Wednesday, June 11, 2014


     I wonder if all of us, one time or another, have spent moments considering what, if anything, we would do differently should we become President of the United States? A quick, snap response to that question is exactly what is being done by the sitting President. You might want to avoid that by taking the time to mull over what problems and issues face our country, both domestically and abroad. Obama and his administration have used tunnel vision in their approach to our country. Tunnel vision is used to see only that which fits your needs, thoughts and agenda. To be the leader of a great nation such as ours, hindsight, looking forward with eyes wide open, and complete use of our peripheral vision, is needed or you will be bogged down with scandals such as Obama is now and will be until either he is forced out of office by Impeachment, willingly steps down, or decides to ride out his term enjoying he use of Air Force One for his expensive vacations.
     What would be the first item for you to tackle, other than putting together your administration? Please refer back to how snap decisions have worked out for Obama before you decide to answer. I've given it quite a bit of thought. However I perform my duties to my nation is what my legacy will be. Will I consider all things as an American first or make my decisions based upon the requests of those who financed my campaign? Would I have even made promises to donors to be elected and is that a prerequisite to attain the presidency? Hmm. Be a patriot or a traitorous bastard? Obviously not all decisions, even if made by a patriot, will make the country or special interest groups happy. Yet the tough decisions must be made, but as a patriot you involve everyone, both Houses, Democrats and Republicans and the American people, when a tough decision must be made. Involve Americans and they will respect your decisions whether they agree or not. At least they will come to understand they're in the loop and their voices are heard. Maybe that's a weird way of looking at things, at least from a politicians point of view, but not a patriot's.
     I believe that would be my first item to address:
1.) Inform the American population that their opinions matter and anything that will affect them, good or     bad, I will bring it before them to gain their trust and over time to prove it to them.

2.)  Call up all National Guard troops. Part of the troops would be used to ENFORCE our borders, eliminating the porous aspect of it, utilizing deadly force if needed. All immigration would go through normal channels, for LEGAL immigration as is required by law. The remaining troops would be used, along with our paramilitary forces (Police, Immigration Services and FBI) to round up ALL illegals and send them home by the thousands each week until we were confident all were sent home. Any drug traffic or illegal transport of cash coming across the border or returning to Mexico would gain a lifetime of tropic sunshine in Gitmo, to play soccer with all Taliban we re-capture from the previous administration lack of caring that Americans lost their lives to capture them or will lose their lives because they released the terrorist bastards. (Sorry for the language, but releasing terrorists doesn't sit well with me). During the time our troops are securing our border, I would meet with both houses to discuss the building of a wall 20' high, 6' thick, with razor wire completely encapsulating the wall. Oh and don't forget it will be 20' deep, with seismic sensors placed everywhere to record any and all tunnel digging so we will know where to drop a "Bunker Buster" bomb. If the wall is fired on from the Mexican side, full retaliation is to occur to dissuade any future attempts. Tough love, baby, but my country comes first! During all this time, the border would be reinforced with newly trained Border Agents, armed with the best training, equipment, vehicles, aircraft, watch towers, and radar to ensure not only their security and well being, but to ensure the border remains secure.

