Saturday, May 31, 2014


     Later on this evening I will be posting another political Blog concerning The Second Amendment: Fact and Fiction. I have been researching the Second Amendment and have found some serious grievances concerning the application and enforcement of it. One thing is for certain, just as the Supreme Court has declared Obama Care as the law of the land, so have they declared the Second Amendment, defeating numerous challenges to it. Obama, Eric Holder and the Department of Justice are now in a position of circumventing the Second Amendment, thereby placing themselves in a position of being arrested, charged with fraud and treason, and they are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg! It should be very interesting and eyeopening! I hope my research is completed by this evening. If not, I will write the post tomorrow. Until then, dit au revoir!

Friday, May 30, 2014


     Let me preface this with a statement I mean in no way to disrespect to either General Shinseki or Jay Carney. The General in no way has dishonored his service, having a prosthetic himself from being injured while serving in our military. General Shinseki was probably great in the field of battle, however he was in over his head when dealing with the Washington politics and heavy load that the massive VA carries.
     Jay Carney, like him or not, worked a thankless job, with most times a partial grin on his face. The other times, I fully believe Jay knew he was having to spin (which is a Washington term for covering a lie) something he knew to be different than what was true. I saw Jay become emotional when Obama spoke at the news briefing today. There's no doubt that Jay is probably a very nice person who got caught up and worn down by an administration that really put him through the wringer. Jay faced hard questions daily and you could see the frustration in his expression when he knew the press corps didn't buy what he was saying, however, he is leaving a team player, good or bad. For Jay it is probably a day of mixed emotion. You can't blame him.
     I will now do something I rarely have the opportunity to do, I want to give kudos to the Democrats who immediately cried foul over the VA scandal, siding with their Republicans counterparts with fury, infuriated that Veterans were being treated in this fashion. Republicans and Democrats proved that to unite Washington politicians: Try harming our Vets, and rightly so! There is no excuse, none that will stick or pass the muster test, for the atrocities that our Vets and their families have had to endure. Don't even try! As the son of both parents being  Korean War Air Force Vets, I know the importance the VA played when it came to their health. When my father was dying from cancer, the VA hospital in Johnson City, TN is a hospital that proved to be a shining light among all of the scandals. The James H. Quillen VA hospital not only made the patient feel special, but worked hard to make the family as informed, educated and comfortable, above and beyond what is expected, and I always say a heartfelt, "Thank you!" to them. My mother, being a nurse in the Air Force during the Korean War, receives the top of the line care and service as well.
     What we are seeing today is just the beginning of a crumbling house of cards that Obama built. Obama has now felt a small amount of the heat, wrath and pressure, that the American public can bring to bear on Washington. Whether Jay or General Shinseki left on their own or as an administration decision, it is the tip of the iceberg. Obama can no longer circumlocute the American people. More of those who have been a buffer between Obama and the American populace are going to come to the realization that their future employment and careers will be pockmarked and overshadowed by their association with Obama, and that in and of itself, could, and will quite possibly be a game changer for future employment. As more of his circle jumps ship, it will finally expose Obama to be the weak, left wing, Democratic community organizer that we, who used common sense, knew him to be!
     I heard a news commentator state that Obama has never operated or managed a business, so he did not know to make the hard choices when it came to what every manager has to do daily. As a former foreman,  manager, and shift superintendent, I realized early in my career make everyone accountable for their assigned duties and should they fail due to so for reasons other than the need of more training, machine down time or supply issues, they knew I would be making that hard decision by disciplining up to and including termination of employment. Being in management in the meat packing/kill floor industry, the automotive industry as well as managing a sleep disorder lab and call center for a total management experience of 28 years, I've trained my employees to do their jobs, what I expected of them and the consequences of failing to meet my expectations. Some may say that is harsh, however, inside that type of structured environment, my employees grew to be a self reliant, goal oriented crew, who took so much pride in their jobs, making it rare for me to make those hard decisions.
     I learned my managing technique from reading a book written by a woman who worked in the textile industry for 40 years: The Super Supervisor by Mildred Ramsey. Employees want to know where they stand and how to maintain a positive workplace, which all benefited from, to the point they started holding each other accountable to ensure the days work was met and met with the production, quality, and pride that was reflected in their being known as the best crew in their departments and shifts. Employees flourish in a work environment where accountability is expected. Laziness, poor attendance, and inability to meet production standards creates a quickly unemployed worker.
     If a lowly manager as myself can make it work, why can't Obama? HE HAS NO EXPERIENCE! If he worked for me, he would have been fired within the first two months of employment. Sorry, but my expectations are reasonable, but firm. Did Obama take responsibility that since he has been in office for 5 years plus, he has failed to properly correct the VA problems? NO! Again he went back to it being the previous administration and he inherited it. In 5 years, YOU, Obama want to put it back to Bush again? When do you start saying, "You know, I inherited it, but working with both Congress, The Senate and those overseeing the VA, we have been able to right the ship and our Veterans are now being taken care of by a loving country who has not forgotten them." Nope, the blame game. You failed to address it and correct it! You are a completely transparent imbecile, Barrack.
     All the vacations and playing around you, Barrack Obama have done, has brought the big, proud, America into the position of being seen as a weak nation with antagonistic nations and countries looking as to how they can not only benefit from it, but how they can may us pay the price for letting down the high standards as a military powerhouse that demanded respect and fear. In a letter written in 1900 by Teddy Roosevelt, he made the statement "Walk softly but carry a big stick" That statement doesn't mean we are the bully of the world, rather, we will be there to help you if you have needs, but we'll also kick the crap out of you if that's the route you want to go! China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and other countries laugh at what America has become. Sorry for the next statement but America has become a bunch of whining, self absorbed, atheistic, and sissified nation. Those men and women, who before us, and those who now stand on that wall, have the backbone all Americans should have!
     We've lost our identity to those who hate democracy and would see us become either a socialist or communist nation. They hate the Constitution. The Second Amendment is a thorn in their side because they believe they have the right to tell others that they have no right to own guns, even if it is a guaranteed right. People of little intelligence live and breath by what Hollywood states as reality. Bullshit. They have a platform based upon a fan base that worships them as gods when they are nothing but narcissistic, self adoring phonies. I refuse to watch a movie that has Danny Glover, Sean Penn and George Clooney in it. Traitors to the American way! I don't miss them, therefore they have no platform with me!
     The Pledge of Allegiance, prayer to the God who told Moses to tell the Egyptians that, "I Am has sent thee!", the American Flag, the Bible and now our food has been shunned and no longer allowed because it may offend someone. Damn it people, offend them! Who in the hell are they to tell us what we can and cannot do? LET ME MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR TO ALL YOU P.C. BASTARDS, WHERE MY NOSE BEGINS YOUR RIGHTS END. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IT, TEST ME. YOU WON'T LIKE THE RESULT, I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT!  That's backbone folks! Stiffen yours and fight back against the tide of those whose voice is just a whimper compared to those of us who still have our American values! If you don't like the Pledge, Prayer, God, The American Flag, or our food choices, suck it up. You have the right to your beliefs (see, our country even allows you that), but you do not and never will have the right to enforce your will on me! Save your breath and efforts. It won't work and I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! I PROMISE I WILL NOT FORCE MY BELIEFS ON YOU! Live and let live, but keep your beliefs out of my way, because I will mow you down. Backbone folks, BACKBONE!  


