Friday, May 30, 2014


     Let me preface this with a statement I mean in no way to disrespect to either General Shinseki or Jay Carney. The General in no way has dishonored his service, having a prosthetic himself from being injured while serving in our military. General Shinseki was probably great in the field of battle, however he was in over his head when dealing with the Washington politics and heavy load that the massive VA carries.
     Jay Carney, like him or not, worked a thankless job, with most times a partial grin on his face. The other times, I fully believe Jay knew he was having to spin (which is a Washington term for covering a lie) something he knew to be different than what was true. I saw Jay become emotional when Obama spoke at the news briefing today. There's no doubt that Jay is probably a very nice person who got caught up and worn down by an administration that really put him through the wringer. Jay faced hard questions daily and you could see the frustration in his expression when he knew the press corps didn't buy what he was saying, however, he is leaving a team player, good or bad. For Jay it is probably a day of mixed emotion. You can't blame him.
     I will now do something I rarely have the opportunity to do, I want to give kudos to the Democrats who immediately cried foul over the VA scandal, siding with their Republicans counterparts with fury, infuriated that Veterans were being treated in this fashion. Republicans and Democrats proved that to unite Washington politicians: Try harming our Vets, and rightly so! There is no excuse, none that will stick or pass the muster test, for the atrocities that our Vets and their families have had to endure. Don't even try! As the son of both parents being  Korean War Air Force Vets, I know the importance the VA played when it came to their health. When my father was dying from cancer, the VA hospital in Johnson City, TN is a hospital that proved to be a shining light among all of the scandals. The James H. Quillen VA hospital not only made the patient feel special, but worked hard to make the family as informed, educated and comfortable, above and beyond what is expected, and I always say a heartfelt, "Thank you!" to them. My mother, being a nurse in the Air Force during the Korean War, receives the top of the line care and service as well.
     What we are seeing today is just the beginning of a crumbling house of cards that Obama built. Obama has now felt a small amount of the heat, wrath and pressure, that the American public can bring to bear on Washington. Whether Jay or General Shinseki left on their own or as an administration decision, it is the tip of the iceberg. Obama can no longer circumlocute the American people. More of those who have been a buffer between Obama and the American populace are going to come to the realization that their future employment and careers will be pockmarked and overshadowed by their association with Obama, and that in and of itself, could, and will quite possibly be a game changer for future employment. As more of his circle jumps ship, it will finally expose Obama to be the weak, left wing, Democratic community organizer that we, who used common sense, knew him to be!
     I heard a news commentator state that Obama has never operated or managed a business, so he did not know to make the hard choices when it came to what every manager has to do daily. As a former foreman,  manager, and shift superintendent, I realized early in my career make everyone accountable for their assigned duties and should they fail due to so for reasons other than the need of more training, machine down time or supply issues, they knew I would be making that hard decision by disciplining up to and including termination of employment. Being in management in the meat packing/kill floor industry, the automotive industry as well as managing a sleep disorder lab and call center for a total management experience of 28 years, I've trained my employees to do their jobs, what I expected of them and the consequences of failing to meet my expectations. Some may say that is harsh, however, inside that type of structured environment, my employees grew to be a self reliant, goal oriented crew, who took so much pride in their jobs, making it rare for me to make those hard decisions.
     I learned my managing technique from reading a book written by a woman who worked in the textile industry for 40 years: The Super Supervisor by Mildred Ramsey. Employees want to know where they stand and how to maintain a positive workplace, which all benefited from, to the point they started holding each other accountable to ensure the days work was met and met with the production, quality, and pride that was reflected in their being known as the best crew in their departments and shifts. Employees flourish in a work environment where accountability is expected. Laziness, poor attendance, and inability to meet production standards creates a quickly unemployed worker.
     If a lowly manager as myself can make it work, why can't Obama? HE HAS NO EXPERIENCE! If he worked for me, he would have been fired within the first two months of employment. Sorry, but my expectations are reasonable, but firm. Did Obama take responsibility that since he has been in office for 5 years plus, he has failed to properly correct the VA problems? NO! Again he went back to it being the previous administration and he inherited it. In 5 years, YOU, Obama want to put it back to Bush again? When do you start saying, "You know, I inherited it, but working with both Congress, The Senate and those overseeing the VA, we have been able to right the ship and our Veterans are now being taken care of by a loving country who has not forgotten them." Nope, the blame game. You failed to address it and correct it! You are a completely transparent imbecile, Barrack.
     All the vacations and playing around you, Barrack Obama have done, has brought the big, proud, America into the position of being seen as a weak nation with antagonistic nations and countries looking as to how they can not only benefit from it, but how they can may us pay the price for letting down the high standards as a military powerhouse that demanded respect and fear. In a letter written in 1900 by Teddy Roosevelt, he made the statement "Walk softly but carry a big stick" That statement doesn't mean we are the bully of the world, rather, we will be there to help you if you have needs, but we'll also kick the crap out of you if that's the route you want to go! China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and other countries laugh at what America has become. Sorry for the next statement but America has become a bunch of whining, self absorbed, atheistic, and sissified nation. Those men and women, who before us, and those who now stand on that wall, have the backbone all Americans should have!
     We've lost our identity to those who hate democracy and would see us become either a socialist or communist nation. They hate the Constitution. The Second Amendment is a thorn in their side because they believe they have the right to tell others that they have no right to own guns, even if it is a guaranteed right. People of little intelligence live and breath by what Hollywood states as reality. Bullshit. They have a platform based upon a fan base that worships them as gods when they are nothing but narcissistic, self adoring phonies. I refuse to watch a movie that has Danny Glover, Sean Penn and George Clooney in it. Traitors to the American way! I don't miss them, therefore they have no platform with me!
     The Pledge of Allegiance, prayer to the God who told Moses to tell the Egyptians that, "I Am has sent thee!", the American Flag, the Bible and now our food has been shunned and no longer allowed because it may offend someone. Damn it people, offend them! Who in the hell are they to tell us what we can and cannot do? LET ME MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR TO ALL YOU P.C. BASTARDS, WHERE MY NOSE BEGINS YOUR RIGHTS END. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IT, TEST ME. YOU WON'T LIKE THE RESULT, I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT!  That's backbone folks! Stiffen yours and fight back against the tide of those whose voice is just a whimper compared to those of us who still have our American values! If you don't like the Pledge, Prayer, God, The American Flag, or our food choices, suck it up. You have the right to your beliefs (see, our country even allows you that), but you do not and never will have the right to enforce your will on me! Save your breath and efforts. It won't work and I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! I PROMISE I WILL NOT FORCE MY BELIEFS ON YOU! Live and let live, but keep your beliefs out of my way, because I will mow you down. Backbone folks, BACKBONE!  

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