Thursday, September 4, 2014


     We know that terrorists are coming into our country on a regular basis, whether it be by planes, boats or illegally entering our country at the Southern Border. Quite a few are home grown, (here in America) and then travel to the Middle East to be trained as terrorists to harm our country and people, yet no one seems too excited about the prospect of the intentions of these now trained terrorist and the harm they intend to inflict on our country and its people! I find it fascinating and abhorrent at the same time that our country is that porous and our Homeland Security and government is completely unconcerned.
     If an American travels to Arab countries and are known to be training with the very terrorists who would do harm to Israel and America, should automatically be considered expatriated and lose their citizenship, then never be given a Visa to enter our country. They didn't go to be trained as a terrorist to protect our citizens and country!
     Now, let's look at the flip-side of the expatriate. Patriots. Militias. Outspoken Americans who want our country back and a government who is again a Constitutional one. Tea Party Members. All of the people and groups land on the Homeland Security Watch List and we of course know the IRS hates us for belonging to or being one of the aforementioned groups and people. We are considered to be domestic terrorists. How are American born, law abiding citizens who demand that their government represent them and follow the   Constitution terrorists? We are not beheading anyone, nor are we shooting mortars or RPG's at our Capitols, and we sure aren't fighting in the streets (other than Chicago), killing innocents to make a point. The government watches us closer than it does our border or terrorists entering our country.
     Conversing with my friends on Twitter, Constitutional Militia, we are not just supposed to form ready militias, it is required that we do so. But we, not the trained terrorists entering our country, are considered a terrorist threat by not only our Democrat controlled government, but by the lib-nuts as well. If you would consider us to be terrorists, what are the real terrorists considered? Maybe they're the model citizens Democrats and Lib-nuts want as their constituents. Oh, I'm getting a headache again. I'll leave you to figure it out...
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