3.) The big bad old economy. No matter how many numb-nut politicians attempt to correct it (or in their words, "Make it better.") they just keep screwing things up and we're all left scratching our heads wondering what the hell just happened to our jobs, savings, homes and disposable income! By now, if you haven't caught on, any time the government states they will make things better, it really means we're screwed. So how to fix it, you might ask. Simple: we get out of the way! We being the government, the IRS and the EPA. We allow those who know best, entrepreneurs. Businesses are in existence, not because of the government, so get out of the way and allow those with the know how to create more jobs, therefore building up the tax base and reducing the strain on entitlement programs, or even (Oh God, forbid) ending some! Okay, so some will refuse a job to keep their entitlements. Fair enough. We have a military that needs to be strengthened, infrastructure that needs to be rebuilt, a big freaking wall along the border that needs to be built and Newport News will be busy building new Destroyers, Aircraft Carriers as well as nuclear submarines. All this to bring America back to the military strength that ceases all the saber rattling that all the North Koreans, Iranians, Chinese and Russia are fond of doing against a weak president. Now those who chose to remain on subsidies may do so, but I believe when they compare their entitlements to their co-workers pay-stubs, they might just change their minds.
     The economy is willing and waiting to rebound. To allow it to do so, we must give employers a much needed shot in the arm by easing those shadowy, yet exorbitantly expensive, climate change restrictions. Now, that doesn't mean we go back to dumping toxic waste in our streams, come on, we will still have guidelines. Just not climate change guidelines. I can already hear the screaming. I expect us to be good stewards with our earth, but come on, you're worried about emissions? What do you think volcanoes are spewing everyday? Are there billion dollar emission systems on them? Now we are not just talking about the above ground volcanoes, but the underwater ones and the ones under the ice. Oops. Ice is melting. I don't know about you, but where I live we have our normal rain, sun, heat, cold and snow. I've lived here for 47 years and we go through cycles of a mild winter, to one that kicks our butts. We go through overly wet summers, to ones that we could sure use a good rain. It is the same cycle for the 47 years I've lived here and am willing to bet, it's the same cycle it has always gone through. I digress. Encourage new entrepreneurs to start businesses by allowing them to work inside a tax base that encourages growth, not one that is meant to kill off the little guy. Give the big corporations a tax structure to work within that allows growth and expansions that produces more jobs. GET OUT OF THE WAY! 

4.)  The IRS - eliminate 2/3rds of it by initiating a tax system of 10% to 25% based upon income. No deductions, no holes to slip through. Offshore moving of funds will no longer be a safe haven from taxes. You make money in America, you pay taxes on it. Move to another country to protect your wealth? If it is still earned here, you will pay your taxes before you receive a penny. Okay, now how will that help? A surplus of revenue will begin to build. See, it's a simple tax code that doesn't need enormous oversight to track. The EPA...the monster of the genocide of mankind in favor of little fish, turtles and such. It would fall under strict oversight by Congress, who would then dismantle their climate change agenda and return it to ensuring we aren't poisoning our earth by making companies and all persons account for their use of chemicals and ensuring they are good stewards. When you cap a volcano with emission controls, come talk to me about climate change. Get our coal miners back up and running full blast! The NSA would as well come under strict oversight of the Congress. Nope, no more allowing it to be its own oversight committee. All agencies, even the FBI, CIA, Department of Defense and the Department of Justice would all come under strict Congressional oversight. You sure don't want me to hear that the VA is failing our vets. Heads will roll, no matter how hard our politicians make it sound, to accomplish. ALL government personnel would be held accountable for their responsibilities and failures to follow them. Employees of the American citizens shall be held accountable for doing the work they were hired to perform. No one is above the law, and I do mean no one!

5.) The last, but most important legacy I would want to leave is the reversal of the National Debt clock. As the surplus of revenue builds, the National Debt would start being paid down. I would like to know, I was able to reverse the clicking of the debt. It can be done, however it takes guts to tell Congress and the Senate that all special pet projects were to end. If they didn't, I would go on National Television and out them to the American people for the waste of tax payer money they were perpetrating. No bill would pass me with any pork involved, and if it wasn't removed, well back on television we would go. All waste of the taxpayer money would cease. No more printing more money than we could spend. The checkbook would be balanced with all disposable income going towards paying off our national debt would be paid off once and for all, strengthening our currency to be the most solid and reliable currency in the world.

     This would be my legacy. Turning my country around, not for glory, but for America and its citizens and those to come. If I would be allowed one thing, it would be to go to Camp David to decompress. If the American middle class doesn't have the disposable income to take vacations, then why would I use their hard earned taxes to flagrantly slap them in the face by taking luxury vacations while my employers are suffering. Talk about not sleeping well! No, just time to decompress, then back to work to ensure all Americans have a job and are again living the American dream, if they just try. I know there would be someone out there with the cross-hairs of a scope lined up on me, but the price to bring America back would be worth the risk, well worth it! 
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