Tuesday, June 10, 2014


     Well, another career politician bit the dust tonight as Eric Cantor's political hopes of becoming Speaker of the House were dashed as the political ax came crashing down on his neck. 'Tis a shame...like hell! There should never be a "career politician"! We send people into office, whether it is local, county, state or federal, based upon their promises to bring to us whatever their big promises contained, as well as to represent OUR wants and needs as their constituents.Career political hopes is the first step into how to protect their asses, make a bundle of money and remain in office to keep receiving the perks. It is also the first step into becoming an evil, conniving, lying bastards and bastardettes!
     Political office is one of great responsibility, time consuming and the cause of sleepless nights; if you are an honest politician. Your care, consideration and love for your fellow citizens would be, at times, overwhelming. The promises you made should be all that consumes you. You step out of line every time the party's wants and wishes go against what you promised in your campaign speeches because you care and to do otherwise would mean you would rather keep your job at any costs, and that's where the evil sets in. The evil of being a career politician, rather than a politician who cares. You've then became a waste of human flesh, a traitor and worse than that, a politician. Hell has a special place for the career politician, of that I have no doubt. It will have to include a 5 million decibel speaker placed on each side of your head, screaming out the lies you spewed and the cries of those who suffered because of them. If it's any less than that, you would be in heaven.
     When we hire members of our communities into positions to represent us (and yes...we hire them, for they work for us off of our tax money), then we should hold them as accountable as any employer would their employees. Statute 1 - You have been found reasonably acceptable to perform a position we need filled. 2 - The following requirements and tasks are to be performed and completed. If at anytime you fail to complete said tasks, your employment will be terminated, by vote, at the next election. 3 - At anytime your task is changed by a new ruling or law that is being considered, you will return to your place of employment and brief your employers to how it will either positively or negatively impact your employers. 4 - You will then return to your post and commit yourself to the wishes of your employers, not being influenced by employees of other employers and fight to fulfill your duties! Should you fail to do so, please refer back to statute 2 for your termination status. Career employees are ones who follow all statutes to the letter! See how simple it is to keep your job? Along with that, never forget how easy it is to lose your job, as well.
     This is what all politicians should be sat down, by their employers, and the riot act read to them before we send them on their merry way. As a manager for over 28 years, my employees always knew where they stood with me, good or bad. When I retired, I had sadly had to relieve many of their positions over the years because of a failure to follow all four statutes. I gave them the right to be human, but not the right to, lie to me, disregard the instructions and orders of their employer, attain more income, by deceit or behind the scenes back door dealing, than was given in the employment agreement. When something changed in the set procedures, any employee who failed to inform me (the employer) and made a decision on their own to continue with the change, even though it impacted the rest of the team negatively, were employees who were referred back to statute 2.
     Now see how easy that works? Yet, we as the employer, do not see beyond the rhetoric and lies, whether it is because the person is a slick talker, a greater spinner than any spider wished it could be, or has been there so long, the employer, who by then is wearing blinders, insists the employee could do no wrong. It is time to start looking at ourselves in this manner:

1.) We (the citizens) are the employer.
2.) Any and all politicians are our employees.
3.) Inform all new and old employees of what our new expectations are and they will be held accountable.
4.) A VOTE empowers we the people to hire and fire based upon performance and allows the EMPLOYEE to fully understand our expectations and the results of failing to follow our instructions and expectations!

     Now you know the way to manage our government. See, it's easy. It allows both the employer and employee to work out of the same play book, removing all excuses and misunderstandings. Run your business, citizens. It's what our Founding Fathers wanted us to do, but we've been having to deal with smoke and mirrors. With all that removed...be the employer!     
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