Monday, May 26, 2014


Bastardized Flag
Bad Flag - Left  / Good Flag - Right

     Let me play the devil's advocate for a moment. First off, this is not a wild conspiracy theory, and I haven't just downed a fifth of Jack Daniels. The more I read up on Martial Law or what is actually considered Martial Rule the more I see what could be an agenda possible forming. Hmm...Checking facts with the Snopes website, the Social Security Administration did in fact order 174,000 round of hollow point .357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed pistol ammunition. Now this is supposedly set aside for armed agents in the field. Okay, the odds are minute but I suppose possible, that SSA agents in the field at some point may run into an irate tax payer. But, why .357 pistols? Hollow points are designed to spread larger upon impact, to destroy organs and cause major and devastating damage to anyone hit by those bullets. Have you ever fired a .357? Fire a .357, then fire a 9mm pistol. That .357 is going to buck like a rodeo bull in comparison to the 9mm. Police offices carry a 9mm. Why does the SSA agents need such firepower?
     Next, let's deal with the rumor that the Feds have ordered millions of rounds of ammunition. Actually the contract was for hundreds of millions of various types of ammunition. It is reported that Homeland Security and other Federal agencies purportedly use 15 millions rounds of ammunition per year for training and range shooting. According to Snopes, one contract was for 750 million rounds of ammunition to be supplied over a 5 year period. Okay, let's use regular math, not the Common Core crap their trying to brainwash our kids with. 5 X 15 = 75. So, over the next 5 years, they would use 75 million rounds for training and target practice. Okay, now using regular math again, 750 - 75 = 675. That's 675 million rounds unaccounted for. There's a term for that, it's called stockpiling. Now remember, this is one of the contracts. The rest of the 1.6 billion rounds (yes I said 'BILLION') would also be purchased for the Customs and Immigration Service over the next 5 years. I wasn't aware of Customs and Immigration Services being at war! Now wait a minute! Our borders are so open to the passage of Illegal Aliens, how many shots are fired by our Immigration Service? Again, this is called 'stockpiling'!
     According to to then head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, the numbers were exaggerated and were not to be a one time massive purchase, but spread over 5 years, saving the government a supposed 80% cost on this type of purchase. (Remember, with this administration you have to take their word for it, and we all know how that works with the Obama Administration). The resulting effect of the governments massive ammunition purchase was the creation of shortages of certain types of ammo, some from public panic over what our government was purchasing, but mostly due to ammunition manufacturers inability to meet both government and public demand. According to Napolitano, the ammunition was for all Federal agencies, not just Homeland Security. Okay, Janet, why the stockpiling of ammo?
     Let's move on to the next issue. The rumors were that Homeland Security had purchased 2,700 tanks for use in the U.S. The correct purchase was for upgraded chassis to M.R.A.P. or Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles and the request was made at the behest of the Marine Corps System Command, for a contractor to perform the work on vehicles returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Still the question remains, where are they and what are they to be used for? If they are redeployed to protect our soldiers then I'm all for it. If they remain on American soil, why and what for? Here comes another question of 'what if'. What if they are a part of a larger picture, one to control the populace in an uprising or chaotic situation? Oops, now we're getting into Martial Law or Martial Rule.
     A president may only serve two terms, unless during his second term the country is under martial law, then the Constitution can be ignored while said president works to restore Civil Obedience. Don't believe me? Check it out. If I am wrong, please let me know. Now, the other issue you need to watch for is the dreaded gold or yellow fringe around 3 sides of the American flag. If you walk into a court room and the fringe is around the American flag, you have just entered a foreign soil and are under the rules and decisions, not based on law or the Constitution, but rather whatever that judge would decide he or she wants to do with you. Yep, your Constitutional rights drop off at the door to that courtroom. Have your attorney go into the courtroom first and verify the flag is free of the fringes and tassels before you go in. Now the judge may be ignorant of the flags add-ons and what they mean, but now you know! Watch all (state and American flags as well a foreign country flags) for the gold/yellow fringe. It is a sign of a non-country, not constrained by the Constitution. If the flag has gold/yellow tassels, it indicates Admiralty Rule, and Bubba, we don't want to go there either!
     With all that said, as Obama's reign of terror and destruction nears its completion, make sure you tell your fellow Americans and militia to play happy, because Obama can use civil unrest, chaos and a number of military issues to declare martial law, setting himself up to be the tyrant and Czar we all know him to already be. You think I'm crazy? Ask yourself, of all the laws that Obama has broken by ignoring the Constitution, not solving, resolving, and disciplining those involved in scandals under his administration, and how the Congress has not punished him nor the Senate (of course as long as Harry Reid is at the helm of the Senate, he won't do anything to his buddy), and how the Department of Justice is a non-entity when it comes to any of the scandals, who is to stop him? Obama has already bastardized the American flag by changing it to remove the stars and use his emblem. His explanation is to show that we are neither red or blue states, just one nation. Say what? That eliminates the need for a  Congress and Senate, divided into Republican and Democrats by the vote of the American public, allowing the president to initiate both houses as he dictates. I'll finish by saying, when something or someone changes the norm, you better ask why and find out how to stop it! WHAT IF?

Sunday, May 25, 2014





Incompetent, Liar and Uncaring
Incompetent, Liar and Uncaring

A Hero in Mexico that needs to come home!

     For those of you who have read my previous Blogs, you know or have easily deduced that I am no fan of Obama, his administration and his inability to bring competent leaders to positions in his cabinet that are not just failures, but are as uncaring as Obama himself. First Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who early in her career (Watergate) was branded a liar and fired. Next we have John Kerry whose war record in Vietnam (especially concerning crossing into Cambodia's water, when he knew better), the earning of his medals and the suspicions surrounding them (Swift Boat) and then his anti-Vietnam remarks and statements. Hey, I am the first one to tell you that it was a bonehead, deadly and sorrowful decision to have Americans involved, but the fact that America involved itself, our soldiers served and died because of the decision, and then you have John Kerry awarded medals that immediately were brought under suspicion as to how and why he received them, not forgetting that his crew stated they had crossed the line and entered Cambodia waters at the direction of Kerry, doing so against orders and then lying about it. Yeah, Obama surrounds himself with the dregs.
     Let's fast forward to present day when we have U.S. Marine SGT. Andrew Tahmooressi jailed in Tijuana, Mexico, his only mistake was where to turn around and ended up in the wrong lane, and Mexico thumbing their nose at us, while they continue to hold our hero. Yeah, whoopee, you got UBL (Usama bin Laden), now we have one of young men, just across the border, and you can't send a team in to rescue him? See, this is where again I pull on my thinning gray hair. What in the hell is the matter with our determination and honor when it comes to our Vets? Hell, you leave them to die, while faking papers at our VA Hospitals (Thank God for the VA Hospital in Johnson City, TN that I can personally attest is a caring hospital, by the way they took care of my father and still takes care of my mother, both Korean War Vets).
     The Obama Administration is involved in arming Mexico drug cartels by their miserable failure in their Fast and Furious scandal, allowing drugs mules to continually cross our borders, allowing the flow of ILLEGAL ALIENS to cross into America and then pats them on the back and give them benefits that criminals should never receive. Remember, they are here illegally, hence they are criminals! The Obama Administration is fully aware that Mexico's military crosses onto American soil, armed and at times confronts our border patrol, and nothing is done about it! At what point do you grow a backbone and say, "Enough is enough!" and bring Mexico under control?
     We have a Afghanistan War Hero chained to a bed, seriously suffering from PTSD, and Obama, his administration, and John Kerry just twiddle their thumbs, sigh, and say, "Oh well. Mexico will do the right thing!" And pigs fly, you idiots! Send in a team of Rangers, Seals or ask for volunteers and you'll see our military line up in a line so long, you can't see the end of it. No? Because you refuse to act, you bunch of overpaid jackasses!
     This Memorial Day, as those of us understand the meaning of the day has nothing to do with cookouts and fireworks, one of our own will lay chained to a bed, while the country he served bravely allows an inept, pathetic and uncaring (to say the least) sits back and watches his mother cry and worry if her son about her son and will her government ever show up and flex its muscle and bring her son home. As much as I hurt for both her and her son, I'm not, in anyway confident our government actually cares. What a shame and disgrace.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


