Friday, November 18, 2016


     Let me preface this Blog with the following statement: I am a died in the wool believer in The First Amendment and every American's Right to the Freedom of Speech. As long as you are not using it to push an agenda of hate, violence or the attempt to use your Right to suppress those same Rights of another or others, I will stand by you and defend your Right to speak freely, even if I don't agree with you. I voted for Donald Trump and am looking forward to the change he will bring. With that being said, I fully stand behind those who exercise their Right to peacefully protest against him. That is what so many fought and died to give us, and we should honor them by remembering what they fought for.

     The sight of outright violence, destruction of property, personal attacks whether verbally or physically is not Freedom of Speech, that's criminal behaviour which is not what our forefathers fought and died for. The only freedom that those people should get is free housing and 3 hots a day for the duration of their prison time. That's called justice. Everyone who is a citizen of our country, or is in the legal process of becoming an American should and needs to understand the difference.

     It took decades of work, but our new country became a country of laws and rules for us to live by. We are a country of laws that dictates that no one, not even the government is above the law. So where does that leave us in today's day and time? Well, Freedom of Speech has been perverted to where it's no longer recognizable. Opinions of others are shouted down instead of being discussed. We no longer can sit down, openly discuss issues without being called racists, homophobes, rapists and who knows what new insult they'll throw next. Those pulling the strings behind the scene love to push us hard against the wall, making us believe we are a threat to each other because our opinions and beliefs differ. I know people who are atheists (myself being a Christian), yet we aren't in each others face insulting with abusive language. Lively conversations? Sure! But that's okay. We still respect each other, even in disagreement. That's how it was envisioned when The First Amendment was penned. In today's society, if you disagree, you're beaten, kicked, screamed at and of course, don't forget the abusive name calling. How did we ever come to this? It's called Programmed divisiveness. No you won't find that in a Psychological and Psychiatrist's book or thesis. It's one I penned up.

     Programmed Divisiveness is the same as what Hitler used, as well as every despot throughout history to make one group hate another, using propaganda, lies and twisted truth. Twisted truth sounds so realistic, you're fooled into believing it, that is unless you are a free thinker. If you're a free thinker, you're a danger to the Programmed Divisiveness agenda. That is why free thinkers disappear in Communist, Socialist and oppressive regimes. They can't control a free thinker. They see through the mist and fog of lies. That's a good thing, but many a free thinker has paid with their life for being one. So, see how blessed we are? Yet, we're tipping towards the cliff of eliminating free thought by listening and succumbing to the Programmed Divisiveness agenda.

     It's not just the ALT Left crazies. The ALT Right crazies are just as bad. I saw a picture of a Confederate Flag next to a Trump sign at some type of rally. Here's where common sense needs to kick in. That flag should have been removed, then after the rally, returned to the owner. Again, the Confederate Flag is covered under Freedom of Speech. 359,528 Americans died defending their Right to it, and what they believed in. I know what the flag stands for. Most will say they fly it to remember the past and a way of life that should never have taken away. Of course that way of life included slavery, which was never right nor should it ever be allowed to raise its ugly head ever again. To have it at the Trump rally was a slap in the face, not just to those who are offended by it, but to what Donald Trump and his message stands for. That's a political statement, though it will never disappear completely, should have been condemned then and there. However, to follow The First Amendment, it is their right to fly the Stars and Bars and I will stand behind them, defending that right. Shocked? You shouldn't be. Differences of opinions, views and thoughts are to be defended. If not, let's do away with the First Amendment and just be silent. That's not how it works. 

     Still, that's where the title of this Blog came to be. I can feel strongly about about my convictions, but if I use common sense, I will know how to use my Right to free speech. I can hold true to my belief system, and encourage a dialogue without creating a mob scene. Listen America, if we don't start learning how to talk to each other instead of talking over each other, screaming and lobbing insults, a lot of people died for nothing. Find that balancing point is a fine art, but it allows us to understand our differences and learn how to be neighbors instead of hated enemies. The balance is sometimes a razors edge, but it can and has been accomplished. So, how about it America? Want to try to find the balancing point again?
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