning very, very seriously! So should you!
     Forget for a moment that the stability of the area is key to oil reserves that are needed by most nations in the world and the stability of oil on the stock market. ISIS is not the Taliban. The Taliban shits its britches at the thought of ISIS! When Iran puts out an olive leaf to the United States and offers to join us to drive ISIS not only out of Iraq, but out of existence, then you know big, bad Iran is very worried what will happen when ISIS turns its eye on them. Consider ISIS to be a scourge of locusts on the crops of Iowa. A barren Iowa would be a destroyed Iowa. Just a small study of ISIS's tactics reveals a scourge, intent on killing everything in its way, almost as if they have taken a page from Hitlers plan of genocide on the Jews. Demoralize and destroy.
     We have one of, if not the mightiest military in the world, with nuclear destroyers, aircraft carriers and Trident submarines and drones capable of firing missiles and dropping 500lb. bombs, all within striking distance to stop and decimate the ISIS bastards, yet this President states within 72 hours he will come up with a strategy as to how we will deal with the situation. Nope, didn't want his meeting with Sioux leaders or his golf game to be interfered with by some world crisis. A crisis that our brave men and women (doesn't matter to them whether their were WMDs there or not), gave their very lives and souls to battle and defeat one of the world's most evil and corrupt dictators who had already gassed the Kurds, his own Iraqi people. You don't spit on the Vets and the honored dead just because its inconvenient to your plans of visiting the Sioux leaders (which is time a president did make contact with the Native Indian Tribes) and playing golf. Both of those agendas needed to be replaced by the urgency to stop a new scourge destroying Iraq and then onto other countries, including Israel. All of the world's eyes on on this president and I hate to be the one to disappoint them, but the Jello spine Obama has is liquifying. Believe me, I am the last one to want flag draped coffins to return to our country, so don't use boots, use strategic airstrikes that will decimate the ISIS army, allowing the Iraqi forces to destroy them completely.
     If you don't show some backbone, Barrack, ISIS will meet us in New York City, but then again, is that what you intend?

Thursday, June 12, 2014


     Just a short Blog tonight. As I watch all the different events occurring in our country, mostly...hell just about everything, I wonder where sanity has gone. A president out to destroy America: he is a proven traitor, a liar is so many ways, including the oath he took to uphold and defend the Constitution. Obamanation is now looking to go around Congress and enact his own gun laws, which is highly illegal and treasonous as once again he is failing to uphold and protect the Constitution. The sickening part of it all is the blustering interviews that the Congress does, they sit their big, fat, useless rumps on their hands while Obama ruins our country. Sometimes I want to throw up my hands and say, "Why try?" I then remember I have sons and grandchildren that I have to make every effort to stop this out of control government by remembering the adage,"The pen is mightier than the sword!"
     If anyone doesn't know, what you are seeing are strings being pulled by puppet masters. George Soros, who gladly calls himself, 'a class traitor' being one of them. He is a left wing billionaire out to destroy our system of capitalism while he himself sits on his piles of billions of dollars. He and others wish to destroy our country and the world by the often used key words such as income inequality (we called it upper, middle, and lower class and we never felt shame because of it!). Income inequality has always been present in America. Those who worked hard, educated themselves and went the extra mile, usually rose to the top of the heap. Then there were those who were happy with their lot in life as coming from a middle class family (which in no way something to hang your head about. The middle class drove the country, not the upper crust) and were happy with a house, white picket fence and 2.5 kids and a vacation every year. They didn't live with the stress of those striving to be the upper crust. The middle class were God fearing, church goers who loved to have cookouts with their neighbors and spent quality time with their children. Then you have the next step down. Those who were unable to find the will to pick themselves up from a destitute lifestyle, dropped out of high school, like to frequent the bars instead of the family dinner table and used the excuse, "I am a product of my environment." Personally, I am a product of what I wished to be.
      My mother and father were both hard working middle class Americans. I knew my mom and dad loved me, were there for all our special occasions and were always there for our nightly supper. I chose my route to climb into management because I always felt natural leading than following. Did that make me better than those who were my subordinates? Absolutely not! Again, they were the ones who drove our company. I learned early not to 'boss' my employees but to ensure they had all the support they needed to perform their jobs. The old structure of the pyramid with the workers at the base supporting the company was an arrogant upper management/ownership view to allow them the belief they were the 'entitled'. Wrong. The actual successful pyramid is upside down, with the CEO at the point on the bottom with the management structure working its way up, ending with the workers at the top, being supported by everyone else. It works, I know because I was involved in such a structure and watched it work to perfection.
     The Obamas and Soros of the world will try to make you believe inequality is a new phenomena. Now even the Vatican has picked up on the rhetoric. Why? The Vatican is one of the, if not the most wealthiest institutions in the world and they speak of inequality? For those of you who scrounged tonight, trying to put something together so your children wouldn't go to bed hungry, think of the fine china, silver and the best of foods that those in the Vatican are enjoying, then ask yourself if they have any right to speak of inequality. Inequality? Nah, it's just the perception the young and ignorant buy into, believing they are entitled to the new house, top wages and the lush vacations without the hard work to get them there. Is it more pronounced then before, yep and the reason is this job destroying, entitlement pushing administration. The middle class is being driven out of existence by those in power and influence so we end up with just two classes. The workers and the elite. Sound familiar? Communism. If enough of a population is dependent upon being titty fed by the government, then you deserve what you get, Comrade.  No entry position should ever start at double the wage of what is being pushed. $15 an hour? AN ENTRY LEVEL POSITION IS A TRAINING GROUND TO TEACH YOU WORK SKILLS, TEAM SKILLS AND WHAT IT FEELS TO EARN A PAYCHECK, AND THEN FOR YOU TO LEARN TO HANDLE MONEY PROPERLY. IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE A PERMANENT POSITION, UNLESS YOU WISHED TO WORK UP THROUGH MANAGEMENT, THEN BY ALL MEANS, ATTAIN THAT! 
     When I grew up, the spread of communism throughout the world was a fear, either real or imagined, it made an impact on us. We were never ashamed to say the Pledge of Allegiance, have morning prayer and feel patriotic in our hearts. The question we were asked was, "Would you rather be dead than red, or would you rather be red than dead?" The word 'Red' referred to communism. The angry America we live in is the result of a push back by the government in holding back our economy's growth, causing fear and anger to rise up. All communist leaders rise up as saints to the people and once hooked, the people then become enslaved to the very movement and leader they felt would free them and allow them to live happy, free lives. Welcome to the real world, Comrade. Use your gray matter for once people and see if you notice the same trend happening again. Take off the blinders and see the world as it is becoming!
          Never call me Comrade.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014