     Watching the news of the last two days (of course that includes today!), I feel like shaking my head back and forth and allow my lips to flop while  bubbbbbbbbbaaaaddddddaaaabbbbbaaaa comes out of my mouth. I'll tell you, that ain't a pretty sight (kind of slobbery as well!). If Sir Issac Newton were alive, he would have to agree that gravity no longer pulls objects towards the ground, instead gravity launches the objects into orbit. Einstein would have to retract his calculation that E=MC2. Copernicus and Galileo would have to restate their observation, that the universe is not heliocentered and reverse their statements and agree that the sun does orbit the earth. Why am I talking gibberish? Nothing is rational or makes sense any longer. Common Sense is just a pamphlet that Thomas Paine wrote to entreat readers to look at thing inside out and then believe it was right side out. I know I'm on a crazy tangent, but why not? The liberals and Democrats are asking us to view our country, government and their beliefs as being rational and sane. Right now I'm pulling on my already thin, gray hair trying my best to view the world from their eyes and I realize they're blind, evil and self absorbed, unwilling to yield to common sense or views that do not coincide with their diatribe of idiocy. 
     This is how dictators rise. They confuse the populace into loving them and believing they have the people's best interest at heart. Give them government funded healthcare, job security, enlarged government and by having your best interest at heart by convincing you to turn in your guns to the government, officially disarming the populace. (The point being, no militias to keep the government in check). The dictator surrounds him or herself with people who share the dictator's view (Eric (the racist) Holder, Susan (It was the video) Rice, Hillary (I lied in Watergate, and what does it matter) Clinton, the Vietnam traitor John Kerry, Jay (bobble head) Carney, Nancy (mummified) Pelosi, Harry (I'm just insane) Reid, and the rest of the Looney Tunes Characters. Here comes a big hint of a dictatorship on the rise; they replace the most knowledgeable and experienced military personnel with their own military leaders by forcing out the best into early retirement or discrediting them. That solves resistance to their, oh my here comes the word...AGENDA!
     I'm a firm believer a good president would look at the country as his family. A good parent always puts the needs of their children ahead of their own wants and needs. They plan for the future so their children will be able to achieve more than the parent was able to achieve. They supply for the wants and needs of their family better than then how they had to live when they grew up, not wanting the family to suffer. Most of all, a good parent is super protective of their children, willing to give their life to protect his or her family. They will safegaurd them by fencing in the yard, securing the house with the best protection they can provide to keep out intruders, while safeguarding his family inside their home and yard. No outsider would be allowed to harm or threaten his or her family without quick and decisive retribution. The good parent teaches their family how to work within a budget by example. Family decisions are open for discussion, without anyone being allowed to denigrate another family member's ideas that may not be line up with the rest of the family. A good parent will help enhance their family's lives, not drag them into the gutter by spending or gambling the money wastefully. A good parent will reward the family with an allowance (paid bonuses) for work actually performed. A good parent will discipline the family, even if it means quickly removing what has created the problem  A good parent would tell their family, they may have it better financially than the next door neighbors, but never flaunt it. Now I ask I crazy, or is this what a good parent does? Being a good parent is not always easy, especially when tough decisions must be made, but is rewarding when he sees how the family has prospered and grown more stable because of the decision.
     Now compare what a GOOD PARENT would do for this country and ask, "Is our government and the Obama Administration a good parent or should the bad parents lose their children so they can removed from a chaotic and harmful environment, while the bad parent faces the full might of the law for harming or allowing harm to come to their children?"
     We as a country are facing a crossroad. Skyrocketing National Debt, an enormous government that even pays contractors to hire people to do nothing all day, The IRS and other government entities taking paid great vacations (excuse me, they are work related trips, they just happen to Samba for work encouragement), laws forced down our throats, even if they hurt our economy. Special interest groups who are paying the BLM to commit land grabs (for what you may ask...let me know if you find that answer), EPA regulations choking the life out of any possible future manufacturing interests, the smoking gun called 'Global Warming'...what a rip off and the lies, to cover lies to cover more lies. Oh. let's not forget we have a president who gets all of his Intel from the media! all his aides, because Fox (I know Barrack, that hurt), CNN, ABC, CBS and on and on are his true aides. I've come to the conclusion that Obama is actually a store mannequin that they use stop action filming (like the used to do for Gumby, Pokey and Mr. Bill), move his mouth, arms, head, legs, eyes, and eyebrows in micro movement and stop frame filming to make him look alive. Surely, no one living can be as ignorant, arrogant, and such an imbecile!
     Back to the crossroads. In 2014, we must make sure those elected into the Senate and Congress are those who we firmly believe have our best interests at heart. The last 6 years, the Democrats (you know, the imbeciles who said, "Let's vote it in and then we can read it and find out what's in it!") and their liberal, race bating associates (boy that was nicer than what I wanted to call them!) have been successful in turning our country upside down and shaking it for all it's worth to steal ours and our children's futures by utilizing lies that sound almost truthful. Salted the lies with a smidgen of truth to allow those who see Obama as the Second Coming, to take the bait and run with it. I don't know about you, but it's time to right our country, and fence in our yard and add protection to keep out the intruders and allow OUR CITIZENS to reap the rewards of being Americans, instead of allowing more time...ILLEGAL ALIENS to rape our society of all we, Americans, hold dear.
     Let me pose a question: Would a good parent knowingly turn loose in the house, murderers, rapists and pedophiles to have their way with his family? Not a good parent, no way. Now a bad parent (Obama) turned loose 35,000 of them loose into our society instead of deporting them or moving them to a maximum security facility (Gitmo would work) to where he would safeguard Americans! Do we want Obama and his cronies to continue to destroy and demoralize our country? Crossroad voting is needed to remove them. Inform any and all voting irregularities or possible fraud to the police, the Feds and media. Don't let the Obama army and community organizers get by with it this time or any other time! It's time to to go to the crossroads and tell that devil the deal is off!
     My last question is directed at the pharmaceutical industry. Is there a pill that we can give the liberals and the Democrats that will cure their blindness, while returning sanity at the same time? PLEASE TELL ME YOU'VE GOT A BREAKTHROUGH DISCOVERY AND HAVE THAT PILL READY...PLEASE!  

Monday, May 19, 2014




      This country was founded with the intent that all men (and women) would be free. They would have a government that worked for them. Hence the statement in Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address, "to ensure the survival of America's representative democracy, that "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." Hmm...I wonder when it actually perished? Surely any sane individual, able to read English and willing to read the history of our country can see that we are now subservient to the government. This was not the founding fathers intended, nor the way Abraham Lincoln envisioned our country and government.
     It is a shame, nay, it is an abomination that an American citizen, Kevin McCarthy, breaks down in tears as he begs our government to reinstate the extended unemployment benefits. Now, this government is having a blast at our expense as contractors hire people to do NOTHING, AND THEY ARE PAID TO DO THIS NOTHING! IRS employees and their superiors are paid bonuses, even though they committed criminal acts against our country and its citizens. Our President has used AIR FORCE ONE over 100 times in 5 years. Quite a few of those flights were for vacations. Now they've ordered new helicopters, at our expense, to fly a President who laughs at us. He has set himself up to be king and the Democrats and the liberals are not only for his outlandish lifestyle at our expense, they believe he is entitled to it.
     How can we idly sit by as American citizens are allowed to slowly lose everything they've worked hard to achieve all the while our of the people, by the people, and for the people government sits as aristocracy, looks down their nose at at what we've become: the fodder under their feet and an inconvenient nuisance that they have to occasionally fool into voting for them. When a citizen has to cry in public because a government, made up of millionaires, defies his and millions of other citizens need to draw a continued check to just survive, not living the high life and partying like our esteemed elected officials are fond of, but just to try to make enough to keep from losing everything, until they can again attain employment to save their existence. If it didn't break your heart to see him breakdown, your as callous as the ruling aristocrats and their liberal sideshow.
     I have been straight to the point and brutally honest in my Blog posts. Why, I ask, are we silent and unmoved by the treatment our government is forcing on us? We are America! We are why these idiots in Washington have a job! Yet we stand by while Harry (Ridiculous) Reid and John (Bone Head) Boehner play games with our financial needs. At what point will Americans, Democrat, Republican and Independent say ENOUGH! We have the right to set this government aside and establish, again, a government this is truly again, "to ensure the survival of America's representative democracy, that "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." What do you want? Are you happy with the way things are and appear to continue to drive the middle class into non-existence. Are you willing to stand up and be counted, or cower in fear as they wish? I am willing to stand up and be counted, in no fear of what is already ours, guaranteed by that gargantuan document called the Constitution!        


