Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Blog Is Transforming

     I originally started my Blog to promote the books I write. Yes, I am still writing, but it seems that I have taken a political twist. That's okay in and of itself. Sometimes novels are not the only thing an author can write. I am transforming into a small time political column writer ( a piss poor one, I am sure!). Yes, I lean conservative, but leaning does not mean I peg heavy right. The one thing I will never do is vote against the American will, tenacity and spirit. While others stomp on the flag in a video, you hear of a trash collector who patriotically pulls the flag out of trash cans. Every act of Patriotism gives me hope.
     America is the melting pot of every ethnicity, and like a beautifully prepared soup, when all the ingredients simmer, you may occasionally taste a hint of celery, onion, or other element of the soup, but it takes all those incredible ingredients to bring that haunting flavor you just cannot get enough of.
    That's what makes American the greatest nation in the world. Yes, we need to remember our history and where our ancestors came from. It is because of their hardships and sacrifices, we live in this great country! Don't use our differences to divide us. That's what Russia, China, North Korea and the Middle East (other than Israel) are watching us accomplish. Liberals, Democrats, Republicans and the Tea Party think all believe they're right and want things their way. Once again, we are acting like spoiled children, not American adults. Damn it, we all make mistakes, and for the most part it's an honest one. Admitting it, correcting it and moving forward is all we ask. That's not how it is done in Washington. Hide, lie, blame, lower the rhetoric to racism to create division and hide behind their agendas. Do not be transparent and honest with the people. Protect the Party no matter how it effects our country and of course, heaven forbid if they care how it affects us.
     Benghazi, AHCA, the IRS, the NSA and on and on. Jay Carney needs to hand out speaking points to each of the White House reporters and list the scandals, each one followed by his answer, "Um... the Republicans are witch hunting, Fox News is reporting lies, that's not what the talking point said. Now everything else is spin baby spin!" It would save him from having to openly lie to protect the administration.
     To believe we are sentient beings with the ability to reason and maybe, just maybe, the idea of even having a Constitution, is far fetched. Hillary Clinton may believe that she can smile her way past, "What difference does it make!" and Nancy Pelosi believes we should be talking about something else, however I believe Hillary is politically tattooed with those fiver words and Nancy Pelosi...well...does anyone even care? Of course, none of the four Americans were related to Mrs. Clinton or Mrs. Pelosi or voted for them, so why care?
     As Americans, we need to wipe the shame off of our faces and restore our economic, military and world dominance or face being a Chinese Communist nation, with Russia and North Korea shipping us to their countries to be slave labor for them. Get some balls Washington! We have never been wimps and we are damn tired of being seen as wimps now!
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