     I wonder if all of us, one time or another, have spent moments considering what, if anything, we would do differently should we become President of the United States? A quick, snap response to that question is exactly what is being done by the sitting President. You might want to avoid that by taking the time to mull over what problems and issues face our country, both domestically and abroad. Obama and his administration have used tunnel vision in their approach to our country. Tunnel vision is used to see only that which fits your needs, thoughts and agenda. To be the leader of a great nation such as ours, hindsight, looking forward with eyes wide open, and complete use of our peripheral vision, is needed or you will be bogged down with scandals such as Obama is now and will be until either he is forced out of office by Impeachment, willingly steps down, or decides to ride out his term enjoying he use of Air Force One for his expensive vacations.
     What would be the first item for you to tackle, other than putting together your administration? Please refer back to how snap decisions have worked out for Obama before you decide to answer. I've given it quite a bit of thought. However I perform my duties to my nation is what my legacy will be. Will I consider all things as an American first or make my decisions based upon the requests of those who financed my campaign? Would I have even made promises to donors to be elected and is that a prerequisite to attain the presidency? Hmm. Be a patriot or a traitorous bastard? Obviously not all decisions, even if made by a patriot, will make the country or special interest groups happy. Yet the tough decisions must be made, but as a patriot you involve everyone, both Houses, Democrats and Republicans and the American people, when a tough decision must be made. Involve Americans and they will respect your decisions whether they agree or not. At least they will come to understand they're in the loop and their voices are heard. Maybe that's a weird way of looking at things, at least from a politicians point of view, but not a patriot's.
     I believe that would be my first item to address:
1.) Inform the American population that their opinions matter and anything that will affect them, good or     bad, I will bring it before them to gain their trust and over time to prove it to them.

2.)  Call up all National Guard troops. Part of the troops would be used to ENFORCE our borders, eliminating the porous aspect of it, utilizing deadly force if needed. All immigration would go through normal channels, for LEGAL immigration as is required by law. The remaining troops would be used, along with our paramilitary forces (Police, Immigration Services and FBI) to round up ALL illegals and send them home by the thousands each week until we were confident all were sent home. Any drug traffic or illegal transport of cash coming across the border or returning to Mexico would gain a lifetime of tropic sunshine in Gitmo, to play soccer with all Taliban we re-capture from the previous administration lack of caring that Americans lost their lives to capture them or will lose their lives because they released the terrorist bastards. (Sorry for the language, but releasing terrorists doesn't sit well with me). During the time our troops are securing our border, I would meet with both houses to discuss the building of a wall 20' high, 6' thick, with razor wire completely encapsulating the wall. Oh and don't forget it will be 20' deep, with seismic sensors placed everywhere to record any and all tunnel digging so we will know where to drop a "Bunker Buster" bomb. If the wall is fired on from the Mexican side, full retaliation is to occur to dissuade any future attempts. Tough love, baby, but my country comes first! During all this time, the border would be reinforced with newly trained Border Agents, armed with the best training, equipment, vehicles, aircraft, watch towers, and radar to ensure not only their security and well being, but to ensure the border remains secure.