Thursday, May 15, 2014


I thought I would re-post this today, on this Memorial Day weekend, to remind us of those who gave it all, be it our Military, Firefighters, Port Authority Officers and Police Officers. Those whose job is to stand between us and harm and may and do pay the ultimate sacrifice to do so. These are our HEROES. Their stage is one of reality, not make believe. They have no cheering fans waiting to buy tickets to watch them perform. For most, it is a thankless job. I ask each and everyone of you, this weekend, dig down deep and bring some food to a precinct, a firehouse, and buy a meal for those you see in a restaurant who serve proudly in our military. No, it's not a screaming fan or groupie who does this, but for those of us who appreciate them, they will know they are appreciated. Dig deep folks, because they dig deep everyday! 

      "9/11". For those of us who were alive and old enough to be cognizant of what occurred that day, no other reference is needed to understand what the conversation is about. If brought up in a conversation, 9/11 brings back memories and emotions, we as Americans will deal with for the rest of our lives. The 9/11 Memorial was dedicated today, not to the fact that Osama bin Laden was finally found and killed, or that Saddam Hussein was finally found, cowering in fear. Both men represented the worst of humanity. Today was not a day to praise their deaths. It is also not a day to praise the continual drone strikes that kill persons that our government states were targeted. Today was not a day to come to peace with Islamists or Muslims. Today was a day to remember those who died, were maimed, or forever sick because of the debris they inhaled from the World Trade Centers in New York City. For those who were killed, maimed, or forever sick from the debris and smoke they inhaled at the Pentagon, and those brave passengers in Flight 93, who had learned of the other tragedies and would be damned if that flight would cause harm to others and took it down into a field in rural Pennsylvania. Today was a day to remember the stories of those who didn't run away, but ran back in, to perform a selfless act by attempting to save others and died for their efforts. These are the stories and tears of America, the pride in its people and the hope and prayer that we can defeat Islam once and for all, and show them that we harbor no fear of them and their deadly ideology.

  We all took time to remember today the terrible events that occurred on September 11, 2001, most commonly referred to as
     Today was another day when Americans remembered the tears, emotions of pain, mourning, anger, and pride that we dealt with alternately or all at once. We each tell our stories of where we were that fateful day and vent our feelings of hate and anger at those who would attack us so viciously, callously and without forethought or feeling regret in the murdering humans who meant them no harm. The families, friends, and America stood still for a moment today to relive that day and those who were affected for ever. 9/11 is forever personally ingrained in my memory as my wife and I watched the news in horror as the first tower burned, the news stating a jet airliner, somehow off course and flew into the tower. It was then I saw the second plane and yelled to my wife, "Oh my God, there's another plane!" The camera angle didn't allow us to see the impact, rather the explosion bursting out the other side of the second tower and thinking, "How could this happen?" Then as the day progressed we realized another Pearl Harbor had just occurred again, but this time it didn't strike at our military, it struck at the heart of what we hold dear, our innocent families and friends.
     Tojo attacked America with the Bombing of Pearl Harbor. There are of course conspiracy theories that state our government knew it was going to happen and used it to bring out the rage in Americans that would force public sentiment into a cry for us (the U.S.) to involve itself in the war. It may have happened, though I really need to doubt it. Then, just as now, America is war weary. America became war weary from the Korean and Vietnam wars. We as a people felt better when the cold war raged without having to put boots on the ground. Yes, nuclear war was a threat, but one that didn't seem realistic. Americans are war weary now because we have no enemy to defeat. We defeated Japan. We helped defeat Germany and its allies. There was no defeat in Korea and no defeat in Vietnam. We started losing wars beginning with Korea and still continue to lose today. Defeat takes weariness and with the mix of pride of a job well done, allows our soldiers and country to stand tall, knowing the Stars and Stripes will stand tall forever. Indignant rage will forever create fear in any possible foe. Our government has lost that rage. The crying liberals and left wing banana nuts as well as mislead college students can't see the war we need to wage beyond the end of their noses.
     Islam and Muslims (moderate or extremists) are an enemy that is such a large threat that the only way to destroy it is to make the price too high for it to wage Jihad on us. We should never have sent in troops to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or any other Muslim country. War is never won by throwing pebbles. The complete destruction of the infrastructure and military of these countries is the only way we will ever defeat them and make them come to grips with the high price of touching America or our allies. We, as a country need to send that message loud and clear, so loud that Russia, China and North Korea will hold their breath, not knowing where we will stop. But that takes guts, backbone and the willingness to accept the collateral damage, just as we were forced to accept it on 9/11. Muslim children grow up to be Jihadist fighters, bombers, or suicide bombers. To drive them into submission is to have the strength to stand in front of the American people and make the case for a final decisive act to bring down Muslim terror forever. Putin won't put up with them, why should we? Sharia law in our country, are we that stupid to even consider allowing it? You want to drive women's equality back to the stone age? To put a damn stop to all of this craziness, we need to silence the idiots in our country who are so over the edge in la-la land that they believe we can co-exist in peace with Islam. So called moderate Muslims are laughable. If they had the chance, they would wipe America, Israel, and Christians off of the face earth.
     If we don't take the war to them, not by placing our soldiers in harms way, but by allowing the downpour of bombs, MOABS, bunker busters, daisy cutters, and other bombs short of nuclear, to hit the like a cloud burst, we will again continue the pattern of losing! When the sand clears, those alive and remaining will never forget that day, like we will never forget 9/11. A note to the Muslim community...WE WILL NEVER FORGET!         

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


     I am a firm believer in the First Amendment and the Freedom of Speech and Press. That freedom is to be taken solemnly and with great reverence. No other country in the world offers such a freedom without fear of deadly repercussion and/or police action to disperse those crying out to be heard and in need of a government allegiant in that right to speak out without fear. We are that country or were. The First Amendment needs to be renamed as The First Amendment of those who speak Political Correctiveneese (if you allow me the right to coin the phrase) defined as: anyone who dares speak as a person with an independent thought, one whose ideas are radical to what the PC police deem as unbecoming a citizen. Now the independent thoughts and words would have been considered, 20 years earlier, as a coffee house, park bench or supper table discussion with people you consider your friends, even if your family, but not one that you would shout down and publicly ridicule. No, we honored those with a different opinion as our friends, families and neighbors, ones that a Saturday or Sunday afternoon barbeque, a cold beer and even laugh at each others differences could allow those difference to be aired, but never insult them. It wasn't heard of, nor was it deemed necessary.
     The First Amendment was never intended to be used for those whose loudest, ear splitting opinion to shout down the rights of others. I grew up in a time where changes were occurring. Peace rallies, Vietnam, Hippies, Free Love, Woodstock, The murder of three great Americans, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Those who would shout down the conservative voice, dance on our flag, burn it and scream that theirs is the only way are people who didn't see a nation mourn as three were buried and felt the sorrow, even if we may not have agreed with their secret lifestyles, their deaths shook our liberties to the core. Cowards took their lives. Just as cowards seek to destroy the ability of Americans of all beliefs to have a say. We see a government using the power of the IRS, EPA, DOD, DOJ, NSA, as well as all the other departments we may not know of, to promote their Political Correctiveness, eliminating the majority voice. Stand on the street of any major city and ask the citizens walking by what their opinion is of a number of political corrective activists agenda and what it means to them. Surprise, surprise as what they answer or even if aware of what is going on and what it means to their lives! PC police will tell you the animal in your hand is a striped cat until squirts its defensive as well a offensive oil on you and then your realize the harm it represents and unbeknownst you've been fed a useless lie and and what appeared to be as they said, actually is a skunk.
     We said the Pledge of Allegiance with pride, never bucking against the thought of "God" being in it, because we are a nation founded on a Judeo-Christian belief. Why then is God an acidic word that burns the tongues of the Atheistic, Agnostic, Muslim and PC crowd? Have we naught the Right to speak His name when and as we wish? Even Tyler Perry has stated that the name "Jesus" is not allowed to be spoken in any sit-coms. "One nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all." The Ten Commandments on the wall of a courthouse? The separation of church and state! Everyone falls for this statement. Yet in an earlier post, I opened your eyes that that evil statement does not exist in the Constitution. It was stated in a letter penned by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Association of Danbury. This is the evil twist of Political Correctiveness. The Constitution Guarantees that no law can be passed to infringe upon the right or freedom of religion. Judges, government and PC police, please I beg of you, show me where the Constitution is written in your favor? You can't, so to fool folks into believing they are holding a striped cat, you shout it down using those, who are in a minority unto themselves, to create chaos and havoc to hide what the Constitution actually states and where the phrase "Separation of Church and State" has its origin. For it is not law, as you so wish to deceive all, it is merely a letter between to entities.
     I have to give credit where credit is deserved. A community organizer, who used a church whose minister was in line with the racism that Al Sharpton and Jessee Jackson spew, and deceived us by hiding his Muslim affiliation and blindsided the foolish, gullible, and ignorant left and liberals into believing he was anything but a Christian. Obama quietly, but with an expertise that is enviable by most in office, surrounded himself with people who will protect him, his ideology, and agenda to clearly make him untouchable by law and Congress as long as the Senate is held by the Democrats. The highest court in the land is loaded against the American public, and should a vote in the Supreme Court go against the President, the left, liberals, and the PC police, then racism, Uncle Tom and other despicable words and uses of the American language are bandied about as if we are no longer a free nation, each citizen with the right to their own opinion and ability to openly speak it without being made to feel as if we lived rather in a communist state.
     Political Correctiveness is in itself an evil funneled by those who would change our nation into one of debauchery and Godlessness. "God bless America, Land that I love..." is still a song that has the strength of conviction that men and women have died and suffered to procure the ability for all to live in a Nation Under God, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all. I want to live in that Nation again and have my grandchildren grow up in it as well. I hope, nay I pray, our voice becomes the ringing bell for righteousness and freedom once again.

