Wednesday, November 26, 2014


In this day of hate, rage and violence, we all need to something to smile about and remember that no matter what the hate promoters say, we are all Americans. We are a family, and as a family we may disagree at times, but we pull together and protect what is ours. In this case it's our country and work to make it better and equal for all. Enjoy

As Retold By Robbin Kay (Betts) Manning
A poem my grandmother Ellen Dunmyer told us when we were children. It was passed down from her grandmother.

I dreamt I went to Turkey Land a year ago tonight.
How I got there I don’t understand, but I was there alright!
They had me fastened in a coop, a fattening for a feast,
Whether I’d be roast or soup, I knew not in the least!
I thought that I would scantly stay; I’d not get fat for meat,
but they brought such goodies every day, I could not help but eat!
Such delicious cakes and high minced pies, OH(!) all the things were dandy;
and every meal I finished off with a half a pound of candy!
And Oh (!) the ice cream, it was so good, I could not help but eat;
Until, at last, I grew so fat, I could not see my feet!
And then one Turkey gobbler tall, a jolly fat ole fellow said, “Wife, I
Think this boy will make us to some Thanksgiving dinner.
“ Oh, I’ll have his wishbone”, one turk cried! An ugly little chick,
 and “I’ll have his thighs They cried;” their names were Tom and Dick.”
My heart sank way down in my shoes; I shook with mortal fear,
When the Gobbler reached into the coop and grabbed me by the ear.
He held a long and glittering knife; I tell you twas no joke.
I kicked and screamed and terror wild; then, oh joy I woke!
Mother was bending over me saying,
“Ted, I told you, you ate too much
cold turkey before you went to bed!”

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