Sunday, September 21, 2014


     This may be a controversial question, so for those of you who know me, I'm gonna' ask it anyway. For those of you who know and understand what Sharia Law means to the life and death of Muslim women, I am starting to recognize that in America, especially in sports with the thugs and low life players that are celebrated as heroes, a that's not the correct word...a non-existent sense of respect and value is being placed on women by these players. The appeal is the celebrity and money, but women also place themselves in a position of being lower than a piece of trash blowing in the wind. The most famous of them all is Nichole Simpson and O.J. Simpson.
    I watched the Florida State football game this weekend, and the suspended quarterback, Jameis Winston, was not only fully suited up for practice before the game, but was allowed to stay on the sidelines during the game, minus the gear. What message did the NCAA and FSU send to its players? "Don't worry, Jameis, it's just a slap on the wrist, but we'll keep you in the limelight for the whole game." Sports players have declared Athlete's Sharia Law on women. The only way it is going to stop is to start banning these thugs from ever playing sports ever again. A loss of their scholarship and/or the loss of a multimillion dollar career and replace it with poverty. I blame the player for their mindset, I blame High Schools, the NCAA and pro sports leagues for not sending a severe message to these thugs, "Zero tolerance is complete and final. Be a woman beating thug, you're done forever. Commit crimes, you're done forever!"
     Until we see these thugs for what they are beyond the uniform and Bling, women involved with a sports player will come under the Athlete's Sharia Law! I don't want to hear about their childhood, where they grew up or any other flimsy excuse. Right is right and wrong is wrong. If they didn't learn this at home, they damn sure need to learn it from those involved as coaches, athletic directors and team owners. Is winning a game, a season, or a championship so important that we allow this bad behavior to be known as acceptable, placing women in continual danger while you turn a blind eye for the sake of the game?
     I am for a complete banning forever for any athlete seen or convicted of any crime against women, or for that matter, any crime. Send the message, "Be responsible, behave yourselves, respect others, and you have a future. Break any of these rules and your sport days are over!" Let's watch athletes who are not only good citizens, but are respectable human beings who understand that even though they play sports, they are equal to all who don't and will be held severely accountable for any and all bad behavior.  
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