Thursday, September 4, 2014


     I was pondering day (pondering helps to keep my mind off of the fact I'm doing manual labor of shampooing carpets) how society has changed, not just since I grew up, but in the last two decades. When I was told to do something by my parents, those who were my seniors and in charge of me, or by my teachers, I was expected to be obedient and do as I was told. Let me rephrase that; I was to be responsible enough to be obedient and held accountable for my actions ( or inaction and believe me when I say a good old hickory switch made one wish they had been responsible so I wouldn't have had to held accountable for my inaction!). No, I didn't grow up in the Stone Age, rather I grew up when responsibilty and accountability were taught and enforced.
     I watch as parents coddle children when the child obviously has never been corrected a day in its life. We raise wimps today instead of strong responsible children.
1.) If you want some act responsible, hold them responsible!
2.) If you want someone to be accountable, hold them accountable!
     Most parents today will tell you, "My little Suzie or my little Johnny are such good children!" when in reality they are holy terrors to their family and those around them. Our country needs a youth to grow up who not only understand responsibility, but are responsible people. We need a youth to grow up who not only understand accountability, but hold themselves accountable for everything that they are involved in. If your toddler wants to throw a hissy fit, spank it on its bottom a few times, put some sound deafening toilet paper in your ears and let them cry, scream and stomp until they are worn out and fall asleep, but stand your ground until they understand throwing a fit doesn't get them their way. 
     As your children grow, make them clean their rooms, help clean the house, do laundry, mow the yard, rake the leaves, and heaven forbid you ask them to do the dishes! Make them responsible for their tasks are, and hold them accountable for not doing it. Stand your ground! Take the video game system, their phones, car keys, don't let them have friends over or let them go out with friends, remove their computers away from them. Teach them to understand that those luxuries are not rights, but privileges afforded to those who are responsible and hold themselves accountable for getting things done! STAND YOUR GROUND!!
     Now I said all that to say this, we as citizens have backed away from informing our local, state and federal elected officials what their responsibilities are and then hold them accountable for their actions or inactions. Our vote is the spanking they deserve our the arm around their shoulders for doing a good job. It seems to me we have a bunch of sniveling, irritating, and spoiled brats in Washington who do not not understand responsibility and accountability. I do not want to hear a politician whine about how he or she was unable to get things done because of this reason, or that reason. We didn't elect them into office to gain more knowledge of how to speak excuses. We put them there to get things done! So here is a good way to handle politicians; Once they put their hat in to run for office, hold a meeting with them and tell them what their responsibilities are and that our vote in the future will hold them accountable.
     As a Conservative, Republican, Tea Party, and definitely a Constitutionalists, I am tired of hearing our Party complain about how Washington is working, but of all the scandals the Obama Administration has caused and been involved in, count on one finger a single individual that has been held accountable and is behind bars or forced to resign in shame because of the damage they have caused. Come on, keep trying. It isn't a difficult question. With all the blustering and speeches, news interviews, and righteous indignation, they have accomplished zip. Boehner is a joke. He calls out the president, then meets behind closed doors with him, and suddenly all the blustering is over. Were it a Republican causing problems, prison doors would be clanging! This mid-term election and elections from here on out should be ones of CLEAR RESPONSIBILITY AND DIRE CONSEQUENCES when it comes election day! We all need to do the very thing we should do with our youth: Stand our ground!
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