Sunday, August 3, 2014


     Today, Sunday August 3, 2014, I have been informed that I am a Nazi - Zionist - Baby Killer. I have also been informed that true Jews hate Zionists. Well, seeing I am a Christian, I was unsure as how to react to that, other than to block those on Twitter who were trashing me (and telling me to do things to myself that is anatomically impossible). The originator of the Tweet I reported to Twitter for the hateful and angry threatening nature of the Tweet. I thought it would end there, but later when I logged back onto Twitter, I found that these people can subvert a block by using others to directly tweet to you allowing them and their associates to spew their ignorant and voice a vocabulary of a ten year old. Then I thought, "Am I truly a Nazi - Zionist - baby killer and do true Jews really hate me?"

The definition of Zionist is as follows:  Zionists believe that the Jews are a people and deserve a country of their own. Zionists believe in Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people. Zionism is not against anyone and it is not racist. Zionism implements the right of self determination of the Jewish people.

     Okay now, wait a minute! If true Jews hate Zionists, wouldn't that be Jews hating themselves and those who champion them, and how does Nazism and Zionism run hand in hand? It can't, unless Common Core teaches history different than what true history is. If I remember correctly, Nazism, with none other than Adolf Hitler (who by no accounts believed in the Jewish God or Christ) as the leader, worked to commit genocide of the Jewish people. Now, if I am to believe those who are not being very nice to me, that would prove that the Jewish people liked the Nazis so much, they begged the Nazis to exterminate them. Hmm. I'm confused. If the Jews wanted Hitler and the Nazis to exterminate them, why the concentration camps? I would imagine that if their version of events were true, the Jewish people would be fighting to get in line for the firing squad, begging to be in the next shower gassing, begging to have their gold teeth yanked out, throwing their babies and children at the Nazis to allow their children to be killed, and last but not least, begging to be the next person to be thrown in the furnaces. Now if that is what you believe, your view of true history is completely warped. True Jews do not hate Zionists, because they would hate themselves and those who are their supporters.
     The conclusion I draw from this is how unlearned, ignorant completely warped some people have become. If you want to hate me because I am a Christian, hate away. People who hate are all the same. Their intent is to hate something, someone, or a people, is warped by lack of common sense and self worth, not to mention a need to feel superior, even if it means twisting the truth or actual understanding of events or words.
     The need to hate is evil. It is a cry for self importance and is a tactic of subversive terrorism. The way to defeat hate is to educate the ignorant. Even then, if they are society outcasts or have separated themselves because they don't fit in with their peers and are looking for something or someone who will gladly take them into their group, and then the brainwashing and hating begins. Hating is not victimless. Society is their victims. Their new-found sense of superiority and the brainwashed dogma they now believe can make them act out in a way that propagates violence and murder. All which breeds more violence and hate.
     If you feel the need to hate me, which I don't know why anyone would because I'm really a nice outgoing and friendly person who believes you can never have too many friends, but if you have one enemy, you have one enemy too many. So please, before you start spewing hate at me or about me, read up on what you are going to call me so you'll have armed yourself with an actual vocabulary of truth, instead of nonsense. Let me make this perfectly clear, I do not hate Zionists or Jews. I am not a baby killer, however I do despise everything Nazism stands for. The truth shall set you free.      
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