Monday, May 12, 2014


     Let me preface this article with the statement that I am a Republican. I want the Senate to be flipped in 2014. A disturbance is rippling the pool of American sentiment, and the finger that is causing that ripple is John Boehner. He has built a wall that I consider will crumble the 2014 hopes of the Republicans. Hold to principles, protect our Constitution, but remember, those who vote are watching you being an ass when it comes to Extended Unemployment Benefits. No, this isn't another liberal/Democrat entitlement program. Unemployment benefits help those who have lost their jobs to no fault of their own and are struggling in this current economy and job market crisis. I know. My wife is one of those who is struggling. Sure, you can go to work at a convenience store, a fast food chain or any other low paying job. However, when you have a mortgage to pay, taxes and insurance for your home, all of your utilities each month, oh of course that doesn't include car payments, insurance and gasoline. You could work the aforementioned jobs 24 hours a day and still not earn enough to stay afloat.
     You are a millionaire, John. You make a great salary as well as all of the perks. For you to make the decision to block the extended benefits is like me suddenly becoming the captain of a submarine. It wouldn't work, because I have nothing to reference it to. You are so removed from the citizens who have put you in office, you don't understand the pain and suffering we are going through. You wait for the Democrats to come up with a job plan before you agree to the benefits extension, so how about this, get off of your lazy ass and come up with your own job creation plan and release those benefits! Again, you have millions, we have little to nothing. You have everything so you can't feel our pain, because with your cushy life, you have nothing to reference it to.
     May 31st is quickly approaching. If you fail the American people, I feel certain they will make you and the Republican Party pay at the polls in 2014. Be the hero John. Approve the extension now, and let the American public know you care more about them and will come up with a job creation plan with a bi-partisan effort. I believe I know how to create jobs and bringing the jobs back to America. Reduce Corporate taxes (Hey look at what New York is doing!) and make all states Right to Work so Unions don't have the strangle hold they do in some states. Look at what the UAW did to the big 3. Liberals want to blame Bush for their collapse. I worked in the automotive industry. UAW plants are overloaded with employees, way to heavy on payroll, benefits and retirement packages. No, and I repeat, no company can survive under the stress of the enormous output of cash that UAW plants require. I've also worked in the Toyota plant in Georgetown, KY for a month as a Customer Service Representative from our company to theirs. What I saw shocked me. Employees, not just management, but employees who held tight to quality and would place a supplier on notice and require them to send workers in to sort their material and stay there until the problem was corrected and top quality product was coming in the back door. No, it wasn't a manager, or the Quality Control Department who made the initial call to stop production, but a line worker who was hell bent on manufacturing a quality product stamped with their pride on it, and they do it all without a union. They make great pay, benefits and have a caring company pushing them forward. They came to America because they found talent here. That's why UAW's attempt to unionize in Tennessee's Volkswagen plant failed miserably. VW found talent in American workers and the workers found pride in their jobs, company and product and didn't need a union to destroy all of that.
     This country is full of those talented people, but you have to stop our work opportunities from becoming a service economy and return manufacturing to a country that knows how to do it best. EPA rules and laws are too overreaching and makes it too expense of a country to do business in. A simple job starter, the Keystone Pipeline, putting thousands to work, is held up by special interests and a president who has his head stuck up his ass. Make America production friendly and bring back the jobs and encourage new opportunities by using a common sense approach when it comes to American's and putting them back to work.
     Until then, John, get out of the way and allow the Extended Benefits package make its way to the American people and then quick being so damn partisan and work to bring America back to its great manufacturing era! If you don't, Republicans will unfairly pay for it at the polls because of you!

Sunday, May 11, 2014


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Saturday, May 10, 2014


     One thing I will always be in favor of is protests, rallies, and peaceful civil disobedience (and I do mean peaceful as long as the government maintains the same status quo) when government overreach threatens our freedoms and/or begins to change our country into a Socialist or Dictatorship such as what it appears to be trying to accomplish. I am for an armed citizenry and militias. Both armed citizenry and militias remind our government that We The People are ready to defend our Constitution and from invaders, whether inside our country or from the outside. Anytime politicians decide to rape our Constitution, they need to remember our history. Militias and an armed citizenry stood tall against tyranny and will do so again if that time comes.
     Reading about the ATV protest in Utah, I'm not sure what, if anything, they accomplished. Yeah, the Bundy situation was different (even if Clive is kinda weird in his views). The BLM came ready for bear, and that ain't gonna happen in this country without a dangerous response occurring. All sides should thank God that no shots were fired, because it would have been a blood bath with more blood to flow as Americans rose up against this Administration. The next time, it may not end with everyone letting out a big breath of relief. Back to Utah. Okay, you lost a road, and it has been closed for years, and you now suddenly want to protest the closing? Uh...why didn't you react this heavily when they first closed the road in the name of some liberals wailing about Americans encroaching on a sacred monument, even though the road had been used for years. What more damage could you expect? I agree it was an ignorant move to close the road, but the response today was really questionable by all.
     You want to ride the ATV vehicles through the canyons on the old road, even though you knew you were breaking the law. Was anyone in danger of losing their freedoms, human life, or livestock? Was this a sudden event, committed by the BLM without the residents of the area and the state of Utah having a say? Did the BLM bring in 200 para-military soldiers with snipers? The answer is no. Yet today's protestors violated the law to accomplish...what? From what was reported, there were protestors armed with sidearms and one with an assault rifle. Now I am all for the NRA and gun rights (including assault weapons), but why today? Who did you intend to intimidate? Who was threatening the protestors? From what I can gather, it wasn't a Clive Bundy type of BLM assault against the Bundy family. Quite the opposite. The local sheriff and deputies were on hand to make sure everyone behaved themselves, but basically it was safe. I'm still puzzled why the violation of the law and what they accomplished? Yes, there were armed militia there as well. Why? A dangerous situation was created, an unnecessary protest and protestors even involved their children. All that was accomplished, in my view, was citizens making themselves look foolish (flat out stupid) and the only overreach this time was by the protestors!
     To maintain your rights to protest, maintain a credible militia, and be taken seriously, learn when, where and how to pick your fights. If the law decides to prosecute the offenders, what, other than a criminal record will you have achieved? If it's a felony that you are charged and convicted of, there goes your rights to vote, sit on a jury...and oh, by the way, your right to own and bear firearms. I will probably have a group of people who disagree with me, but there will be those who realize what I am trying to get across is...common sense. Never lose your ability to protest and bear arms for something that will accomplish nothing. Learn when to pick a fight. You will be taken serious if you maintain a common sense approach to a protest and the calling up of our militias.                                                                                                                                                        


I want to wish all of my followers a Happy Mother's day. With all that goes on in this country and the world, the shine of gold in our lives will always be our mothers. Hold them, hug them, give them a kiss, and say, I love you Mom, every chance you get. There will never be another in your life and time passes by so quickly, they're gone all too soon. Make this Mother's Day as special one, and if your mother is no longer with you, smile and whisper I love you. She is somewhere listening and holding that whisper close to her heart.