3.) The big bad old economy. No matter how many numb-nut politicians attempt to correct it (or in their words, "Make it better.") they just keep screwing things up and we're all left scratching our heads wondering what the hell just happened to our jobs, savings, homes and disposable income! By now, if you haven't caught on, any time the government states they will make things better, it really means we're screwed. So how to fix it, you might ask. Simple: we get out of the way! We being the government, the IRS and the EPA. We allow those who know best, entrepreneurs. Businesses are in existence, not because of the government, so get out of the way and allow those with the know how to create more jobs, therefore building up the tax base and reducing the strain on entitlement programs, or even (Oh God, forbid) ending some! Okay, so some will refuse a job to keep their entitlements. Fair enough. We have a military that needs to be strengthened, infrastructure that needs to be rebuilt, a big freaking wall along the border that needs to be built and Newport News will be busy building new Destroyers, Aircraft Carriers as well as nuclear submarines. All this to bring America back to the military strength that ceases all the saber rattling that all the North Koreans, Iranians, Chinese and Russia are fond of doing against a weak president. Now those who chose to remain on subsidies may do so, but I believe when they compare their entitlements to their co-workers pay-stubs, they might just change their minds.
     The economy is willing and waiting to rebound. To allow it to do so, we must give employers a much needed shot in the arm by easing those shadowy, yet exorbitantly expensive, climate change restrictions. Now, that doesn't mean we go back to dumping toxic waste in our streams, come on, we will still have guidelines. Just not climate change guidelines. I can already hear the screaming. I expect us to be good stewards with our earth, but come on, you're worried about emissions? What do you think volcanoes are spewing everyday? Are there billion dollar emission systems on them? Now we are not just talking about the above ground volcanoes, but the underwater ones and the ones under the ice. Oops. Ice is melting. I don't know about you, but where I live we have our normal rain, sun, heat, cold and snow. I've lived here for 47 years and we go through cycles of a mild winter, to one that kicks our butts. We go through overly wet summers, to ones that we could sure use a good rain. It is the same cycle for the 47 years I've lived here and am willing to bet, it's the same cycle it has always gone through. I digress. Encourage new entrepreneurs to start businesses by allowing them to work inside a tax base that encourages growth, not one that is meant to kill off the little guy. Give the big corporations a tax structure to work within that allows growth and expansions that produces more jobs. GET OUT OF THE WAY! 

4.)  The IRS - eliminate 2/3rds of it by initiating a tax system of 10% to 25% based upon income. No deductions, no holes to slip through. Offshore moving of funds will no longer be a safe haven from taxes. You make money in America, you pay taxes on it. Move to another country to protect your wealth? If it is still earned here, you will pay your taxes before you receive a penny. Okay, now how will that help? A surplus of revenue will begin to build. See, it's a simple tax code that doesn't need enormous oversight to track. The EPA...the monster of the genocide of mankind in favor of little fish, turtles and such. It would fall under strict oversight by Congress, who would then dismantle their climate change agenda and return it to ensuring we aren't poisoning our earth by making companies and all persons account for their use of chemicals and ensuring they are good stewards. When you cap a volcano with emission controls, come talk to me about climate change. Get our coal miners back up and running full blast! The NSA would as well come under strict oversight of the Congress. Nope, no more allowing it to be its own oversight committee. All agencies, even the FBI, CIA, Department of Defense and the Department of Justice would all come under strict Congressional oversight. You sure don't want me to hear that the VA is failing our vets. Heads will roll, no matter how hard our politicians make it sound, to accomplish. ALL government personnel would be held accountable for their responsibilities and failures to follow them. Employees of the American citizens shall be held accountable for doing the work they were hired to perform. No one is above the law, and I do mean no one!

5.) The last, but most important legacy I would want to leave is the reversal of the National Debt clock. As the surplus of revenue builds, the National Debt would start being paid down. I would like to know, I was able to reverse the clicking of the debt. It can be done, however it takes guts to tell Congress and the Senate that all special pet projects were to end. If they didn't, I would go on National Television and out them to the American people for the waste of tax payer money they were perpetrating. No bill would pass me with any pork involved, and if it wasn't removed, well back on television we would go. All waste of the taxpayer money would cease. No more printing more money than we could spend. The checkbook would be balanced with all disposable income going towards paying off our national debt would be paid off once and for all, strengthening our currency to be the most solid and reliable currency in the world.

