Wednesday, July 30, 2014


     At what point did we authorize our elected officials to speak out against Israel? Nancy Pelosi stated she is in contact and has contacts in Qattara who keep her apprised of the situation. Uh...What? Does Qattara want Israel to exist? Penelopi Cruz and Madonna have come out on behalf of the Palestinians and Hamas wanting Israel to stop killing the children. Yeah, they're two people I would believe have their fingers on the true pulse of what is really happening in their own backyard let alone the world. Liberal Hollywood people just trying to remain relevant.
     Now let's take on Hillary Clinton. A week ago she was one of those stating Israel had the right to defend itself and that Hamas placed their weapons in populated areas, so in other words, collateral damage is going to occur. On 7/28/2014, she changed her perception. Yes, Hamas placed their weapons in populated areas, but Gaza is so small and tightly populated that they really don't have anywhere else to put their weapons. Oh, boohoo. B.S., working toward raising money for the Democrat war chest.
     No one liberal or Democrat wants to do anything in this country, let alone the world! Lets make a new list for the Lib-nuts and Democrat idiots:
1.) For those of old enough to remember the four students protestors gunned down in Ohio at Kent State University, which sparked the song by Neil Young, "Four dead in Ohio!" Have you heard anyone penning a song about, "Four dead in Benghazi!"? Not P.C.! The lib-nuts and Democrat idiots want this to fade away!
2.) The IRS Scandal. Just when the investigative committee is making headway towards making arrests, the Democrats feed just a little bit more info to throw the committee off track.
3.) NSA...uh, are they still out of control? Who knows (because Snowden is still in Russia so there is no way for us to find out).
4.) Obamacare...I just don't want or have time to type enough to cover the monster that even Godzilla or King Kong may not have a chance against.
5.) Obama and family have spent over $44,000,000 in taxpayer money to vacation in 6 year and now here they go again, so get out the calculators.
6.) Michelle knows how to feed our children healthy foods while they eat high on the hog. Oh and she is going to take our guns away...we each are responsible for the decisions we make, good or bad, but please Michelle, leave that issue alone. D.C. residents may now own guns and soon they will have right to carry. You're on the losing side, Chelly.
7.) The Mexican U.S. Border. Obama plans on using the pen and paper (obviously hasn't figured out how to use a laptop and hit "print") to use Executive Order to resolve what Congress won't. Well, Baracky old boy, no matter what Congress does, your ass kissing Harry Reid will stop. As long as the Republicans/Tea Party/Independents don't control both house, well, Baracky's pen will continue to lose ink.
8.) Middle-East, ISIS, The Brotherhood (thinks someone is talking about the brothers from the hood), and Hamas and Israel and having a fireworks show day and night (while the Obamas, Lib-Nuts, and Democrats go...ooh aah) is now becoming Israel's fault. Okay, Baracky, you and the Lib-Nuts, and your Democrat buddies fly into Gaza and watch the fireworks from ground zero! I bet you wouldn't be oohing and aahing. You would be asking Hamas, "Are you all nuts?"
9.) Baracky, if you're looking for your balls, Putin had your balls and scrotum ( I apologize for the language, I really do) bronzed and are hanging from his trailer hitch on his Chevy Pickup. Watching you, Baracky and your Lib-Nuts and Democrat buddies, must be like Putin going to a Barnum-Bailey Circus and watch all the clowns stuffed in the little car going round and round. You are that much of a clown and joke to the world. Sorry, Baracky, but you, Pelosi, Reid and George Soros have yourselves to blame.
10.) Instead of readying our military and the might that the U.S. Military carries, Obama has weakened it to where we aren't ready to deal with ISIS, who now cuts off the heads of babies, children and even cut a 5 year old boy in half. In the past, we would have crushed ISIS, but Obama's plan of placing people in certain positions is paying off for him and his Muslim butchers. Yes, it is time for Militias to rise up and take our country back. We can no longer sit by and allow Obama to bring ISIS to our shores so they can start beheading Americans. See, for those of you who are hiding your eyes hoping all this goes away, ISIS doesn't use a broad ax or sword to cut off the head. They use knives to slowly, yet methodically cut off the person's head while they scream. Better uncover your eyes and see what they're going to be doing to your children as well! How are you going to react when ISIS butchers grab your babies and children and start cutting off their heads? Too late then! Now, Now Now!   
     Baracky, Reid, Pelosi, Joe Biden, and George Soros please resign and give up your U.S. Citizenship, and move out to an island where you all can play by your stupid, ignorant and insane rules. I hear Belize has available homes. Please go!
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