Wednesday, May 7, 2014


     I've been digging post holes for 6 foot long 4x4's and dug the holes 32" deep and 18" in diameter. Doing it old style as well, a long heavy iron rod to break the rock and a post hole digger to do the hole. It is hard work, but I have some pounds to lose and strength to rebuild!
     Haven't seen to much of the news coverage today, except for the video of the kid coming out of the wheel well of the plane, and of course the usual whining of the Democrats and the liberals defending their position of not showing up for the new Benghazi committee. Wah! No tears flowing for the pathetic Obama ass kissers. I wish I had found out what the name of the Congressmen or Senator was who was stating that the Republicans were using this for political reasons and not caring about the four lives lost. Uh...excuse me? Have I woke up in a backward alternate dimension? The Democrats are saying the Republicans don't care about the four lost lives? Talk about quite possibly the biggest spin of them all! I almost feinted when he said that!
     I don't have time for a full blown political blog tonight but there is one thing I know that Democratic and liberal airheads seem to lack the gray matter to understand, the Republicans are not looking for a truth, defined in my own Terry's Book of Spin Definitions as: A Truth is is a perception that sounds reasonable, believable and spinable but lacks the substance of TRUTH! The Republicans as well as the families of the four dead Americans want THE TRUTH!!  All dictionaries will agree that the word truth is the events as they actually occurred, words as they were literally spoken, actions that assuredly took place. Any event, word or action that is omitted or added makes it a truth, designed to deceive, hide or bastardize the truth for personal gain. So you, America, must determine if what the White House, Democrats and their liberal cronies and media are spewing is truth or a truth. I learned a long time ago, the truth never lies, only a lie does that and the people who speak them.  
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