     This would be my legacy. Turning my country around, not for glory, but for America and its citizens and those to come. If I would be allowed one thing, it would be to go to Camp David to decompress. If the American middle class doesn't have the disposable income to take vacations, then why would I use their hard earned taxes to flagrantly slap them in the face by taking luxury vacations while my employers are suffering. Talk about not sleeping well! No, just time to decompress, then back to work to ensure all Americans have a job and are again living the American dream, if they just try. I know there would be someone out there with the cross-hairs of a scope lined up on me, but the price to bring America back would be worth the risk, well worth it! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


     Well, another career politician bit the dust tonight as Eric Cantor's political hopes of becoming Speaker of the House were dashed as the political ax came crashing down on his neck. 'Tis a hell! There should never be a "career politician"! We send people into office, whether it is local, county, state or federal, based upon their promises to bring to us whatever their big promises contained, as well as to represent OUR wants and needs as their constituents.Career political hopes is the first step into how to protect their asses, make a bundle of money and remain in office to keep receiving the perks. It is also the first step into becoming an evil, conniving, lying bastards and bastardettes!
     Political office is one of great responsibility, time consuming and the cause of sleepless nights; if you are an honest politician. Your care, consideration and love for your fellow citizens would be, at times, overwhelming. The promises you made should be all that consumes you. You step out of line every time the party's wants and wishes go against what you promised in your campaign speeches because you care and to do otherwise would mean you would rather keep your job at any costs, and that's where the evil sets in. The evil of being a career politician, rather than a politician who cares. You've then became a waste of human flesh, a traitor and worse than that, a politician. Hell has a special place for the career politician, of that I have no doubt. It will have to include a 5 million decibel speaker placed on each side of your head, screaming out the lies you spewed and the cries of those who suffered because of them. If it's any less than that, you would be in heaven.
     When we hire members of our communities into positions to represent us (and yes...we hire them, for they work for us off of our tax money), then we should hold them as accountable as any employer would their employees. Statute 1 - You have been found reasonably acceptable to perform a position we need filled. 2 - The following requirements and tasks are to be performed and completed. If at anytime you fail to complete said tasks, your employment will be terminated, by vote, at the next election. 3 - At anytime your task is changed by a new ruling or law that is being considered, you will return to your place of employment and brief your employers to how it will either positively or negatively impact your employers. 4 - You will then return to your post and commit yourself to the wishes of your employers, not being influenced by employees of other employers and fight to fulfill your duties! Should you fail to do so, please refer back to statute 2 for your termination status. Career employees are ones who follow all statutes to the letter! See how simple it is to keep your job? Along with that, never forget how easy it is to lose your job, as well.
     This is what all politicians should be sat down, by their employers, and the riot act read to them before we send them on their merry way. As a manager for over 28 years, my employees always knew where they stood with me, good or bad. When I retired, I had sadly had to relieve many of their positions over the years because of a failure to follow all four statutes. I gave them the right to be human, but not the right to, lie to me, disregard the instructions and orders of their employer, attain more income, by deceit or behind the scenes back door dealing, than was given in the employment agreement. When something changed in the set procedures, any employee who failed to inform me (the employer) and made a decision on their own to continue with the change, even though it impacted the rest of the team negatively, were employees who were referred back to statute 2.
     Now see how easy that works? Yet, we as the employer, do not see beyond the rhetoric and lies, whether it is because the person is a slick talker, a greater spinner than any spider wished it could be, or has been there so long, the employer, who by then is wearing blinders, insists the employee could do no wrong. It is time to start looking at ourselves in this manner:

1.) We (the citizens) are the employer.
2.) Any and all politicians are our employees.
3.) Inform all new and old employees of what our new expectations are and they will be held accountable.
4.) A VOTE empowers we the people to hire and fire based upon performance and allows the EMPLOYEE to fully understand our expectations and the results of failing to follow our instructions and expectations!

     Now you know the way to manage our government. See, it's easy. It allows both the employer and employee to work out of the same play book, removing all excuses and misunderstandings. Run your business, citizens. It's what our Founding Fathers wanted us to do, but we've been having to deal with smoke and mirrors. With all that the employer!     

