Wednesday, January 20, 2016


     For those who follow world events and politics (yes, I've got my hand raised), you will know the most definite thing to expect this year is a whole lot more of the same. Some think the ride to the White House is great television and excitement for those caught up in campaigning, usually young college students. For those of us who have lived through 11 presidents, I have watched the steady decline of America since Eisenhower. No president since Ike has had any interest in promoting the U.S. as a great country; Ronald Reagan excluded. Most have wanted to take our Rights away, in some form or another. The current president, and the campaigning Democrats want our guns, badly. Every gun store I go to, and even at Walmart, I see weapons made of wood, steel, plastics, ivory and other materials sit there idly not hurting anyone. Yet, guns of any type have now become sentient in the eyes of the Democrats and liberals, with minds of their own, intent on killing humans. It is just another way our government is doing all it can to destroy our way of life.  

     We all know (Or should! Dang it, pay attention to what is happening around you!) about the standoff in Oregon. Whether you agree or don't agree with what the protesters in Burns, Oregon, who are in a peaceful siege of the refuge, ask yourself questions. Why would they do this? Why is this the second recent time the Federal Government has gone after citizens about using the land to raise cattle, or performing proper restoration of the land, by burning off encroaching flora that would be either harmful or inedible to cattle. They did this on Federal Land. Does anyone know what Federal Land is? 

     Do you understand, and yes I will use this word a second time in this Blog, that the Federal Government is not a sentient being! It cannot own land. Being that it is not a living, sentient being, what is it? The government exists at the will of the people. It does not own us, it does not rule us, and last if not least, it cannot buy us or State land! All governments, whether a small town council to the Federal Government is us! Me, you and the other millions of citizens in our country. We, as well as The Constitution and Bill of Rights, tell the Governments of our country how they will perform the business of running and protecting our country, not the other way around.

     So who is right when it comes to the standoff in Burns, Oregon? A lot of the citizens are scared that a blood-bath is on its way. Why would they? Surely the fact that the FBI has setup its own private airport nearby wouldn't have anything to do with it, would it? Maybe the FBI bringing in military helicopters wouldn't be a reason for fear, would it? The securing of a part of a hospital by the FBI, prepping it with trauma surgeons would be a reason, would it? I guess the Feds didn't learn anything from Waco or Ruby Ridge!! We The People do not answer to the Federal Government. They answer to us. Who gave them the right to do this? Who gave them the go-ahead? Last but not least, if Oregon had fought off the Feds from taking over the State of Oregon's land, would this even be an issue? The Federal Government claims ownership to over half of some states. I want to meet this guy named 'Federal Government' and open up a can of whoop ass on him. I guess that can't happen because I would be beating up on my self! Are you getting the point? 

     Who gave our government the right to tell us anything? Who gave the government the right to overrule The Constitution? The Constitution is there to protect us from the Government. See, this happens when people don't follow current events, trends and agendas that are occurring due to the corruption in Washington. Stop looking at things from the left or right! Look at it from common sense based upon The Constitution! Yes, I am a God fearing, red-white-blue bleeding conservative American. But, as far as a citizen, The Constitution is the bible for our country! Yet, politicians believe their personal ideas and agendas trump The Constitution. Now, if I remember correctly, when the government no longer represents the people and are not constrained by The Constitution, we are in our rights to set it aside and replace it with one that does. can we make this happen? Start in Burns, Oregon! Instead of being afraid, Oregon residents should be flocking into the siege compound, armed to the teeth, ready to do what our fore-fathers did: defend their freedom against tyranny with their blood if necessary. Why would any American born citizen, whether military or FBI, obey an order to harm other Americans who have not fired a shot, or threatened anyone? 

