Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I am a southerner and I don't hear that type of racist tripe! Yes, there is a stereotype in America of young black men, but where we live, for the most part, bigoted hate is for a small majority, not the statement of the majority.
     St. Louis is a heavily black populated area, I should know because I lived 90 miles outside of St. Louis and loved going into St. Louis, and did so without fear. East St. Louis has always been a problem area, but that is not the cops fault, rather a deterioration caused by drugs flowing and illegal activity resulting in the good citizens of East St. Louis to live in fear. I know about East St. Louis because I used to drive a delivery truck through there and couldn't afford to stop for any reason because of those who would jump on the back of your truck, trying to steal what was inside. That's not racism, that is criminal activity.
     What is happening in Ferguson is fear caused by inciters attempting to make Americans, (all Americans, not just black Americans) see things through an out of focus optic. A possible crime has been committed in Ferguson. Why do I say possible? Because we are a country of laws that dictates all persons are innocent until proven guilty. With the evidence presented so far, I will admit, it is not favorable for the officer. Still, street justice, or hate crimes are what the marching by those who wanted racial equality and endured the beatings, the attack dogs, rocks, bombs, and, hangings, did so for a larger dream. One that when any injustice occurs in America, we band together and allow justice to follow its course. We don't intimidate the law by creating violence. If intimidating the law is the what we choose, then the law of the jungle rules and our Republic falls.

     Democrats tried to keep blacks enslaved by fighting with all their might to prevent the 13th Amendment from passing. Then later, in 1866, backed by those who wanted to fight Reconstruction and Rights of the Blacks, the Democratic Party again tried to beat back the progression of America by using FEAR, INTIMIDATION, MURDERS ( of both blacks and whites), to further their agenda of keeping blacks away from living the dream, that their forefathers and a very adamant Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party wanted them to have.
     I have said all of that to say this: Who is fanning the flames of racial unrest in our country. A few bad cops can't do this on their own. What would be the reason for politicians calling everyone who disagrees with their agenda; racists? Who had the Panthers at the voting stations when they were elected? Was it a Republican they were assisting? No. Again the Democratic party intends to enslave the black population by making black unemployment jump, propping up an economic vacuum that creates a need for...tada...more food stamps, welfare and government subsidies. It's not hard to see the correlation between what is occurring now and the slavery of before. Make the people unable to provide for themselves and you become their own source of survival, you have created slavery again. Instead of the government, say, "Yassuh, Mastuh". Extreme? Nope.
     Remember one thing, there were black slave masters along with the white ones. So who fought to keep you enslaved? Who kept you in a state of unrest and fear? The same people who are enslaving you now...the same good old Democratic Party. They are by no means your friend. Feel you've been used? Yep, keep rioting, keep screaming racism while your "Mastuh" keeps playing golf. 
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