Tuesday, August 26, 2014


     I follow the rules on Twitter to maintain my account in good standing. My Follower to Following percentage is 100%. If I even think a child or minor is trying to get me to follow, I block them. If a follower is one trying to sell their followers, I block them. I follow and want followers that are adults and have at least some of the same interests or beliefs. I do not nor will I allow someone to threaten on Twitter. Do I hit politicians hard on the nonsense they are doing? You bet. But who doesn't?
     Surprise, surprise when I found out my account had been suspended. Twitter was so nice to inform me but never told me why. Oh you can read the rules and the forums, like that is a lot of help! I believe the correct and intelligent way to inform a user that they have crossed some line is to tell them what line they have crossed so the line is never crossed again! Nope, that's too easy. Let's play Twitter's 1,000,000 possible infractions you have made and until you figure it out, well you're just screwed.
     I can tell you this, if they don't un-suspend my account, screw them! Maybe they are of a particular persuasion and decided my opinions hurt their candidates. Wouldn't be the first time the media and social media has attempted to trample on our First Amendment Rights, unless of course you are political friendly to their belief and candidates. So screw them!

UPDATE ON MY TWITTER SUSPENSION: Twitter finally revealed to me my transgression. It was where I informed everyone of the news reporters name that revealed the police officer's name and address in the Ferguson shooting, placing not only himself, but his family as well in danger! Personally, I believe I was correct in doing what I did. The police officer didn't deserve that, but ratings trump safety. Twitter frowns on giving out that type of information, however they don't have a problem with the police officer and his family's name and address being revealed. Since it is their rules, if I intend to continue to use Twitter, I will have to pay nice. If they choose not to restore my account, it's no loss. I spend to much time on social media anyway. Ho-Hum.
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