With love to my mother, all of 81 years young, I love you and time just makes me love you more!

Friday, May 9, 2014




     Nancy Pelosi is a virtual depository of incomprehensible malfeasance. Her attempt at misdirect, redirect and to alter the concept of reality is something not to be rewarded with the slightest amount credibility or her intent to prove that she indeed has the propensity to burden herself with the welfare of the American people. No, her life is wrapped (or warped) around the lies, deceit, and smugness that her affiliation with the party requires. The Democrats and liberals laugh at the idea that the American public and voters have the redeeming capability to have common sense to see through her subterfuge of smoke and mirrors. Why? Because we allow her to have the soapbox on a daily basis without the repercussions of being shouted down as the instrument of political corruption and the liar that she is. Her mouth is naught but a instrument of the liberal talking points that all the Democrat politicians and their liberal cohorts are given. All spout the same rhetoric as if reading it from the book of Obama corruption and spin manual. You may ask why I seem to have such a brutal grudge against the Democrat regime. I can only answer your question by simply stating: I care for the American people and America. Not the one they've desecrated our country into being, but the one our forefathers envisioned for us.
     If we should do as Nancy states, we willingly forgive over 5 years of destruction that Obama has wrought on our country, military, and the common good of all. Obama cries for $10 and hour plus minimum wage for Federal workers, yet in the same breath looks to cut the pay of our military. Our Military used to be the most respected, feared, and powerful forces on the face of God's earth. He decimates our military by reducing its size in a world where weakness will be exploited. Putin laughs in our face, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and all the terrorists groups have our number, and yet still Obama weakens us in the very face of those who would extinguish the light of freedom from the world. Why has he removed our most important military leaders and even under oath, one of our former Brigadier General's own mouth that they knew shortly after 3 am that the Benghazi attack was a terrorist attack and aide was needed. He even stated that when asked if they could have sent assistance in the 7 hour period to save more lives (The Navy Seals), "We will never know." I shake my head, knowing that as loud as the cry is shouted by the left that there's nothing to gain from another committee on Benghazi except political gain, I want to shout to where all the world can hear, "The truth, you fools!" Were it one of my family members who died that night, I would alternate between the steps of Congress, The Senate and the White House with a sign that stated, "My family died in Benghazi and all you do is lie!?" I would scream it until my throat was raw and bleeding. Now I ask you, America, why should we not care? Why should we not care about the IRS scandal, with the former head of the IRS taking the Fifth, withholding the truth, while no one is fired or jailed for the abuse of power that was motivated as a power flex to prove that the Administration could do as they wish and no repercussions would be forthcoming!
     Now we find out that Federal employees (defined as: people who work and are paid by the American public) are allowed to sit at their desks and use their computers,  not to perform work they were hired to accomplish, but rather spend hours at a time viewing pornographic material and again, no repercussions. The NRA scandal, the blatant flaunting or using taxpayers money to go on extravagant trips (I don't just mean the Obama clan) to do and accomplish...nothing. Who holds them accountable for criminal misuse of taxpayer money? Oh, I know what you're about to say...oh God, you went and did it anyway. I asked you not to say, "The Department of Justice will hold them accountable!" Really? Surely you jest! This Administration is set up to where no one is held accountable or can be because everyone in it answers to the King. King Obama. They cover for him and each other, as it was designed! Eric Holder will never bring the Department of Justice's authority to set against any of the "Obama Gang". Of course, the D.O.J. would bring its full weight against anyone who is against King Obama. Where is the D.O.J. and it's soldiers now that we know Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and King Obama himself, just to mention a few, lied to the world about Benghazi when they knew it was a terrorist attack and not a stupid video? Heard about any charges or arrests that the D.O.J. has made? No, of course not! Eric Holder is battling his own demons in court. Our top dog in the D.O.J. is fighting to save himself from negligence.
     How has this all come about? SILENCE!  We are so bullied and fearful to speak up, that evil tramples our freedom into a bloody mess. If you think you're free to do as you wish, read a Bible in a Federal Courthouse. Read one in school. Sing a Christian song on your lunch hour at work. Speak out against the liberalism you see. You're dog meat if you do. So instead of facing those who would shout us down, we sit by silently and allow them to have their way, like the good little wimps we are. Damn it...shout it as loud as you can, "Enough already. We want our country back!" Use your vote with all your might and encourage or drive your neighbor to the polls to remove the injustice from power. If you believe someone is voting who is not a U.S. Citizen or see a bunch or what you know are illegal aliens being bused in to vote when they don't  have the right to vote, by law, call the police, demand they check the identification of these people before they vote to verify they have the right to do so! Folks if we don't speak out, take action by vote and by using legal means to prevent more of the same, we have no one else to blame but ourselves.

The following poem by Dylan Thomas says it all:

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieve it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Rage, my friends. Rage against the loss of our freedoms and the rise of the Socialist regime in our country, Rage, and rage loudly.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Never seen so many enormous guys crying at one time! If I suddenly became a millionaire I would cry like a baby as well! What happened to Johnny Football not going in the top 10? People, really?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


     I've been digging post holes for 6 foot long 4x4's and dug the holes 32" deep and 18" in diameter. Doing it old style as well, a long heavy iron rod to break the rock and a post hole digger to do the hole. It is hard work, but I have some pounds to lose and strength to rebuild!
     Haven't seen to much of the news coverage today, except for the video of the kid coming out of the wheel well of the plane, and of course the usual whining of the Democrats and the liberals defending their position of not showing up for the new Benghazi committee. Wah! No tears flowing for the pathetic Obama ass kissers. I wish I had found out what the name of the Congressmen or Senator was who was stating that the Republicans were using this for political reasons and not caring about the four lives lost. Uh...excuse me? Have I woke up in a backward alternate dimension? The Democrats are saying the Republicans don't care about the four lost lives? Talk about quite possibly the biggest spin of them all! I almost feinted when he said that!
     I don't have time for a full blown political blog tonight but there is one thing I know that Democratic and liberal airheads seem to lack the gray matter to understand, the Republicans are not looking for a truth, defined in my own Terry's Book of Spin Definitions as: A Truth is is a perception that sounds reasonable, believable and spinable but lacks the substance of TRUTH! The Republicans as well as the families of the four dead Americans want THE TRUTH!!  All dictionaries will agree that the word truth is the events as they actually occurred, words as they were literally spoken, actions that assuredly took place. Any event, word or action that is omitted or added makes it a truth, designed to deceive, hide or bastardize the truth for personal gain. So you, America, must determine if what the White House, Democrats and their liberal cronies and media are spewing is truth or a truth. I learned a long time ago, the truth never lies, only a lie does that and the people who speak them.  


I have found a new passion in writing news and political articles, but I am an author first. If you haven't tried them yet, my Ebooks are available for download! Enjoy them and I have two more books in the works, so I enjoy both worlds. Please try my books and give me very honest feedback!

