Monday, June 2, 2014


     Okay, now I'm not some heartless bastard who pulls for the Party line and unhappy about Bowe Bergdahl being returned to America and eventually to his parents. I'm glad there is something to be happy about, but...along with that happiness comes some underhanded, illegal, political maneuvering that was done on a weekend (Obama's favorite time to promote his illegal activities). The law states that Congress MUST be informed 30 days prior to any prisoner exchange so that all committee members have the chance to review the exchange to determine what the exchange is about, who is being swapped and how it may effect the safety of America and its soldiers. Again, Obama broke the law, but here's the kicker, how do you hold Obama and those involved accountable (of course this would have to be done by the Republican Party) without appearing heartless and uncaring, responding (as Jay Carney stated was 'Propaganda', your lost ALL respect I gave you Jay)?  You, Obama, have placed a price tag on capturing American soldiers as a bargaining chip to release more terrorist. Damn you, you boneheaded bastard!
     If the Obama and his Administration is not held accountable, he will continue to trample any and all laws, by using political no win situations against the Republicans. If the Republicans raise hell over the exchange, it will create a hostile, uncaring view of Republicans. If the Republicans don't react, and hold them accountable, the Republicans will look weak. NO-WIN! Ah but I have an answer for the Republicans: Stand your ground. Bring charges against Obama and the Administration, not for returning Bowe Bergdhal, but for violating the law. Then, bring before the American people the fact that the five terrorists that were traded have already killed Americans and will do so in the future. Bring to the American public the fact that Obama released 35,000 murdering, raping and dangerous illegal aliens into our society without giving Congress or the Senate the ability to debate whether this would be allowed or that they were to be deported. Again, Obama bypassed the proper channels, to move his agenda forward, which proves he can do what he chooses without caring about our proper checks and balances. Benghazi MUST NOT be placed on the back burner. Trey Gowdy, hammer away!
     Allow the military to investigate Bowe Bergdahl, and why he walked away from his base, under his own power, proving yes or no that it was a true case of desertion. What must never be forgotten or allowed to dismissed by the Democrats and the liberal junkies is the fact that because of the choice Bowe made, soldiers from his unit lost their lives searching for him, so while an Idaho town is all decked out in yellow ribbons and balloons, how are the towns decked out where the soldiers lived that lost their lives looking for what appears to be a soldier who decided deserting his post was acceptable?
     This country has to wake up to the fact that we have a president and his ass kissing administration needing to be removed from office! No laws apply to them, in their view. They are tyrannical, moving the country towards Communism, with Obama and his Gestapo in charge. He is already using the BLM and their para-military soldiers as the KGB. And answer this for me, why does the IRS need a SWAT team? KGB, KGB!
    Above all things folks, Obama and his administration need to be held accountable for breaking the law and removed from office. All of the peaceable marches and protests that I believe in are going to eventually turn into violent confrontations if our Congress, Senate and DOJ don't start doing what they are expected to do. I do not want to see Americans fighting Americans, the civil war should show us that no matter who wins, we all lose, but the country cannot continue to allow the government to run roughshod over us without a price to be paid. My dreams of a peaceful change are still my hope, but others will have their way not matter what I believe.
     Hold Obama and his administration accountable, Jay Carney shut up and go away, investigate this soldier that some of his team had to die for and if needed prosecute him under military law, continue to hammer at the Obama Administration for the dangerous release of 35,000 hardened criminals into our society, that the Obama administration has just released 5 hardened top terrorist with American as well as Afghanistan blood on their hands and in the process violated not only our laws but the agreement with President Karzi! This is a no win situation no matter how you approach it, except for Obama's brownie points!
     VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!!!!!      
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