Monday, May 26, 2014


Bastardized Flag
Bad Flag - Left  / Good Flag - Right

     Let me play the devil's advocate for a moment. First off, this is not a wild conspiracy theory, and I haven't just downed a fifth of Jack Daniels. The more I read up on Martial Law or what is actually considered Martial Rule the more I see what could be an agenda possible forming. Hmm...Checking facts with the Snopes website, the Social Security Administration did in fact order 174,000 round of hollow point .357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed pistol ammunition. Now this is supposedly set aside for armed agents in the field. Okay, the odds are minute but I suppose possible, that SSA agents in the field at some point may run into an irate tax payer. But, why .357 pistols? Hollow points are designed to spread larger upon impact, to destroy organs and cause major and devastating damage to anyone hit by those bullets. Have you ever fired a .357? Fire a .357, then fire a 9mm pistol. That .357 is going to buck like a rodeo bull in comparison to the 9mm. Police offices carry a 9mm. Why does the SSA agents need such firepower?
     Next, let's deal with the rumor that the Feds have ordered millions of rounds of ammunition. Actually the contract was for hundreds of millions of various types of ammunition. It is reported that Homeland Security and other Federal agencies purportedly use 15 millions rounds of ammunition per year for training and range shooting. According to Snopes, one contract was for 750 million rounds of ammunition to be supplied over a 5 year period. Okay, let's use regular math, not the Common Core crap their trying to brainwash our kids with. 5 X 15 = 75. So, over the next 5 years, they would use 75 million rounds for training and target practice. Okay, now using regular math again, 750 - 75 = 675. That's 675 million rounds unaccounted for. There's a term for that, it's called stockpiling. Now remember, this is one of the contracts. The rest of the 1.6 billion rounds (yes I said 'BILLION') would also be purchased for the Customs and Immigration Service over the next 5 years. I wasn't aware of Customs and Immigration Services being at war! Now wait a minute! Our borders are so open to the passage of Illegal Aliens, how many shots are fired by our Immigration Service? Again, this is called 'stockpiling'!
     According to to then head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, the numbers were exaggerated and were not to be a one time massive purchase, but spread over 5 years, saving the government a supposed 80% cost on this type of purchase. (Remember, with this administration you have to take their word for it, and we all know how that works with the Obama Administration). The resulting effect of the governments massive ammunition purchase was the creation of shortages of certain types of ammo, some from public panic over what our government was purchasing, but mostly due to ammunition manufacturers inability to meet both government and public demand. According to Napolitano, the ammunition was for all Federal agencies, not just Homeland Security. Okay, Janet, why the stockpiling of ammo?
     Let's move on to the next issue. The rumors were that Homeland Security had purchased 2,700 tanks for use in the U.S. The correct purchase was for upgraded chassis to M.R.A.P. or Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles and the request was made at the behest of the Marine Corps System Command, for a contractor to perform the work on vehicles returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Still the question remains, where are they and what are they to be used for? If they are redeployed to protect our soldiers then I'm all for it. If they remain on American soil, why and what for? Here comes another question of 'what if'. What if they are a part of a larger picture, one to control the populace in an uprising or chaotic situation? Oops, now we're getting into Martial Law or Martial Rule.
     A president may only serve two terms, unless during his second term the country is under martial law, then the Constitution can be ignored while said president works to restore Civil Obedience. Don't believe me? Check it out. If I am wrong, please let me know. Now, the other issue you need to watch for is the dreaded gold or yellow fringe around 3 sides of the American flag. If you walk into a court room and the fringe is around the American flag, you have just entered a foreign soil and are under the rules and decisions, not based on law or the Constitution, but rather whatever that judge would decide he or she wants to do with you. Yep, your Constitutional rights drop off at the door to that courtroom. Have your attorney go into the courtroom first and verify the flag is free of the fringes and tassels before you go in. Now the judge may be ignorant of the flags add-ons and what they mean, but now you know! Watch all (state and American flags as well a foreign country flags) for the gold/yellow fringe. It is a sign of a non-country, not constrained by the Constitution. If the flag has gold/yellow tassels, it indicates Admiralty Rule, and Bubba, we don't want to go there either!
     With all that said, as Obama's reign of terror and destruction nears its completion, make sure you tell your fellow Americans and militia to play happy, because Obama can use civil unrest, chaos and a number of military issues to declare martial law, setting himself up to be the tyrant and Czar we all know him to already be. You think I'm crazy? Ask yourself, of all the laws that Obama has broken by ignoring the Constitution, not solving, resolving, and disciplining those involved in scandals under his administration, and how the Congress has not punished him nor the Senate (of course as long as Harry Reid is at the helm of the Senate, he won't do anything to his buddy), and how the Department of Justice is a non-entity when it comes to any of the scandals, who is to stop him? Obama has already bastardized the American flag by changing it to remove the stars and use his emblem. His explanation is to show that we are neither red or blue states, just one nation. Say what? That eliminates the need for a  Congress and Senate, divided into Republican and Democrats by the vote of the American public, allowing the president to initiate both houses as he dictates. I'll finish by saying, when something or someone changes the norm, you better ask why and find out how to stop it! WHAT IF?
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