     Black Lives Matter and other protesters can shut off city blocks, entrances to stores, yell their poetic phrases of wanting cops dead, but where is the FBI, the helicopters and partial hospital take-overs? Law abiding citizens, who are peacefully protesting the continued infringment of the government into our states and lives, hell, "Let loose the dogs of war!". Why? What is to be gained? Why hasn't the Governor of Oregon informed the FBI that if they, in any way try to infringe their rule in Oregon, they will be met with deadly force by our Oregon National Guard? Where's your backbone, Governor?? All states, need to make sure a well armed and trained militia, as well as the National Guard, will stand firm against any infringement by the Federal Government into our state! For the Feds to try to inforce their will in any state is treasonous, as well as Unconstitutional! So why don't you fight back? Why doesn't any state stand up? Get out of our lives Feds! We rule you!

     When I grew up, Russia was rattling their sabres with nukes. We were in Vietnam, just coming out of Korea. Then came the cold war. We grew up with the question, "Would you rather be 'red than dead or dead than red?" Red was the symbol of communism. My answer then is the same as now, I would rather be dead than red. 'Dead' will come while I defend my freedom. Dead will come when I defend my family from the tyrrany of Washington. If we don't start asking these questions again, don't complain when you are sheep, ready for the Muslim slaughter that the Liberals want in. Hell, I don't care who reads this. The Feds already know who I am. Just remember, Feds, I know who you are as well. What you bring on me, I will give back ten fold. Yes, when I draw a line in the sand, you better damn well know I mean for you not to cross it. See? I understand how our country is supposed to run and how it is constrained by the Constitution. You need to understand that as well!   

Thursday, January 7, 2016


     I was thinking today about the crumbling foundation of the church in this day. Then I thought back about, not my past, but the early church and how people lived life to survive, yet they put "self" aside for the betterment of Christ and their lives. "Self" is the biggest part of the collapse of the church today. "Self" embodies all things to satisfy our wants, needs, desires...but one thing it never embodies...Christ. Christ is the 'fly in the ointment' in today's world. His Word is re-written into many versions, setting aside the Bible we've always read. You have the New King James Version, The Darby Translation, The Good News Bible, and on and on. We want the rewards that He offers, but don't want His Word that interferes with how "Self" wants it to be.

      Changing where you attend, until you find a church that amplifies your ability to live the way you wish, and no in depth Word of God, so much if someone starting studying or speaking about the Word of God, they are told, "We don't want to hear about that!" Why wouldn't you? What about the Word of God frightens you, makes you angry or you find it upalatable? I used to not want to hear how I couldn't do this or that, especially when it wasn't Biblical. However, the Word of God and Christ have withstood the test of creation and time, yet "Self" trumps God. Hmm.

     If you, needing to hear ministers who do not make you feel ashamed or repentant, or you won't have a 'man' tell you anything, then it brings to question: Why try at all? Oh, I forgot, God is Love and will accept us under Grace no matter how we live! The 'hippy days have come into play again! Everything was love then; freee love(free sex), drugs and whatever 'turned them on' without one thing: this case; to God, and the church is now the new hippy movement. The 'once in Grace always in Grace is not a novel approach or idea. Once in Grace, always in Grace has been around forever. When we come to God and Christ we can live the way we choose and all is covered forever under "Grace"! Wow, my mind is now at peace! No, something is bothering me.

     Christ had his hair and beard ripped out, flesh torn from his body with a whip, spit upon, a crown of thorns that pierced his brow, the horrific pain of being nailed to a cross, and then the slow, horrific death on the cross just so you can do what you want and not be held accountable. So why did Christ die? So 'Self' could please itself without recrimination? Did He die for that? Really? Come on, use your brain and read your Bible and pray! YOUR SOUL IS AT RISK!! YOUR ETERNAL DAMNATION AND SEPERATION FROM GOD AND CHRIST IS AT STAKE. THOSE WHO PAMPER YOUR EARS AREN'T DOING YOU ANY FAVORS. WAKE UP!!

     Mathew 7: 21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. I wonder who these folks are? Sounds like so-called proffessed Christians who talked the talk, but something got in the way when it came to walking the walk! "Self" maybe?

