Wednesday, July 16, 2014


     Has anyone ever stopped to think, while the regular American public is suffering under this administration, who isn't suffering? How many of you have had to put your vacation on hold or at a complete stop because of the mishandling, illegal, non-caring, weakening of our economy, crushing crisis at the border, all the scandals of the Obama Administration, blatant disregard of the law and crushing the middle class out of existence. So who is not suffering?
     Let's see, George Soros isn't. Bill Ayers isn't. The Clintons, including Chelsea aren't, we damn well know the Obamas aren't. Hell, let's just lump all the politicians and Federal Employees into the basket. Who is? Those of us who are the backbone of America. We The People. Why are we standing by and allowing them to live extremely well while we suffer. The statement, (and I paraphrase) "Politicians will only respect us when they fear us." While illegal immigrants are shoved down our throats and shipped to our towns by the Feds, not caring what or how it effects us, nor the fact that we are individual States and the people have spoken and said NO, heavily armed soldiers enforce Obama's will on us, ignoring the fact that this is our country, not Obama's to do as he wishes!
     George Soros, The worst, evil being that walks the face of the earth and whose dream has always been to destroy our Republic and his buddy Bill Ayers, are utilizing and pulling the strings on that damned communist student named Barrack Hussein Obama to do their bidding. Our very lives and the country we hold dear, is at stake and we are being held hostage by Washington, DC. Take a look at what our lives were, and now what they are. In five and one half years, Obama has dissected our Constitution, and spit in the face of the Supreme Court and Congress, ruling with a fist of iron instead of by law. "So sue me!" Arrogance is rampant in his administration and he has surrounded himself with those who protect his agenda, leaving the Senate as the new Berlin Wall, erected by a traitor by the name of Harry Reid. Attack that wall, suddenly you're a racist and his entourage crucifies you!
     "Good Christians will honor Ramadan?" Who the hell does Obama think he is that he can now dictate what Christians do or not do? Religious oppression? No...Christian oppression and the beginning of the Muslim control by a rise in Muslim rule which for Christians is the beginning of persecution in America. Again, as pacifists, we all sit idly by while the ones who aren't suffering continue to bombard us with their forced will.
     The only way to make them understand, is to make them feel the suffering we feel. Cut off the flow of cash and opportunity to freely move around. When they get in their cars to go somewhere, protestors should block their way forward and backward. Start making those who make our lives miserable, miserable for them! See all you Federal bastards who are monitoring my Blogs, I'm still advocating peaceful protest. But then again, you Federal Bastards, I am only one voice. What do I see? Civil War. Oops, is that why you performed a Martial Law drill in Illinois? Obama is not only readying for it, he is weakening our military by laying off thousands of soldiers. See, he is not only wanting a Civil War, Obama is setting himself up to win! A true leader would never take a two week luxury vacation while his country is in an upheaval. A True Leader. Why worry? He has Eric Holder, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, an impotent Congress, liberal wackos and all the scandals, as smoke and mirrors, to hold down the fort! Obama's continual slap in our face is getting old.
     While Militias ready themselves, fringe groups such as the KKK start new recruiting drives, what future does America have in store? I've heard enough of "wait until 2016". For what? What do you expect to be different? If the Senate is flipped in 2014, the Republicans will be seen as the bad guys as they work to repair the damage Obama has done. Then you expect that a Tea Party leader or Republican's will take the house in 2016? As we watch more illegal aliens strategically moved around our country to ensure Obama's take over. MS-13 gang members crawl all over our nation, easily being allowed to cross our borders. Chaos in the streets? You bet. Increase in drugs, crimes, murders, human trafficking and a war against our society, you can bet the farm on that! If you can't see and understand that our Constitution and Bill of Rights is being shredded a piece at a time, I waste my time trying to say more to open your eyes. Accept what you get without complaint.
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