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     As reported by KVOA 4 News in Tucson, Arizona, Mexican Army Troops, whether rogue or under direct military instructions from the Mexican military, are crossing our borders and even landing helicopters in the Rio Grande Basin on American soil. In January Mexican troops in Sasabe, Sanora drew their weapons on U.S.A Federal Agents  while being 50 yards inside the United States. In March, they (the Mexican troops) opened fire on one Javier Jose Rodriguez while he was visiting inside the border of Sasabe. Mr. Rodriguez is an American citizen and spent three weeks recuperating from a gunshot to his arm as well as his side at the University of Arizona Medical Center.
   " KVOA has reported that our government's reaction to the incidents as being 'tepid' which has angered the residents who live along the border. KVOA has also reported that U.S. Senator, Tom Coburn, (R-OK), revealed details of the January encounter between soldiers from this base and the Border Patrol. In a letter to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Coburn said a lone agent encountered two Mexican soldiers 50 yards inside the U.S. The agent and the soldiers drew their weapons; the soldiers carried G-3 rifles."   
"From what I understand, this has happened hundreds of times before," says Sylvia Longmire, a border security analyst whose recent book, Border Insecurity, details the challenges and failings of some Homeland Security operations along the Arizona-Sonora border. The soldiers told the agent they'd gotten lost while pursuing a drug smuggler.
"However, I believe there was some confusion as to whether that's what the Mexican Army was doing because there was no evidence found by the Border Patrol of any drug smugglers in the area," Longmire said."
Reports obtained under the federal Freedom of Information Act show that members of Mexico's Army have crossed into the U.S. at least 300 times over the past 18 years.

     We are all aware that our southern borders are a joke and that the Border Patrol's effort have been thwarted by an inept Administration unwilling to fortify our borders. This goes along with the Administration's unwillingness to require all citizens to show an official I.D. card to be able to vote. The Obama Administration's foreign policy is a joke, placing America in a weak position in the world's view. Now we have armed Mexican soldiers, rogue or not, with boots and helicopters on American soil and our Homeland Security has failed to shore up the borders and confront the incursion of the Mexican Army as an act of aggression against the United States, even as an attempt to secure territory inside our borders. Who is to stop them? The emaciated Border Patrol, a useless Homeland Security whose only use has been against American Citizens.
     Though I do not have actual proof in my hands, illegal, undocumented aliens crossing the border from Mexico can be useful to this Administration as well as the Democrats who fight against voter I.D. To show force against these military incursions, requiring voter I.D., as well as shoring up our southern borders would be a bad taste in the mouths of those illegal aliens, hurting the Democrats voter base.
     I am a firm believer in voter I.D. laws, and making our southern border a dangerous and deadly result for those who cross illegally. When will America wake up and see the Fascist, Socialist rise in our country to overthrow our Constitution piece by piece and replace it with a Totalitarian government where you are either a wealthy 1% or you are the lower working class, finally eliminating the middle class.

With that said, what happened to Mexico being held to their side of the border, aware there were consequences for crossing it illegally? At what point did we say it is acceptable for an invading force to invade our sovereign territory? Under the last four presidents, it would never be allowed or tolerated and we would drive them out with deadly force! Who are we as a country? I don't know anymore because what I see doesn't even look familiar. 

     How quickly we have forgotten Pearl Harbor. Tojo caught America with its pants down. Yeah there was chatter, but who would have thought Japan had the balls to attack the big bad America? With KVOA in Tucson reporting these occurrences (the chatter), no one believes Mexico would dare commit an all out assault on America, the country with a non-existent foreign policy. No...couldn't happen! Well start counting the heads of the undocumented, illegal persons already in America. There's your silent invading force with the military already testing the waters. Where is our retaliation? Wimpy Obama government.

     Now let's look at what happens when an American commits something considered illegal. Clive Bundy. If he owes $1,000,000 for grazing fees, well he should pay them. If he's a racist, I am totally against racism, but still, he has a right to his opinion no matter how distasteful or ignorant it may be. Anyway...let's make the points I am working towards. Remember the southern borders. 200 BLM Federal para-military troops surrounds his ranch with snipers on the hill and the FAA declaring his ranch a no fly zone. Hmm. They take his cattle and euthanize (kill the poor bastards) raise them on cranes and bury them in a mass grave. For what? Bundy was in the wrong, not the cattle! If they felt it necessary to destroy the animals, why not take them to a butcher, pay him to render the cattle into useable food and supply the surrounding area soup kitchens with much needed meat to feed those in need? They destroyed the cattle to prove the point that they were in control and able to do whatever they chose. That is how close the Clive Bundy situation came to being a slaughter of humans, not just cattle! I've heard the far left kooks denounce the militia groups showing up. Hey kooks, they were not there to say Bundy was innocent of a debt, but to stop our government from bulldozing over an American's freedom!
     I know I have been bloviating (How about that, Bill O'Rielly!). My last point of a government in fear and submission to Obama and his cronies. While these cattle were being murdered (oops, euthanized), where was the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals? Hurt an animal on a movie set, keep and mistreat fighting dogs and fighting cocks (clean minds folks!), and off to prison you go. A mass grave of cattle killed to prove they had the power to do so, and no SPCA to be seen or picketing. Why? It would reveal the undercurrent of evil and subversive plans this government is working against our country. I may be crazy (so I've been told) but doesn't it seem something is Topsy Turvy when it comes to our country and government? More to come (If my wife doesn't take my laptop away and hide it!).  
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