Monday, July 7, 2014


     I had a follower on Twitter make what I thought was an interesting observation. They stated that our vote doesn't really count, that the government is going to do whatever the government wants to do. Interesting, but a pacifistic ideology. Take the story from the Bible about the children of Israel in Egypt. Generations of Israelis died in captivity as slaves. Of course, as the Bible goes, they, the Israelis, got what they deserved for angering God. Why did generations of Israelis die in slavery? From all accounts, they were equal if not greater in number than their captors. Why fight back? Pacifism. Don't rock the boat or mess with the status quo! Heaven forbid you employ the concept of free will! The Egyptians are going to do what the Egyptians are going to do. Free will is precious and is worth dying for to either protect it or die trying. Pacifism. Once they (the bully) has you believing it, they've got you. Right now the Bully Pulpit is wherever a politician is standing. Just because they hold a particular office, do we kowtow to them and just follow like whipped puppies? Oh hell no! It was our vote that put them there and damn it, they need to know it's our vote that's going to kick their butt out as well! Screw pacifism and those who live it!
     Scream it on the phone to your Representative of whatever office they are in, that enjoy your term a**hole, because it is going to be your last. Start a take down drive (the opposite of a vote for drive) and let this person's constituents know the crap their darling rep is doing! We are from a bloodline of warriors. The Regulars would never have won our freedom from England if it had not been for the Militias! Common folk, with an idea of freedom and what it meant to them! It meant so much, they laid down their lives so others would live in it! If you want to rile me up (and I'm just referring to those who read my Blogs), have a ho hum attitude about changing our government from the bully pulpit and school yard bully attitude swagger and kick the crap out of them, to the point that when they are voted out of office, the ire and disgust they feel from the people they screwed over is too much for them to bear and they feel a very urgent need to move! Quit feeling underpowered people! Do a take down drive and put someone else in the office, but remind them they will need to do the job or another take down drive will occur! Take them down, and continue to dismantle this Socialist wanna be government and put America back on track. Pacifism...what a cop out!
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