Sunday, June 8, 2014


     I know I am on vacation and having to endure the dirty looks and comments my wife is making while I write this, but it is worth what I have to say!! Obama's next move is to utilize the EPA to further his agenda to destroy the middle and lower class by enacting the new emmisions ruling he has made. Not only will it cost jobs in the coal mining industry, but natural gas and fossil fuels. The restrictions he is trying to enact were voted down by both houses, controlled by the Democrats, in his first two years in office. Power plants using coal and natural gas will be required to cut emmisions so drastically in the next 15 years that, power plants and companies will have to spend billions of dollars each year to stay in compliance. His dream of solar and wind power, which will double the cost to produce power and put companies out of business, and guess who pays the price? WE DO! HIGHER UTILITY BILLS AND CONSUMER COST FOR DURABLE GOODS AND FOOD!!
     The lala land that Obama and his liberal cronies and special interests are lining his pockets with greenbacks will win the fight unless Congress and the Senate band together to actually perform their duties, which are to protect their constituents! In a bipartisan move, both houses need to file lawsuits to halt this disasterous plan and relieve Obama, the EPA, the IRS, The NSA, the BLM, and all other agencies he using, of power to destroy our country! In a bipartisan move, both houses need to vote for his Impeachment and removal from office. It is now time to end Obama's agenda and bring his reign of destruction on America to an end. Joe Biden then needs to be informed that his serving out Obama's remaining time had better be one of returning America to its former self or his butt will be removed just as quick!
     This reign of terror has gone on long enough and his usurping the Congress and the Senate with his "Executive Orders" is over. All Executive Orders Obama has made must be evaluated and if needed, reversed (which would probably be all of them).
     America, it's time, if the Congress and Senate refuse to remove Obama, to rise up with the power and might of millions of citizens and take our country back. Remind your sons and daughters, husbands and wives, that either serve in the military or work for this corrupt government,  that we are all Americans and instead of fighting against us, join us in returning our country to "OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, AND BY THE PEOPLE" and return our country to its citizens!
     I personally hope that Congress and the Senate will act on our behalf and choose the hard choice, yet the right one, and Impeach Obama and remove him from power and the Presidency! If not, I fear that it will be American against American, with no Abraham Lincoln in sight to ensure wisdom prevails. Enough American blood has been shed on American soil, yet I fear it will happen. CONGRESS AND SENATE, DO YOUR SWORN DUTY TO FAITHFULLY SERVE YOUR OFFICE, DEFEND AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION AND REPRESENT THOSE WHO VOTED YOU INTO OFFICE AND PREVENT THE NEXT CIVIL WAR!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Hey everyone, taking a vacation for a few days. I will have a new Blog on Tuesday. BE VIGILANT everyday! The Obama Brigade is out to destroy our economy even more on July 1st of this year! Until Tuesday, take care and remeber to get your friends fired up to vote out the corruption in November!

Thursday, June 5, 2014


     The first section of this Blog I will use the actual quotes by Ted Cruz on June 3rd, as reported in The Wall Street Journal and then go on to more in depth discussion and names of those involved in this Bill:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) delivered an impassioned speech against a constitutional amendment allowing Congress to regulate campaign finance and slammed Democrats for attempting to “muzzle” the free speech rights of those across the political spectrum.
Cruz spoke out against Democrats for supporting the constitutional amendment introduced by Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.), which would give Congress power to oversee the spending and raising of campaign money and overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday.
“Where are the liberals today?” Cruz asked. “Why is there not a liberal standing here defending the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment?”
In his fiery plea, the Tea Party darling went on to list a host of groups that support Democrats, including Planned Parenthood, the Sierra Club and the NAACP, that would be silenced if the amendment passed.
“Forty-two Democrats have signed their name to a constitutional amendment that would give Congress the power to muzzle Planned Parenthood and the National Right to Life,” he said. “Forty-two Democrats have signed their name to giving Congress the right to muzzle the Sierra Club, to muzzle the National Rifle Association and the Brady Center for Handgun Violence. To muzzle Michael Moore and Dinesh D’Souza. To muzzle the teamsters and the National Education Association. To muzzle the NAACP. To muzzle the Anti-Defamation League. To muzzle pastors and priests and rabbis who organize their parishioners to be involved in politics.”
Cruz warned that if the constitutional amendment passed, Congress would be allowed to ban books and movies, and noted that Ray Bradbury “would be astonished” by the actions of Democrats today who are acting like the firemen in his dystopian novel “Fahrenheit 451.”
“For centuries the Supreme Court has rightly concluded that free speech includes writing and distributing pamphlets, putting up billboards, displaying yard signs, launching a website, and running radio and television ads,” Cruz wrote. “Every one of those activities requires money. Distributing the Federalist Papers of Thomas Paine’s ‘Common Sense’ required money. If you can prohibit spending money, you can prohibit virtually any form of effective speech.”
While it is unlikely Udall’s amendment will be passed, Cruz still criticized Democrats for attempting to stifle free speech.
“Still, it’s a reflection of today’s Democratic disrespect of free speech that an attempt would even be made,” he wrote. “There was a time, not too long ago, when free speech was a bipartisan commitment.”

