Monday, September 1, 2014


     By the ignorant attack on me today, I have realized that blacks are now formulating an opinion that racism is the answer to solve a divide in America.
     By stating emphatically: I have never owned a black slave, beaten a black slave, raped a black slave woman or girl, boiled a black in hot oil, hung a black slave, brought black slaves on slaver ships, mutilated a black slave to keep them from running, separated a black husband, wife and children by selling them separately, or participated in a slave auction. Nevertheless, I am called a racist just because of the color of my skin. (Sounds familiar, doesn't it?). I have had my love for God and Christ questioned because "I am a racist" and that I can't truly love God. This hateful diatribe comes from people who do not even know me, nor have met me or even taken time to sit down and speak face to face and feel the heart spoken truth between us.
     This is what breeds hate and distrust, assuming others feel the way you expect them to feel. No, I don't know how it feels to grow up as a black person in America. My daughter in law does. Her husband, my son, who is a pastor knows there are those who discard him as unreliable and close their pulpit to him because of it. They are the ignorant, those who believe hatred and racism are reason to shun him. I love my daughter in law, my four grandchildren who are bi-racial and would fight those who would throw racism in their faces. Does this sound like the racist I am accused of?
     Racism is a way to maintain fear, misunderstanding and hate. It is preached and promoted, not just by the detractors who want us to believe we are at war with each other,  but by politicians who wish to play racism behind the scenes to promote a particular party and agenda. It is not racism we should fear. It is not he color of our skin we should fear, it is those who wish to keep racism alive and well in our country so they can profit by it as we deal with the strife between us.
     The true path to peace is when we lay down the arms of hate and mistrust and remember we are all God's creation, and to believe otherwise is an act of Satan and evil. Don't judge me by my cover, but by my actions and the love or hate I have in my heart. Don't prejudge anyone. Talk to them. Open a dialogue of peace. You will be surprised how your neighbors, friends and those of your community just want to live their dreams and stand by you as you live yours. If you don't believe this is possible, then we have lost our futures. We have lost our faith in each other. We have lost our faith in God. 
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