Friday, November 11, 2016


     All this crap going on after the election is wrong, totally unacceptable, and should be dealt with swift and complete as criminal behaviour. All involved should be arrested, charged and if convicted, see the world moving on while they hold onto the bars of a prison cell!
      And they say Trump is the bigot and racist? If this continues, there is going to be a lot of dead people in the streets. We, as Americans, will not allow this country to fall into anarchy because of an election. These are street thugs who did this to that man. They are the racists and bigots. No true Trump supporter would be painting swaztikas anywhere. That was not and never was his message, nor is it now.
This country is being incited to violence by the same people who incited riots from peaceful protests over the allegedly race motivated shootings of blacks. They are there to turn something positive (people exercising their First Amendment Right to peacefully protest) into something ugly. By doing so, the true message gets lost, nor are people any longer willing to listen to their cause! This goes for blacks viciously beating and innocent white man, as well as the fringe racist white elements. They DO NOT speak for America. They speak to ignorance and hate.
      Donald Trump won the election. Plain and simple. I voted twice to keep Obama out of the White House, not because he is black, but because of the Socialist agenda he represented. I am all for whoever is qualified, and has America's best interest at heart to serve as our Commander in Chief. White, black, female. Doesn't matter.
      When Obama won, disappointed and afraid of what he would do to our country, yes. However, the next day after the election, I put my big boy pants on, dusted off my disappointment and lived to keep going. I didn't spout hate at anyone who supported Obama. I didn't beat those whose vote put him in the White House, nor did I march in protests or damaged property or harmed anyone. See, I come from a generation that understands what living in a Republic means. What Democracy holds for each of us, and that every four years a new election would be held. I voiced my hopes with my vote. When I didn't see the election go my way, four years I would try again. That's how it works. Violence and hate will not change the fact that Donald Trump is our next president. But it will get you a criminal, felony conviction that you will deal with for the rest of your life. Put on your big boy pants America, and move on!
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