Thursday, May 15, 2014


I thought I would re-post this today, on this Memorial Day weekend, to remind us of those who gave it all, be it our Military, Firefighters, Port Authority Officers and Police Officers. Those whose job is to stand between us and harm and may and do pay the ultimate sacrifice to do so. These are our HEROES. Their stage is one of reality, not make believe. They have no cheering fans waiting to buy tickets to watch them perform. For most, it is a thankless job. I ask each and everyone of you, this weekend, dig down deep and bring some food to a precinct, a firehouse, and buy a meal for those you see in a restaurant who serve proudly in our military. No, it's not a screaming fan or groupie who does this, but for those of us who appreciate them, they will know they are appreciated. Dig deep folks, because they dig deep everyday! 

      "9/11". For those of us who were alive and old enough to be cognizant of what occurred that day, no other reference is needed to understand what the conversation is about. If brought up in a conversation, 9/11 brings back memories and emotions, we as Americans will deal with for the rest of our lives. The 9/11 Memorial was dedicated today, not to the fact that Osama bin Laden was finally found and killed, or that Saddam Hussein was finally found, cowering in fear. Both men represented the worst of humanity. Today was not a day to praise their deaths. It is also not a day to praise the continual drone strikes that kill persons that our government states were targeted. Today was not a day to come to peace with Islamists or Muslims. Today was a day to remember those who died, were maimed, or forever sick because of the debris they inhaled from the World Trade Centers in New York City. For those who were killed, maimed, or forever sick from the debris and smoke they inhaled at the Pentagon, and those brave passengers in Flight 93, who had learned of the other tragedies and would be damned if that flight would cause harm to others and took it down into a field in rural Pennsylvania. Today was a day to remember the stories of those who didn't run away, but ran back in, to perform a selfless act by attempting to save others and died for their efforts. These are the stories and tears of America, the pride in its people and the hope and prayer that we can defeat Islam once and for all, and show them that we harbor no fear of them and their deadly ideology.

  We all took time to remember today the terrible events that occurred on September 11, 2001, most commonly referred to as
     Today was another day when Americans remembered the tears, emotions of pain, mourning, anger, and pride that we dealt with alternately or all at once. We each tell our stories of where we were that fateful day and vent our feelings of hate and anger at those who would attack us so viciously, callously and without forethought or feeling regret in the murdering humans who meant them no harm. The families, friends, and America stood still for a moment today to relive that day and those who were affected for ever. 9/11 is forever personally ingrained in my memory as my wife and I watched the news in horror as the first tower burned, the news stating a jet airliner, somehow off course and flew into the tower. It was then I saw the second plane and yelled to my wife, "Oh my God, there's another plane!" The camera angle didn't allow us to see the impact, rather the explosion bursting out the other side of the second tower and thinking, "How could this happen?" Then as the day progressed we realized another Pearl Harbor had just occurred again, but this time it didn't strike at our military, it struck at the heart of what we hold dear, our innocent families and friends.
     Tojo attacked America with the Bombing of Pearl Harbor. There are of course conspiracy theories that state our government knew it was going to happen and used it to bring out the rage in Americans that would force public sentiment into a cry for us (the U.S.) to involve itself in the war. It may have happened, though I really need to doubt it. Then, just as now, America is war weary. America became war weary from the Korean and Vietnam wars. We as a people felt better when the cold war raged without having to put boots on the ground. Yes, nuclear war was a threat, but one that didn't seem realistic. Americans are war weary now because we have no enemy to defeat. We defeated Japan. We helped defeat Germany and its allies. There was no defeat in Korea and no defeat in Vietnam. We started losing wars beginning with Korea and still continue to lose today. Defeat takes weariness and with the mix of pride of a job well done, allows our soldiers and country to stand tall, knowing the Stars and Stripes will stand tall forever. Indignant rage will forever create fear in any possible foe. Our government has lost that rage. The crying liberals and left wing banana nuts as well as mislead college students can't see the war we need to wage beyond the end of their noses.
     Islam and Muslims (moderate or extremists) are an enemy that is such a large threat that the only way to destroy it is to make the price too high for it to wage Jihad on us. We should never have sent in troops to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or any other Muslim country. War is never won by throwing pebbles. The complete destruction of the infrastructure and military of these countries is the only way we will ever defeat them and make them come to grips with the high price of touching America or our allies. We, as a country need to send that message loud and clear, so loud that Russia, China and North Korea will hold their breath, not knowing where we will stop. But that takes guts, backbone and the willingness to accept the collateral damage, just as we were forced to accept it on 9/11. Muslim children grow up to be Jihadist fighters, bombers, or suicide bombers. To drive them into submission is to have the strength to stand in front of the American people and make the case for a final decisive act to bring down Muslim terror forever. Putin won't put up with them, why should we? Sharia law in our country, are we that stupid to even consider allowing it? You want to drive women's equality back to the stone age? To put a damn stop to all of this craziness, we need to silence the idiots in our country who are so over the edge in la-la land that they believe we can co-exist in peace with Islam. So called moderate Muslims are laughable. If they had the chance, they would wipe America, Israel, and Christians off of the face earth.
     If we don't take the war to them, not by placing our soldiers in harms way, but by allowing the downpour of bombs, MOABS, bunker busters, daisy cutters, and other bombs short of nuclear, to hit the like a cloud burst, we will again continue the pattern of losing! When the sand clears, those alive and remaining will never forget that day, like we will never forget 9/11. A note to the Muslim community...WE WILL NEVER FORGET!         
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