     Luke 6:46 And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say? What did Christ say that they are not doing? Christ said He did not come to do away with the Law, instead He came to fulfil it. He gave us everything we needed, the Disciples continued giving you His Word as He gave it to them. Revelations gives us the Apocolypse and what we can expect. With what this world is facing and what is to come, I'm not sure 'Self' is going to be much help. I am not saying I have evrything right, nor do I profess to being perfect ( I can barely spell it let alone be it!), but what I can say is, I will take the Word of God over any mega-church minister, those who refuse to be 'told' something because of a person's gender (God's created genders...not the new oners), television evangilist or someone who is always ending their program asking you to send certain amounts to get certain gifts for supporting them (if memory serves, Christ drove them out of Temple once already). Those you trust with your salvation, you may want to entrust with your garden, because they sure won't be tilling your soul to allow the Word of God to grow, and the salvation of your soul to flourish!

Just remember this; your worst enemy may be the flowery 'friend' in front of you!


Monday, January 4, 2016


     We used to sing, "God bless America again. You see all the trouble that she's in. Wash her pretty face, dry her eyes and then, God bless America again!" At one time, I no doubt He would have, but "I", let me make that perfectly clear, "I"can't Him blessing America ever again. That He hasn't destroyed us completely is beyond me. Exactly how bad was Sodom and Gomorrah that he completely destroyed them? I know that Abraham begged the angels that if only one righteous man was found in the city, would they spare it. They would. When Lot and his family left, no righteous were to be found. Is that what stays God's hand now. Are there still some or one righteous to be found in America?

     "The sins of the fathers..." The Jews cried for Christ's blood to be upon them and their sons. They paid and still pay a steep price for that statement. We, as Americans, pay and will pay a steeper price for the innocent blood that were and are shedding in America. It's easy to see all our big cities, art, accomplishments and forget whose bones and blood they were built upon, and the innocent blood that still flows. 

     This country was founded on bloodshed between the Colonists, England, France, Mexico, Spain, The Civil War, Slavery, Rowe versus Wade, the "Sexual Explosion" including all forms of sexual deviance as well as children being used for pornography or to the highest bidder, Drugs, Addiction, and more, but the most heinous of all things is the 30,000,000 plus fetuses that have been aborted, and now the selling of their body parts is something to be celebrated and create a high lifestyle for those who sell and those who buy. Tell me, where in this is God's Will? We just about wiped out every American Native tribes who lived on land that greedy men coveted, so much, that to kill men, women and children in the name of 'progress' did not bother them. 

     Slavery has been known evil for most of history. Someone enslaved the weaker. It was and still is a part of the terrible part of humanity's sickness. In America, we enslaved Africans that either their own tribes sold to slave runners, or a warring tribe sold their captives to slavers. I have no number, and I don't know if anyone can honestly say, how many slaves died in captivity, either by natural or heinous causes. See, the sins of our Forefathers now bleeds down upon us. The sins of all the millions of people saturates America and how God has to perceive us! 

     Abortion. Oh my God. How could anyone see it as right, not just in God's eyes, but in our own? Now the selling of their body parts is...well...ho hum, so what's new? Jeremiah 1:5, "I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb." God knows the name of those over 30,000,000 aborted fetuses and you will one day face Him to hear Him ask you where (name) is? How will you answer? God told Creation to be fruitful and multiply, yet I don't see anywhere in the Bible where he said, "Kill all of your unborn so that 'self' can be happy" Self. Yes that stands out big time in humanity. All we are interested in is pleasing 'self'. Our lifestyles and being engrossed in self satisfaction will damn us! So where do we go from here?

     I remember the song. "And I bowed on my knees and cried Holy; Holy; Holy!  I clapped my hands and cried Glory! Glory to the Son of God!" I want to be the one on my knees, hands raised, Spirit filled, tears flowing as I feel the embrace of Christ, God and His Spirit. Our only hope comes from the Eastern skies. I want to hear Him say, "Welcome in thou good and faithful servant to the joys of the Lord!" This requires the removal of self, and the return to God, not in the way churches are capitulating to political correctness, turning into coffee house, never digging deep into the Word of God to lead you in what He wants for you. 

     Ask yourself, if the Angels came and said we will stay America's destruction, would you be one that causes the destruction to pass by? Would you?