Sunday, June 1, 2014


     I have spent many hair pulling hours reading, and re-reading to understand the Second Amendment from its origins in the English version in the 1600's to our present day Constitution and Bill of Rights. One thing for certain, in today's liberal agenda, our rights are not just under attack, but an undercurrent attempt is being made to create a Treaty with the United Nations, to surrender our Bill of Rights and Constitution. In effect, we will be forced to follow the unilateral law of the United Nations, allowing them to control our country under its Communist backed foundation, also allowing the United Nations to perpetrate an illegal (illegal by our Constitution and Bill of Rights) act, by committing search and seizure, without due process, of any and all weapons and property. Along with this, as is usual with tyrannical rule, unlawful, and again without due process, imprisonment of anyone they deem a threat, real or otherwise. I can't emphasize or beg you more fervently to educate yourself and your family as to how the liberal, communistic Democratic party is attempting to hand all of our rights, Constitution and Bill of Rights over to the U.N.! We must not allow this to happen! Our citizens must send a clear and final message to Washington that America is to withdraw membership immediately from the U.N. and in essence force the U.N. to relocate to another country, removing their influence and ideology from American soil forever!
     To read and understand the Second Amendment and how it pertains to the Right to own and bear arms, and the government shall not infringe upon the Right, is an interesting, yet complex study. First, we as Americans must understand the difference between  the word, RIGHT, in opposition to the word PRIVILEGE. A privilege is an ability to perform, enjoy or utilize. Example, driving any vehicle on public roads is a privilege, not a right, that can be revoked for any number of reasons. A right is considered an entitlement to something, whether to concepts like justice and due process, or to ownership of property or some interest in property, real or personal. These rights include various freedoms, protection against interference with enjoyment of life and property, civil rights enjoyed by citizens such as voting and access to the courts, natural rights accepted by civilized societies, human rights to protect people throughout the world from terror, torture, barbaric practices and deprivation of civil rights and profit from their labor, and such American constitutional guarantees as the right to freedoms of speech, press, religion, assembly and petition. 2) adj. just, fair, correct. In essence it is the right of a citizen, considered God given, to be an individual, unhindered by law.
     The Second Amendment ensures the citizens of the United States the right to own and bear arms, and it shall not infringed upon by law, Federal, State, City, County, Townships...etc. Here is where it becomes confusing (of course Supreme Court decisions haven't been of great assistance in clarifying standings clearly, without a ton of legal jargon). By reason of the Constitution, no one, including the Federal Government and its whining, liberal gun haters in Washington can revoke or confiscate said weapons.
     The Constitution also allows for militias to protect and defend the country, property and personal safety. (Here is the correction):  By reading Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 15 and 16, Article 2, Section 2, Amendment 2 and 5 you will read the duties and authorities of a militia. Not only does the Constitution allow a militia as optional but it requires them as necessary to secure a free state. (Thanks go out to a fellow Tweeter: ConstitutionalMilitia for the information)! Now here is something the liberals will attempt (if not already doing so using subterfuge) to force militias to either fall under the control of the National Guard or paramilitary forces. This is clear in the Constitution and rulings through the years that we (as Citizens) have the right to form PERSONAL militias, not answering to the government, so that they could rise and fight off a tyrannical government, which the Obama Administration, the Democrat Party and the liberal voices have formed.
     Okay...hold on a minute. I in no way am saying for militias to form, attack our government with military style force. That would be foolish and land me in a secretly held prison by Homeland Security or by some other agency, either never to be seen again, or tortured to death for information about a militia attack that I honestly wouldn't have the information to give. I am not privy to even where militias are stationed and since I am probably already on the government watch list, I would rather not know. I am a firm believer in Dr. Martin Luther King's approach of peaceful, civil protests, even if it means a peaceful, yet large in number, march on Washington, D.C. and remain there until our government understands this country belongs to its citizens, not the Government. We do not serve at their leisure, rather they serve at ours.
     You have the right to own and bear arms, as well as form militias. All States signed a treaty to follow the Constitution, allowing the formation of the United States as one country. Therefore (arguably, depending on if you live in a State that has an imperialistic Democrat government and pesky liberals), all States and State Constitutions cannot supersede the American Constitution. Any State that refuses you the Right to Bear arms, is in violation and has committed treason by refusing to honor its original treaty to the Constitution. The Supreme Court has given the States some leeway concerning the Second Amendment, but not the ability to outright disregard or supersede it.
     Here comes the sticky wick. Obama, Eric Holder and the Department of Justice, and using the FDIC, have declared gun shops as "High Risk" therefore throttling their ability to obtain loans. Again, this is a subterfuge of the Communist Obama Administration to undermine the Constitution. By rights, they are guilty of treason, for failing to uphold the oath they took to defend the Constitution! How do we respond and fight back against this underhanded political maneuver? Any gun shop that is in good credit standing and is refused a loan, needs to immediately inform the NRA of what bank, whether it is just a local bank or a national bank, that refused the loan, so the NRA can get the message out to its membership, allowing the membership and those who hold true to the Second Amendment to refuse to do business with that bank, and pull out all deposits and investments, finding another institution to do your banking with. I recommend that the NRA and other organizations loyal to the Second Amendment to form a list of friendly banks to gun owners, allowing those who refuse gun shops loans to see how it effects their bottom line and stock holders to follow a tyrannical government. The way to fight fire, is to fight it with fire. Create a hostile financial environment for any banking institution that refuses a loan to gun shop owners! Fight back with the power that hurts them the most, MONEY!
     In 2014, your vote is highly important! Mid-term elections are known for low turn outs. Don't follow that trend! Strengthen the Congress with Tea Party or Republican Congressmen, and flip the Senate to where it is controlled by Tea Party or Republican Senators. The only way to stop this tyranny is through your vote and protests, whether it be in marches or financially. But by all means, VOTE! But most of all, do not be silent! We have allowed a sick liberal society make us believe they are in control. Hell no! We are in control. Shout them down with your voice and actions (No...don't punch them!). But by all means, don't be silent! Be heard!  VOTE!       
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