Thursday, September 25, 2014


     Let's first address Public Lands. Public Lands were lands protected by the government to ensure monuments, land so that the public could enjoy trails, camping, fishing, hunting, and protect National Parks like Yellowstone for generations to see the active water spouts. These were for us, the PUBLIC to enjoy. I'm okay with that. Protecting them for these reasons will allow future generations to enjoy OUR PUBLIC LANDS! OUR LANDS! THE PUBLIC! MEANING YOU AND ME: THE PUBLIC!
     Now, we the public, will be fined up to $1,000 if we do not first purchase a $1500 license to take PHOTOS, NOTHING THAT WOULD HARM THE ENVIRONMENT...JUST PICTURES of these PUBLIC lands! ???????? I was dumbfounded when I found out about this. Again; who owns these lands? The government is supposed to be we the public and serve at our behest. Now, they have decided to continue the encroachment on our rights and decide the PUBLIC LANDS are owned by the government.
     I'm now completely confused. Who owns this country? What happened to a government of the people, for the people, and by the people? Who are now the "people"? I thought that was us? Am I wrong?
     The larger a government becomes, the more oppressed THE PEOPLE become, losing their control over the government and become a means to an end for those in control. We can talk, march and scream, but we no longer are heard. The American Flag is under attack by towns, cities, states and the feds. Have these people who despise our flag or are afraid the American Flag may be offensive to "some". Who asked the "majority" before they made that decision? Have these people making decisions against our flag ever walked through Arlington to see the graves of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for America and through Gettysburg, seen the crosses at Normandy, and other cemeteries, including those at VA's who died for the same reason, yet these people are willing to slap the dead in the face and disrespect their deaths! Who are the spineless people allowing this to happen?
     Okay, enough. Let's move onto the next subject, "ISIS or ISIL" and does it matter? The extremist terror group calls itself ISIS, but listen to the president, his staff, Democrats and liberals. ISIS has suddenly became ISIL. Why and what does it mean? I want you to watch and listen to the following video and see if the difference in "what's in a name" makes a difference to the world and Israel:  Watch: The Shocking Reason Why Obama Says 'ISIL' Instead Of 'ISIS' Just Got Exposed
     Shocking isn't it? What does this president expect us to do? It has been reported that Obama is already looking to fill top government positions as well as top military positions with Muslims. Now with the news that Eric Holder is stepping down, who will fill his position? Will it be a person the majority of our country would choose or will the next AG be a Muslim? 
     If you are pastors, community, city and state leaders, you need to make it clear. Obama's intent is to turn America into a Muslim State. He is doing this without resistance from our Senate or Congress. Why are they silent on these matters? Will you be silent? The statement "Silence infers consent" still stands true. If we remain silent, then we get what we deserve with the blame being our own to bear. 
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