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Thanks, Terry

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


     I have listened to the talk shows, news channels and read all the articles I care to read! Benghazi. Why do Democrats and liberals so quickly dismiss it, tell us to move on, and ask why we need another committee to investigate something that has been investigated until it's threadbare. Here's the answer for the feeble minded Democrats and liberals. No investigation is ever started when the facts and truth are presented immediately. There's no need for one if you're truthful. Multiple investigative committees are ever needed when the truth is told in its totality, with ALL DOCUMENTS are presented when requested, not when you have to have documents released  a little at a time, redacted to the point our government had to purchase stock in Sharpie! Committees aren't needed when Federal employees, who are supposed to be working for the American people feel it's their right to take the Fifth to protect their asses for doing criminal actions as an employee!
     This week has had all of the insane media who are just left wing extremist propaganda sources (and yes, we know who you and your lackeys are) screaming foul because those mean old Republicans just won't let Benghazi be! No, they think all of Congress and the Senate comes to a halt and no way can multitask while Benghazi is screaming for the absolute, unadulterated truth to be revealed. The blood of four Americans cry for justice, not just against the terrorists who took their lives, but screaming at an Administration that not only left them to die, but did so because those who could possibly save them were told to stand down...why? Because of politics. Since when do American lives become an advantage or disadvantage in politics? Are we that meaningless? Are we fodder in the Washington steam roller?
     Cry foul all you wish, but come totally clean and the hunt stops! Until then, you will feel the hounds of justice nipping at your heels, and take a big bite out of your ass when they catch you in your political motivated deceptions and misdirection. I wonder if they still hang traitors? If they do, I'll buy the wood and nails!  

Monday, May 5, 2014


The Great Emancipator
The Joke!!



      I spent time remembering American History as I know it (In Common Core, I'm not sure if history is taught beyond the Clinton regime and everything before then was included in the Big Bang theory). I will never hesitate to inform the collective that Abraham Lincoln is the president I most admire, followed by Ronald Reagan. Abe was a President that didn't have the luxury of men and women with black suits and ties, speaking into their sleeves and curly wired ear pieces.The White House was open, with people even sleeping in the hallway, waiting to catch sight of Mr. Lincoln or even speak to him of their need. As Bill O'Rielly revealed in Killing Lincoln (Which I found not just to be a fantastic read, but allowed me the experience of walking with Lincoln, something that authors rarely can accomplish), President Lincoln was truly a man of the people. His feelings and beliefs were not how to become a darling of the liberal or conservative medias, rather he loved his country and the people in it. He bore a weight that no President has ever had to bear since. He watched his beloved country being torn apart by a North that felt the need to impose its will on the South, not all to do with slavery, yet slavery was something the President wanted stopped and outlawed.
      At night, when it was less likely that he would be recognized, he walked the streets of Washington, the load too heavy to allow sleep. That load wasn't from scandals of having sex with an intern in the White House, Cabinet personnel brought up on charges of selling favors to Party donors, continuous Congressional Hearings digging into the political cover-ups to having to deal with an American public angry because their president wiped out the entire medical community and insurance companies with a swipe of a pen. A president whose attitude is I'm going to shove it down your throat, like it or not, because it will probably get me re-elected again, just ignore the lies! No, Abraham Lincoln walked those streets with the weight of the whole country on his shoulders, knowing that Americans were dying, killing each other, one side believing they had the right to do as they wish, including the owning, torture, mutilation and killing of slaves, the other side believing it had the right to impose its will on the South. Neither side willing to give in, causing the deaths and crippling of not just Americans, but of America itself. No real comparison can be made between Abraham Lincoln and Barrack Obama. Oh wait, a comparison can be made...sorry I spoke too soon.
     Barrack Obama, one of the very people that Abraham Lincoln sent a country into chaos to free, giving him the ability to set free his shackles and one day take the oath of office of the greatest nation the world has ever known, allowing a black man and his family to be in the White House, not as staff, but as President and Mrs. Obama and children. Other black Americans distinguished themselves throughout American history since the Great Emancipator was President.
     I watch as Rutger's students and staff protest against one of the most elegant, intelligent, patriotic, and hey...scandal free Americans to ever serve our country in the person of Condoleezza Rice. Involved in the Iraq War is their cry! A wonderful person belittled by a bunch of spoiled brats who were barely out of diapers when the nation had to make tough decisions post 9/11. I want to scream at them the bulk of the words Jack Nicholson said when on the stand facing Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men, "Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Whose gonna do it? You? You, Lt. Weinburg? I have more responsibility here than you could possibly fathom........And that my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. I know deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you don't want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom I provide, then question the manner in which I provide it. I prefer you said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand to post. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to!" Preach it Jack, because other than the code red, you are absolutely correct. Rutger's students and faculty believe it's cool and intelligent to disrespect Mrs. Rice because they are 'entitled to' and know better than anyone how wrong and bad our country is to have been in Iraq. Me...I was glad she, President Bush, our entire Intelligence Community, and our brave men and women in the military stood on that wall!   
     Barrack, you did something that President Abraham Lincoln didn't walk those lonely streets at night to have happen, or watched as Americans fought Americans for, and in the end took a bullet because he knew that he couldn't back away from a nation that needed to find itself. You Barrack have made a joke of everything he lived and died for. He was a President, you are the joke and the butt of the jokes. When the black community needed someone to show a way other than violence and poverty, you gave them more entitlements to keep them in poverty. Your answer to black on black violence, the 'knock out game' was nothing. You just don't lead from behind, you're tucked in a bunker of your own self entitlements you believe belong to you as President and lead from nowhere! Hey...that's where our country is going..nowhere! Your grand vision is being accomplished. You and your cronies are dismantling Abe's America one piece at a time.
     In closing, I see your Presidential Library. There's a statue of you in front of the library where you were acting like you were going to blow snot out of your nose. As people walk inside (I'm not sure why anyone would waste their time and money when there's the Reagan Library they could go to) they will find pictures of you with captions that state, "Hey did you hear the one about Barrack Obama when he"...and then the punchline. Yep, you've turned the greatest opportunity that anyone from the black community has ever been offered and turned it back on the black community as a scam and a joke. The next pack of playing cards I open, I fully expect to see your face on the Joker card. It would be fitting.

