Saturday, June 21, 2014


    I know this Blog makes you feel like you just walked into the room with the conversation already started; a way you would be correct. It was a response to a reader who feels we (the outspoken, or shouting Americans for our freedoms) are just creating fear without substance and that we also should find a way to make peace with everyone. Well, this is my response....

      Our fears are well founded in fact. It was Islamic terrorists that flew 4 passenger planes on 9/11, two taking down the Twin Trade Towers in New York City, one slamming into the Pentagon, the other taken down by the passengers in Pennsylvania. That's not fear, that's reality (fact). Two Islamic terrorist exploded two pressure cooker bombs in Boston, injuring and maiming innocent people. That's not fear, that reality (fact). Our law enforcement agencies take down Islamic cells in our country almost on a daily basis. That's not fear, that's reality (fact). You see, we have a history of fact, not fear, so if that makes me a racist against those unlawful, swine sucking bastards, then so be it. You see, as an American, my feelings are not based in fear, only reality (fact). Muslims, Islamists, murdering cowards or whatever you choose to call them, they bring it on themselves by believing you either follow their bastardized belief or die. No other so called religion requires that. They may not like each other, but murder, beheading and cruelty went out with the dark ages. Now, religions not only live in peace with each other, but also interact peacefully. 
     Anyone who believes that to view Muslims, Islamists and terrorists as a separate entity has just not taken the time to read up on their history. The have never made peace with each other, nor have they ever made peace with those who refused to follow Mohamed, Allah and that book of horror called the Qu'ran. Their beginning was one of hate, because Abraham's wife couldn't bear a  child, she gave Abraham her handmaiden, Hagar the Egyptian who bore a son from Abraham's loin, Ishmael. The jealousy and hate between Sarah and Hagar became so incendiary that Sarah had Abraham send Hagar and Ismael out of the camp into the desert to die. God saved them, but it was the saving of them and God telling them he would make a mighty nation of their seed, that allowed the Muslims to be created. The hate in Hagar's and Ishmael's hearts were so great, it festered into what we know as the Muslim people. Since then, Ishmael has been warring and fighting Isaac ever since. But, the hate wasn't just towards the Jews, it is such a deep ingrained hate that is aimed at every living thing. Fear? No, just fact.
     For the Citizens of America (now, I'm not referring to those pigs, crooks and communists we call politicians), we are tired of everyone running (and ruining) our country, except for Americans. The time for Americans to rise up is close. See, our Constitution does not only allow militias, it REQUIRES them for just such situations as we see occurring.
     I saw a picture I would never have believed I would ever see in my lifetime. A New York City policeman with an American citizen pinned to the ground by putting his knee into the neck of the citizen. His crime? Waving the American Flag in a "no flag waving" area. A WHAT? Who created a "zone" that waving the American flag is outlawed? I could understand if they stated, "Only American Flags in this area!" what point and place did it become illegal to wave the flag of a nation born out of the very blood that fought for such a right and carried the banner (our flag) into battle, proud of a nation it represented?
     Remember the Bundy Ranch where a "No Freedom of Speech" zone was created? Uh...excuse me, but other than threatening someone, this is America, where people used to stand on soap boxes expounding their beliefs, enjoying that very freedom of speech! Who in the hell gave the government the authority or power to eliminate freedom of speech? Yes, in airports, there are key words you better not utter. They don't say you can't speak them, but for the safety of passengers and America, you will find yourself in a holding cell for a long time should you decide to take the chance. This is basic common sense, especially when there are signs everywhere telling you not to say these keywords. That is to thwart terrorism.
     This corrupt left wing, Democratic controlled government is set on destroying our American way of life. We have no choice but to rise up against it. We do that by informing the American people of what they may not know. It is up to those who read our articles to decide to which side they stand. It's not fear-mongering nor racism, but fact, based upon facts. You decide, but just a hint, I wouldn't take too long to decide. Obama and his brigade are destroying our beloved America, one law at a time!    
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