Saturday, July 26, 2014


     For the last 6 years, true God fearing and Constitutional loving Americans have made  quiet protest while we watched as a so-called president, the evil witch he calls a wife, an insane Democrat Party, an overbearing and evil imperialistic liberal society, and George Soros as well as many other communist detractors have all but stolen America out from under us. We sit idly waiting for the 2014 elections in hope that the Republicans will control both houses. Ask yourself, what have the Republicans done for us lately? Yeah John Boehner makes his big blustery talk, and then for some reason he caves in to Obama. Why? The Politicians are the minions of the devil on this earth, cursed with the greed for power and money. No longer do they represent their constituents, rather they represent big money and how it lines their pockets. Their concern for their constituents is one of who gives a damn, because the people back home don't pay shit!
     The sad thing is, when re-election or election time rolls around, oh their words smell of sweet care and concern, but that is far their minds. The parties, the special interest cash and the luxurious lifestyles are what they wish to be at, anywhere then talking to us about re-election. So, what do we do? Let the status quo continue or make a change in Washington? I say it's time to hold all in Washington accountable for their sins and crimes. Here's how:

     1.) We start by taking photographs of elected officials and their meetings with special interest groups and lobbyists. Then, we spread it across the internet. Hey, if you find them with a mistress, even better. We take them down by their own actions and associations (their sins in politics is what we can find and reveal not only to the world but to their constituents as well). Humiliation and revealing their true character is just the beginning.
     2.) We get a list of all days they are present for when Congress or the Senate was in session. We reveal to their constituents everyday they weren't there for a vote, abstained or voted against the majority wishes of their constituents. See, just like the working class, you are required to be at work doing your job, why should we expect less of them?
     3.) Flood their offices with letters, faxes, e-mails and phone calls, in other words, deluge them with the anger you have for them and demand that they meet with their constituents, not to hear them, but for them to hear you! They shut up and listen for a change. Lay down the law to them. Inform them as of now, career politicians have come to an end. They no longer are to vote the party line, but by what you, the majority constituents require of them. Folks, they do not represent your best interests, but what they can get out of being a politician and the Washington life. They vote for what their special interest and lobbyist pay them to vote. Let me ask you a question: before you answer it requires some thought. When you voted to elect that person, are you truly better off than you were before they were elected? The answer would be yes if you drank of Washington's polluted stream of lies. However, if you love your country and the Constitution, you would Another questions, since Obama, his gang, George Soros, the Democrats and the insane liberals took over, have you spent over $44,000,000 on vacations in the last 6 years? Do you despise America to where you let all sorts of evil happen to our country as well as loose our standing in the world?
     4.) Career Politicians are now a thing of the past. This again follows along with #3. With the letters, the faxes, the e-mails and the phone calls, inform your Congress person or Senator, that if they continue to follow the old ways, start packing, because their stay in Washington is over. Our immense numbers and votes are their only way in, and damned sure their way out. Again, our military, paramilitary and all other forces are our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers. They do not belong to the government, they are like us, American citizens, bound and bonded by the country we love, our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Never take up arms against us. Never allow the government to bring about an overthrow using Americans against Americans. Our country has been through that before, and we lost too many precious American lives by fighting each other at the behest of our government. NEVER AGAIN!! YOUR OATH AS AN OFFICER, WHEN BECOMING A PART OF ANY OFFICIAL LAW ENFORCEMENT WAS TO UPHOLD AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION. 
     So where do we go from here folks? Are you going to be happy to allow the status quo to exist or do we take back America? Not a piece of a time, all of it, including our southern border. No government official, including the president, has the authority to surrender our sovereign territory, especially by using politically correct words such as legal immigrants, dissidents or political refugees. Utter rubbish and the acts of criminals in office. We can't wait for 2016. By then the damage will be too great and take quite possible decades to repair. It' time elected politician's tails were held to the fire. It's up to you, and all of us. Together we are unstoppable, divided we are conquerable. Are we to be a conquered people, or the rulers of our great nation by the rule of law, the law called the Constitution? What say you?
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