     Now you see where the Democrats minds are set on. Why suddenly is campaign contributors and amounts the contribute to campaigns such an issue? Harry Reid spends quite a bit of his time slamming the Koch brothers and that they are attempting to buy an election (Republican candidates). Here comes the bigger question, where was Harry Reid has a brain fart when it comes to the contributions of casino magnet Sheldon and Miriam Adelson contributed nearly $93,000,000 to the Democratic Party in 2012! The list of contributors to the Democrats is large and chock full of money, especially from Unions and Organizing groups. The Democratic Party is no longer the liberal Party, it is the Party of the INSANE!! (remember, the Democrats were the ones, if the Civil War and Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation had not changed America, would still have the black community in chains, picking cotton and feeling the lash that slavery afforded blacks in American history).
     America as we knew it is being chipped away slowly, while we sit quietly, deaf to the chipping sound. My own family worries that my immersion into politics and the dangerous trends of it is not healthy for me. It isn't a matter of my health, it's the health of our nation. I have grandchildren. What type of country, government and economy do I want to see left for them? I want their lives to be one where they have the opportunity to go to college, to live the American dream without the shackles of the Democrat regimes yoke on their shoulders. Another question that puzzles me is: Why would the Democrats want to muzzle and restrain the very hands that feed them?
     Back to the Bill, here is a partial list of names I have for you. I'm still digging to get all the names of the Democrats that have signed on: cosponsors of the Udall-Bennet amendment include Sens. Harkin (D-IA), Schumer (D-NY), Shaheen (D-NH), Whitehouse (D-RI), Tester (D-MT), Boxer (D-CA), Coons (D-DE), King (I-ME), Murphy (D-CT), Wyden (D-OR), Franken (D-MN), Klobuchar (D-MN).
     Is the Bill likely to pass? At this time, as Senator Cruz believes as well as myself, not likely. I say that with the small hairs on my neck rising. Who would have thought our government would have released the 5 most dangerous terrorists in the world? Who would have thought a news conference would have been held in the Rose Garden, where Bergdahl's father would state the words in Arabic that is the quote that Muslims have always stated when they have conquered a country or people, while our President smiled on? Chip, chip, chip! Who would have thought a spokesperson for the government would say she knew what happened with Bergdahl, not his superiors or fellow soldiers who were there when Bergdahl deserted? I am going to have to hire someone to keep track of breaking news where the Obama Brigade and Harry Reid have committed another illegal act. It happens so quickly that it boggles the mind!
     One last thing on Bergdahl. Was I the only one who noticed or did the Taliban idiot standing by while Bergdahl sat in the truck, lean in and pat him on the shoulder? Did Bergdahl appear to be a prisoner or one of their buddies? I know it will take years for the truth to emerge, if ever, but when what your standing in stinks, it's usually shit, and Washington stinks to the high heavens, so you know what it's full of!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


     This is a story I am working on and will write a full blog on it as I obtain all the information. This much I know, Senator Ted Cruz is screaming mad that 42 Democrats actually signed a bill to make and Amendment to the Bill of Rights that would allow Congress to control political speech and rhetoric. According to Senator Cruz, this would also allow Congress to silence the NRA, Unions, and other groups. I will dig more into this on Wednesday and will out what Democrats signed the bill and what State and District they represent (see the Bill would not allow me to do that!). This is so serious of an action that it is time we end this liberal, socialist, communist takeover of our country. It's not as if something weird is happening maybe once or twice a year, its everyday that the Communist movement in this country is doing everything it can to remove our Constitution and Bill of Rights!
     Geez, has anyone yet been able to wrap their heads around the whole Obamacare, Benghazi, NSA, IRS, 5 top terrorist releases, 35,000 hardcore criminal illegal aliens released into our society, the VA scandal and now the Democrats wanting to Amend the Bill of Rights? It's like Linda Blair's spinning head in the Exorcist! One scandal to take attention off of another scandal to take your attention off of other scandals! Crap! I just got a crick in my neck! We have to completely flip the Senate to when a Democrat wants to speak they have to give the Senate a 30 day that wouldn't work. The president has set precedent that 30 day laws are irrelevant. Oh shut up, Terry!
     Anyway, I will find out as much as I can on Wednesday about the new Democrat attempt to revoke free speech and report it to you. Oh, I do have this tidbit...Democrat Hank Thompson tried to do this very same thing back in November 29, 2012. Maybe the Republicans can pass an amendment that removes the right for ALL Democrats to talk, sign, write, type or even use pictographs. One can only wish. Until Wednesday, later good people!

     I am sorry that I don't have the Blog I promised, but it has been a day of IT, PC and Laptop hell. Something went through my systems so heavy that it burned out my router (all of my systems are on surge protectors as well as surge protected wall units), so what would cause that? Conspiracy theory? Obama surge back? Bwahahahahaha! Yeah right. Anyway, all is finally back to normal and I will put out the Blog tomorrow. Let me give  you something to think about: Maybe it's been buried under the return of the traitor, deserter, giving aide to the enemy Bergdahl, but cruising the news channels while I pulled out my hair trying to reload software, doing a 40 mile round trip to pick up a new/updated router and modem, I didn't see any broadcasts about the 42 Democrats signing a Bill to Amend the Bill of Rights to remove and control Freedom of Speech. That strikes me both as serious and suspicious. Is this another weekend Obama pass it through without backlash because of Members of Congress being gone? God, I know I despise Obama as much as any human can despise a person, but would even he try that? I am spending the whole day tomorrow investigating what is happening. Folks this is a death blow to our freedoms if this is somehow slipped through and passed. Warn everyone you can in your circle of friends and have them warn theirs and so on and so forth. I swear before God Almighty, I will find out who these Democrats are in will list their names for all to see! Damn it, it all stops here!