Sunday, May 4, 2014




     I start this article, not with the intent for it or myself to be seen as just a doomsday harbinger nor a conspiracy theorist, but one who has questions in need of answers from our government. Since the day I was born, never has there been a sense of a government takeover of our country. We are watching as a pseudo-government is being established not just left wing insurgents, but by a government masquerading as such.
     A forgetful, passive, and content society is its own worst enemy. Each day we as a people should investigate and question our government, holding it accountable to working for the people, following our laws and eliminating any special laws making them exempt from following those imposed upon its citizens. For too long now, we have sat by passively while the minority voice (no, I am not implying minority by race, rather minority of opinion) have been allowed to overrule the majority. Example: No where in the Constitution does the term: Separation of Church and State exist. The minority voice has successfully confused, misled, and bastardized the First Amendment. The term of separation of church and state came from letter exchanges between Thomas Jefferson and the Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut. Now it is used as a hammer to drive God out of everything and anything that is government funded. The First Amendment states:The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion. In other words, the government cannot make any law concerning the restriction of religion in an any form. If we wish to pray in school, have the Ten Commandments on a courthouse or practice or display the Bible or any Christian documents where we please, we can per our Constitution. Remember, the government is not sentient, rather a body of laws to serve and protect its populace (Citizens). Yet atheists, agnostics, the ACLU and judges (all the minority voice) have taken it upon themselves to overrule the Constitution, denying the majority voice of any rights, even though the Constitution backs the majority. Starting to get the picture?
     It is not unusual for a president to designate an area of land (now remember, Federal Government is by definition as 'the American citizens') protected as a Federal protected land or monument. This administration has proven itself to be a 'land grabber'. I am not attempting to beat a dead horse, however, why were there 200 para-military personnel surrounding Clive Bundy's ranch, helicopters and a no fly zone? Again, if he owes the $1,000,000 he should pay it. What should flabbergast every American citizen is who gave the order for the para-military, snipers, helicopters, a no fly zone, and most of all...why? It's exciting to know we have them available, but our southern border would sure be more secure if we ordered them to stand guard and repel ALL invaders! I see a president, his administration, and their cronies setting up our country for a take down. No wonder there are so many survivalists and militia. They are watching intently what Obama is up to.
     The Keystone Pipeline. Now we know the environmental impact is almost non-existent, will produce thousands of jobs, allow the U.S. to not only be the largest producer of natural gas, but become fossil fuel independent from any other country, yet for some subversive reason (I say subversive due to it being unreasonable not to give it the green light) Obama says no. Who in the hell elected him king? 
     Now would seem to be the time to flex our muscles as a country, build up our military instead of eliminating thousands of them, shore up our southern borders, increase our presence in the world as the most powerful nation in the world, take our national debt and eliminate it by requiring not only our president, but the Senate and Congress as well, to eliminate all and any waste out of a bill, line by line. Eliminate all pork and pet projects out of the bill. Require Congress and the Senate to justify to the American public even if it requires a vote by the citizens, for every dime spent and why. Demand the Federal, State, County and City governments (and that includes you as well Obama with your "Pen" and Presidential Executive Decision) to justify spending and be open about it. If all Bills, ear marked spending, and presidential executive spending were mailed to each Citizen before it comes up for a vote (or a pen when it comes to Obama and his cronies), allowing the citizens to hold town meetings to discuss its merits, then the deficit would quickly decrease and eventually disappear. 
     How many family, friends and neighbors do you know who are down on their luck and have not been able to enjoy a vacation for the last year or two or longer? In 5 years, the Obama family has spent more than $40,000,000 of taxpayer money, having a blast at our expense. Why not hold the president and his family to no more than two weeks of vacation per year, reducing taxpayer costs! Make them live it up on their own dime! Too many Americans can't even take their families to an amusement park just a few hundred miles away, while some can't even afford to take them to a movie, yet this president is slapping Americans in the face with his and Michelle's ability to do as they please. Yeah, I'm for making government and the Obama's toe the line! They require it of us, why not demand they follow suit?
     I have been asked, with my strong opinions about government, would I sanction anarchy or even a coup? My answer is no. That would be what Obama would love so he can execute martial law. That would work towards his goal of a take down of our Constitution, possibly allowing him to stay in power. No, that's the last thing we need. What I say to all of you is to remind your children, mothers and fathers, sister and brothers, who are in our military, National Guard and police forces that we are Americans and any order you are given that is deemed questionable, illegal, and unconstitutional, report it immediately, and if your superiors refuse to listen, use all and any type of media to get the order out there for folks to know. Educate your family, friends and neighbors what your instructions are and that they are in violation of our laws and Constitution. You are not obligated to follow an illegal command or an order that violates the Constitution! We don't need anarchy or a military coup we see in other countries, just Americans remembering the very people they are ordered to commit violence or injustice against are their brother and sister Americans. Unless Obama and the BLM hired mercenaries to surround the Bundy ranch, those para-military forces should have been questioning their superiors...why? WHY...indeed?

Friday, May 2, 2014




     As reported by KVOA 4 News in Tucson, Arizona, Mexican Army Troops, whether rogue or under direct military instructions from the Mexican military, are crossing our borders and even landing helicopters in the Rio Grande Basin on American soil. In January Mexican troops in Sasabe, Sanora drew their weapons on U.S.A Federal Agents  while being 50 yards inside the United States. In March, they (the Mexican troops) opened fire on one Javier Jose Rodriguez while he was visiting inside the border of Sasabe. Mr. Rodriguez is an American citizen and spent three weeks recuperating from a gunshot to his arm as well as his side at the University of Arizona Medical Center.
   " KVOA has reported that our government's reaction to the incidents as being 'tepid' which has angered the residents who live along the border. KVOA has also reported that U.S. Senator, Tom Coburn, (R-OK), revealed details of the January encounter between soldiers from this base and the Border Patrol. In a letter to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Coburn said a lone agent encountered two Mexican soldiers 50 yards inside the U.S. The agent and the soldiers drew their weapons; the soldiers carried G-3 rifles."   
"From what I understand, this has happened hundreds of times before," says Sylvia Longmire, a border security analyst whose recent book, Border Insecurity, details the challenges and failings of some Homeland Security operations along the Arizona-Sonora border. The soldiers told the agent they'd gotten lost while pursuing a drug smuggler.
"However, I believe there was some confusion as to whether that's what the Mexican Army was doing because there was no evidence found by the Border Patrol of any drug smugglers in the area," Longmire said."
Reports obtained under the federal Freedom of Information Act show that members of Mexico's Army have crossed into the U.S. at least 300 times over the past 18 years.

     We are all aware that our southern borders are a joke and that the Border Patrol's effort have been thwarted by an inept Administration unwilling to fortify our borders. This goes along with the Administration's unwillingness to require all citizens to show an official I.D. card to be able to vote. The Obama Administration's foreign policy is a joke, placing America in a weak position in the world's view. Now we have armed Mexican soldiers, rogue or not, with boots and helicopters on American soil and our Homeland Security has failed to shore up the borders and confront the incursion of the Mexican Army as an act of aggression against the United States, even as an attempt to secure territory inside our borders. Who is to stop them? The emaciated Border Patrol, a useless Homeland Security whose only use has been against American Citizens.
     Though I do not have actual proof in my hands, illegal, undocumented aliens crossing the border from Mexico can be useful to this Administration as well as the Democrats who fight against voter I.D. To show force against these military incursions, requiring voter I.D., as well as shoring up our southern borders would be a bad taste in the mouths of those illegal aliens, hurting the Democrats voter base.
     I am a firm believer in voter I.D. laws, and making our southern border a dangerous and deadly result for those who cross illegally. When will America wake up and see the Fascist, Socialist rise in our country to overthrow our Constitution piece by piece and replace it with a Totalitarian government where you are either a wealthy 1% or you are the lower working class, finally eliminating the middle class.

With that said, what happened to Mexico being held to their side of the border, aware there were consequences for crossing it illegally? At what point did we say it is acceptable for an invading force to invade our sovereign territory? Under the last four presidents, it would never be allowed or tolerated and we would drive them out with deadly force! Who are we as a country? I don't know anymore because what I see doesn't even look familiar. 

     How quickly we have forgotten Pearl Harbor. Tojo caught America with its pants down. Yeah there was chatter, but who would have thought Japan had the balls to attack the big bad America? With KVOA in Tucson reporting these occurrences (the chatter), no one believes Mexico would dare commit an all out assault on America, the country with a non-existent foreign policy. No...couldn't happen! Well start counting the heads of the undocumented, illegal persons already in America. There's your silent invading force with the military already testing the waters. Where is our retaliation? Wimpy Obama government.

     Now let's look at what happens when an American commits something considered illegal. Clive Bundy. If he owes $1,000,000 for grazing fees, well he should pay them. If he's a racist, I am totally against racism, but still, he has a right to his opinion no matter how distasteful or ignorant it may be. Anyway...let's make the points I am working towards. Remember the southern borders. 200 BLM Federal para-military troops surrounds his ranch with snipers on the hill and the FAA declaring his ranch a no fly zone. Hmm. They take his cattle and euthanize (kill the poor bastards) raise them on cranes and bury them in a mass grave. For what? Bundy was in the wrong, not the cattle! If they felt it necessary to destroy the animals, why not take them to a butcher, pay him to render the cattle into useable food and supply the surrounding area soup kitchens with much needed meat to feed those in need? They destroyed the cattle to prove the point that they were in control and able to do whatever they chose. That is how close the Clive Bundy situation came to being a slaughter of humans, not just cattle! I've heard the far left kooks denounce the militia groups showing up. Hey kooks, they were not there to say Bundy was innocent of a debt, but to stop our government from bulldozing over an American's freedom!
     I know I have been bloviating (How about that, Bill O'Rielly!). My last point of a government in fear and submission to Obama and his cronies. While these cattle were being murdered (oops, euthanized), where was the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals? Hurt an animal on a movie set, keep and mistreat fighting dogs and fighting cocks (clean minds folks!), and off to prison you go. A mass grave of cattle killed to prove they had the power to do so, and no SPCA to be seen or picketing. Why? It would reveal the undercurrent of evil and subversive plans this government is working against our country. I may be crazy (so I've been told) but doesn't it seem something is Topsy Turvy when it comes to our country and government? More to come (If my wife doesn't take my laptop away and hide it!).