Tuesday, June 17, 2014


     Today is just a day of political smoke and mirrors by the Obama Administration, his lackey agencies such as the IRS and DOJ. Yeah, two years after Benghazi, they captured Ansar al-Sharia commander Ahmed Abu Khattala, the alleged mastermind behind the Benghazi attack and murders. Does this mean a victory for the Obama administration or is this a political ploy as Trey Gowdy fires up the interrogation committee to find out all the information of the what, who and why about Benghazi. Hmm...I've always heard if it stinks, well you've just stepped in a pile of shit (sorry for the word). Does it pass the stink test, oh hell no! Sure, he is in custody, but how convenient it is that he was captured just before Trey Gowdy goes after the Administration! And now we find out he was read his Miranda rights? Say what? The dude is a terrorist, attacked our consulate and kills four Americans and he gets OUR RIGHTS? Instead of being tried in front of a military tribunal, he will be tried in an American court of law? This is the same guy we've watched for two years, hiding in plain sight to where even the Libyan government tells us, "Hey, he's sitting drinking coffee at this outside cafe if you want him!",since Benghazi and it's just now in our interest to capture him? Right before a committee meeting on the Benghazi scandal and Harry Reid stands up in front of the microphones, slamming the Republics over making such a slight issue of the capture! Smoke and mirrors. (switch and bait could work just as well). Republicans have been the ones screaming their heads off over the scandal, but Harry Reid, being the Democratic, Obama ass kisser he is, makes it seem like the Republicans don't care. Time for a wind of Justice to blow away the smoke and a Hammer of Patriotism to smash the mirrors to reveal the subterfuge, deceit and incredible ruination of America at the hands of Obama and his buddies.
     Another case of smoke and mirrors: Lois Lerner and the IRS scandal. "We know it's been a year since you (The Congress) has subpoenaed e-mails on Lois Lerner and the seven other IRS operatives involved in the IRS scandal have mysteriously been lost in a failure of the server retaining this information." Oh, bull. This is the same government that has the NSA building a giant building to house communications and information on U.S. citizens, but the IRS doesn't have redundant systems to maintain records should one server or multiple servers fail? Did you ever get a notice from the IRS stating that they were going to come after you for back taxes, but now, since our server burned out, you no longer have to worry. Did you ever get a letter from the IRS that you were going to get a refund, but due to our server burning out, tough crap. The largest, most powerful active terrorist organization ran by the United States of America, set only to waste our money, overtly and covertly set to collect money and terrorize its citizens, and one little server housed all the e-mails in this organization passing through the IRS, and how conveniently it occurs just before Lois Lerner and the Magnificent Seven go before a committee, especially since Lois Lerner has been charged with a crime? Do they believe we are that gullible? Use one hooray to cover up the use of corrupt power to hide criminal activity? If you believe any of today's events were just spontaneous as they wanted us to believe Benghazi was, well you need to quit toking so hard on that joint, open the window, satisfy the munchies, and then walk outside and suck in enough fresh air to clear your brain of the crap the Democrats and liberals have filled it with!
     Politicians and Criminals now have the same definition in Websters, at least the copy I have! Folks, if you don't start removing the old, corrupt guard starting at the polls in 2014, then the complete destruction of America as I knew it, and you either knew it or heard about it from your parents is imminent. Please, please get rid of the Democrats and flip the Senate to be either Tea Party influenced or conservative Republicans, and send the rest packing to hide in their house waiting for Satan to come collect their souls, because somewhere they've made a deal with Satan at some country crossroad and payment is due! Go get'em, Scratch!         
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