Monday, June 19, 2017


     It's been a while since I've posted on my Blog, but, I've pretty much been in a fight for my life. I worked part time for a nationally known car rental service (which will remain unnamed). My job was two days a week, driving a shuttle van and shuttling cars. I worked Monday and Friday. On Thursday, one of our gas pumps was damaged from a new employee was about to pull away from the pump with the nozzle still in the car, damaging the hose. Between the time the hose was damaged and I pulled my shuttle van to fill it up on Friday morning, though it was known the pump was damaged, everyone involved dropped the ball and never disabled the pump or put up any type of warning.
     After I put the gas nozzle in my van, I reached over and turned on the power. That's when the hose exploded with me in the middle of the gasoline gusher. It burned my corneas, my skin, ruined my laranyx, and finished with damaging my lungs from vapor and liquid being inhaled. There is no "fix" for lungs damaged from gasoline. Once it enters your lung tissue, it only continues to damage, eventually moving into your other organs. I am, for a better term, a walking dead man. I'm not bitter or angry. There's no use in carrying those feelings, allowing them to eat away at you. That would never change anything. My mission is to educate people on the dangers of gasoline that most people never knew, thought of or believed it could harm them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here is the truth:

     Well, I was given what I was expecting, but still hit me hard. My doctor as well as the Worker's Comp doctor are both in full agreement that I am totally disabled. No more working part time, nothing. That's hard to take for someone who never found hard work to be something to avoid. Heat, humidity and cold air are now my enemies to keep me from enjoying being outside. 

      I am not relating this as complaining or whining. Too many folks have it worse than I. Just take a lesson from me, gasoline is for internal combustion engines only. Don't use it for parts washing, hand cleaning or any use it was not designed for. Ensure the container you have it in, not only safely retains the liquid, but the fumes as well. The best way to store it is to purchase a chemical cabinet to keep it safely in. NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER, SIPHON GAS WITH YOUR MOUTH AND A HOSE!!!! The vapors, and/or liquid that gets in your lungs, stays in your lungs. Once it is in your lung tissue, breathing issues begin. It then slowly moves through your organs.

      Minimize the fumes you inhale when fueling your car, mower, etc., by using a chemical mask, or hold your breath and quickly move out of the area where the fumes are. While your car is fueling, move to the front of the car away from the fumes. Never hover over any equipment you are filling up. If you get it on your skin (purchase chemical resistant gloves to wear), immediately wash the contaminated area. 

     Sound like a hassle? Walk outside and suddenly not be able to catch your breath because the heat and the humidity cause, what lung tissue that does work, to tighten so much you can't breathe or catch your breath. Imagine walking from one end of your house to the other and losing your breath and have to increase your oxygen intake to keep from passing out.
There is no 'cure' once it is in your lung tissue. Only survival. Protect your lungs. It's easy to do if you think before you act!
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