Monday, June 2, 2014


     Okay, now I'm not some heartless bastard who pulls for the Party line and unhappy about Bowe Bergdahl being returned to America and eventually to his parents. I'm glad there is something to be happy about, but...along with that happiness comes some underhanded, illegal, political maneuvering that was done on a weekend (Obama's favorite time to promote his illegal activities). The law states that Congress MUST be informed 30 days prior to any prisoner exchange so that all committee members have the chance to review the exchange to determine what the exchange is about, who is being swapped and how it may effect the safety of America and its soldiers. Again, Obama broke the law, but here's the kicker, how do you hold Obama and those involved accountable (of course this would have to be done by the Republican Party) without appearing heartless and uncaring, responding (as Jay Carney stated was 'Propaganda', your lost ALL respect I gave you Jay)?  You, Obama, have placed a price tag on capturing American soldiers as a bargaining chip to release more terrorist. Damn you, you boneheaded bastard!
     If the Obama and his Administration is not held accountable, he will continue to trample any and all laws, by using political no win situations against the Republicans. If the Republicans raise hell over the exchange, it will create a hostile, uncaring view of Republicans. If the Republicans don't react, and hold them accountable, the Republicans will look weak. NO-WIN! Ah but I have an answer for the Republicans: Stand your ground. Bring charges against Obama and the Administration, not for returning Bowe Bergdhal, but for violating the law. Then, bring before the American people the fact that the five terrorists that were traded have already killed Americans and will do so in the future. Bring to the American public the fact that Obama released 35,000 murdering, raping and dangerous illegal aliens into our society without giving Congress or the Senate the ability to debate whether this would be allowed or that they were to be deported. Again, Obama bypassed the proper channels, to move his agenda forward, which proves he can do what he chooses without caring about our proper checks and balances. Benghazi MUST NOT be placed on the back burner. Trey Gowdy, hammer away!
     Allow the military to investigate Bowe Bergdahl, and why he walked away from his base, under his own power, proving yes or no that it was a true case of desertion. What must never be forgotten or allowed to dismissed by the Democrats and the liberal junkies is the fact that because of the choice Bowe made, soldiers from his unit lost their lives searching for him, so while an Idaho town is all decked out in yellow ribbons and balloons, how are the towns decked out where the soldiers lived that lost their lives looking for what appears to be a soldier who decided deserting his post was acceptable?
     This country has to wake up to the fact that we have a president and his ass kissing administration needing to be removed from office! No laws apply to them, in their view. They are tyrannical, moving the country towards Communism, with Obama and his Gestapo in charge. He is already using the BLM and their para-military soldiers as the KGB. And answer this for me, why does the IRS need a SWAT team? KGB, KGB!
    Above all things folks, Obama and his administration need to be held accountable for breaking the law and removed from office. All of the peaceable marches and protests that I believe in are going to eventually turn into violent confrontations if our Congress, Senate and DOJ don't start doing what they are expected to do. I do not want to see Americans fighting Americans, the civil war should show us that no matter who wins, we all lose, but the country cannot continue to allow the government to run roughshod over us without a price to be paid. My dreams of a peaceful change are still my hope, but others will have their way not matter what I believe.
     Hold Obama and his administration accountable, Jay Carney shut up and go away, investigate this soldier that some of his team had to die for and if needed prosecute him under military law, continue to hammer at the Obama Administration for the dangerous release of 35,000 hardened criminals into our society, that the Obama administration has just released 5 hardened top terrorist with American as well as Afghanistan blood on their hands and in the process violated not only our laws but the agreement with President Karzi! This is a no win situation no matter how you approach it, except for Obama's brownie points!
     VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!!!!!      

