Sunday, August 17, 2014


     Friday night, my wife an I were asleep, when I was awakened at around 4:30 am,  to see the glow of red taillights of our bedroom windows, and hearing the sound of an idling vehicle, the sound of the motor all too familiar. That's when I heard the sound of a box being drug across my carport. I dressed as quickly as I could and ran outside with my knife, ready to confront the thieves. By the time I got outside, they were gone. Taking inventory of the items on my porch, nothing of importance was taken...still, theft is theft (and I'll go into detail as to why, further into the Blog). Of course by then my wife was at the backdoor begging me to come in. Her pleas fell on deaf ears as I told her to close and lock the door. I'm 58 years old, have fought enough fights, one almost, well let's just say one almost went too far, and even though the person deserved whatever he got, when common sense kicked in to keep me from going too far. I don't say this to brag, by no means is it something to be proud of, but it is also in my character that I don't take crap from anyone, nor do I expect them to take crap from me.
     My wife and I finally dozed off, when it happened again, but this time I was ready. I never got undressed and out the door I went. The perpetrators heard me open the door and were gone in an instant. I jumped in my car and followed them to a building they and others have either bought or rented. The vehicle was sitting in front of the building, empty of passengers. I pointed my vehicle towards the building and put on my bright lights. I looked through the doors and what I saw was likely stolen objects from all over our neighborhood and others. I yelled at the door, "I know who you are and don't come back!" I then drove slowly through the perpetrator's neighborhood, also sending a message that I know where they live. It's a shame to have to do this, because our neighborhood, once a peaceful one, now all too often is in an upheaval when 6 or 7 Sheriff's cars fly into the neighborhood, breaking in doors to make drug arrests. We've even had the DEA and U.S. Marshall's officers invade the neighborhood, looking for high profile drug dealers. One drive by shooting has occurred as well!
     No, I don't live in Chicago, New York City, Atlanta and other high crime cities because of gangs and drugs, I live in what was once a great fairly rural area. Now, the crime has entered an area I would never have dreamed would occur in my town, no way. Knowing the South, it won't be tolerated long until the drug dealers face the wrath of good southern people, being damned if they will allow this to continue.
     I am going to preface the rest of my Blog with this statement: I know good Latino families. Good family mom and dads, with good children. Just a part of our neighbors who would be at our neighborhood block parties, backyard cookouts and treated just as one of us, no race, ethnicity or homeland considered. Just friends you wave at, pickup their kids for school or sporting activities. Then there is the flip side, Obama's buddies from south of the border, who are illegal aliens, and since they can't come forward because of being here illegal and work for anyone who verifies their right to work, crime is what they commit. This is the goal of a bastard president, who yeah, will have Secret Service to follow and protect his family 24/7 even after he leaves office (which I wish would be on 8/18/2014), but the rest of us are left to guard our belongings, families and lives, by having to be violent in return. Yes Obama, you've put the American public in danger because you don't have the balls or guts to confront anything but a press corps who are not allowed to ask questions, out on the golf course surrounded again by Secret Service and your golfing buddies, while we are becoming surrounded by hardened criminals, who will turn our streets into war zones and bring out the Patriots of America, to drive it into hiding or destroying it all together.
     See Obama, you and your gun control son of a bitches buddies don't want Americans armed, but do you be the members of the drug cartels that have come across the border, the extremely dangerous MS-13 gang members are going to be unarmed? Hell no! They will have fully auto hand guns, rifles and explosives. But then again, that's what you want. Chaos in our streets for Martial Law (or Rule) to be enacted. We've already seen the beginning of what is to come in Missouri by Police officers looking Militant. Yeah, we know about the vehicles that Homeland Security is infiltrating the paramilitary (Police Departments), to make them even more powerful against an American public. You want to beat down Americans, yet allow the Cartels, Gangs from south of the border, terrorists and all other evil flow freely into our country, and your answer? Let's give them amnesty instead of driving them back out of our country. You are damned wimp of a president, and a freaking evil person, you and that evil wife of yours. What you are is not because of your color, it's just you, Michelle, Eric Holder, George Soros and the rest of your gang are filled with enough evil that makes ISIS look tame. The Constitution was written to protect us from your kind, and is still, as you and your Democrats, SCOTUS, Lib-bastards, and the evil that follows you love to say, "It's the law of the land". Yes it is, and all that it states.
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