Sunday, June 1, 2014


     I have spent many hair pulling hours reading, and re-reading to understand the Second Amendment from its origins in the English version in the 1600's to our present day Constitution and Bill of Rights. One thing for certain, in today's liberal agenda, our rights are not just under attack, but an undercurrent attempt is being made to create a Treaty with the United Nations, to surrender our Bill of Rights and Constitution. In effect, we will be forced to follow the unilateral law of the United Nations, allowing them to control our country under its Communist backed foundation, also allowing the United Nations to perpetrate an illegal (illegal by our Constitution and Bill of Rights) act, by committing search and seizure, without due process, of any and all weapons and property. Along with this, as is usual with tyrannical rule, unlawful, and again without due process, imprisonment of anyone they deem a threat, real or otherwise. I can't emphasize or beg you more fervently to educate yourself and your family as to how the liberal, communistic Democratic party is attempting to hand all of our rights, Constitution and Bill of Rights over to the U.N.! We must not allow this to happen! Our citizens must send a clear and final message to Washington that America is to withdraw membership immediately from the U.N. and in essence force the U.N. to relocate to another country, removing their influence and ideology from American soil forever!
     To read and understand the Second Amendment and how it pertains to the Right to own and bear arms, and the government shall not infringe upon the Right, is an interesting, yet complex study. First, we as Americans must understand the difference between  the word, RIGHT, in opposition to the word PRIVILEGE. A privilege is an ability to perform, enjoy or utilize. Example, driving any vehicle on public roads is a privilege, not a right, that can be revoked for any number of reasons. A right is considered an entitlement to something, whether to concepts like justice and due process, or to ownership of property or some interest in property, real or personal. These rights include various freedoms, protection against interference with enjoyment of life and property, civil rights enjoyed by citizens such as voting and access to the courts, natural rights accepted by civilized societies, human rights to protect people throughout the world from terror, torture, barbaric practices and deprivation of civil rights and profit from their labor, and such American constitutional guarantees as the right to freedoms of speech, press, religion, assembly and petition. 2) adj. just, fair, correct. In essence it is the right of a citizen, considered God given, to be an individual, unhindered by law.
     The Second Amendment ensures the citizens of the United States the right to own and bear arms, and it shall not infringed upon by law, Federal, State, City, County, Townships...etc. Here is where it becomes confusing (of course Supreme Court decisions haven't been of great assistance in clarifying standings clearly, without a ton of legal jargon). By reason of the Constitution, no one, including the Federal Government and its whining, liberal gun haters in Washington can revoke or confiscate said weapons.
     The Constitution also allows for militias to protect and defend the country, property and personal safety. (Here is the correction):  By reading Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 15 and 16, Article 2, Section 2, Amendment 2 and 5 you will read the duties and authorities of a militia. Not only does the Constitution allow a militia as optional but it requires them as necessary to secure a free state. (Thanks go out to a fellow Tweeter: ConstitutionalMilitia for the information)! Now here is something the liberals will attempt (if not already doing so using subterfuge) to force militias to either fall under the control of the National Guard or paramilitary forces. This is clear in the Constitution and rulings through the years that we (as Citizens) have the right to form PERSONAL militias, not answering to the government, so that they could rise and fight off a tyrannical government, which the Obama Administration, the Democrat Party and the liberal voices have formed.
     Okay...hold on a minute. I in no way am saying for militias to form, attack our government with military style force. That would be foolish and land me in a secretly held prison by Homeland Security or by some other agency, either never to be seen again, or tortured to death for information about a militia attack that I honestly wouldn't have the information to give. I am not privy to even where militias are stationed and since I am probably already on the government watch list, I would rather not know. I am a firm believer in Dr. Martin Luther King's approach of peaceful, civil protests, even if it means a peaceful, yet large in number, march on Washington, D.C. and remain there until our government understands this country belongs to its citizens, not the Government. We do not serve at their leisure, rather they serve at ours.
     You have the right to own and bear arms, as well as form militias. All States signed a treaty to follow the Constitution, allowing the formation of the United States as one country. Therefore (arguably, depending on if you live in a State that has an imperialistic Democrat government and pesky liberals), all States and State Constitutions cannot supersede the American Constitution. Any State that refuses you the Right to Bear arms, is in violation and has committed treason by refusing to honor its original treaty to the Constitution. The Supreme Court has given the States some leeway concerning the Second Amendment, but not the ability to outright disregard or supersede it.
     Here comes the sticky wick. Obama, Eric Holder and the Department of Justice, and using the FDIC, have declared gun shops as "High Risk" therefore throttling their ability to obtain loans. Again, this is a subterfuge of the Communist Obama Administration to undermine the Constitution. By rights, they are guilty of treason, for failing to uphold the oath they took to defend the Constitution! How do we respond and fight back against this underhanded political maneuver? Any gun shop that is in good credit standing and is refused a loan, needs to immediately inform the NRA of what bank, whether it is just a local bank or a national bank, that refused the loan, so the NRA can get the message out to its membership, allowing the membership and those who hold true to the Second Amendment to refuse to do business with that bank, and pull out all deposits and investments, finding another institution to do your banking with. I recommend that the NRA and other organizations loyal to the Second Amendment to form a list of friendly banks to gun owners, allowing those who refuse gun shops loans to see how it effects their bottom line and stock holders to follow a tyrannical government. The way to fight fire, is to fight it with fire. Create a hostile financial environment for any banking institution that refuses a loan to gun shop owners! Fight back with the power that hurts them the most, MONEY!
     In 2014, your vote is highly important! Mid-term elections are known for low turn outs. Don't follow that trend! Strengthen the Congress with Tea Party or Republican Congressmen, and flip the Senate to where it is controlled by Tea Party or Republican Senators. The only way to stop this tyranny is through your vote and protests, whether it be in marches or financially. But by all means, VOTE! But most of all, do not be silent! We have allowed a sick liberal society make us believe they are in control. Hell no! We are in control. Shout them down with your voice and actions (No...don't punch them!). But by all means, don't be silent! Be heard!  VOTE!