Wednesday, November 26, 2014


UPDATE: I don't buy into the story that black youth being targeted by whites police. That is not what this Blog is about. To put into perspective the acts of racial violence I did a fact check: In 2010 the National Crime Victimization Survey found that racial violence did indeed exist, just not the way the media would have you believe. 62,953 blacks were the victims of white on black violence. The flip side of the racial coin: 320,082 whites were victims of black on white crimes. That's 25 times more acts of violence against whites than against blacks.  I wrote this Blog to bring attention to this one failure of Justice. I, in no way, believe Michael Brown to be the 'Gentle Giant" his family and the media portray him as. He was an 18 year old thug, who used his size for intimidation, hence the video of the theft at the convenience store and how his act of beligerence and act of lawlessness was never lost on me. The Blog is about a police officer as well as other police officers ignoring training and allowing their hotheaded emotions to skip out on their training, creating uneccessary deaths. I am not a racisit, nor are my black friends. Get a grip America. Racism is alive and well, just not the way you would believe.

Another Update: I have been informed that Officer Wilson left his Taser in his locker. So a police officer did not take all of the tools of his trade with him to work, a tool that could have resulted in the difference of Michael Brown living or dying and still a "No True Bill". Was the Grand Jury informed of this failure to follow procedure? 

   Let me preface this with the following statement: No matter what type of person 18 year old Michael Brown was, Justice was not to be blind for even him. Thugs, arsonists, anarchist, and the actions of thieves did not help  bring Justice to Michael Brown, his family, or the community. They just proved that wolves are in every crowd, ready to devour at the slightest hint of weakness and opportunity. That has been proven in the St. Louis suburb and other cities across the country since the verdict of "No True Bill" was handed down. Of course along with this, the race baiters, Jessee Jackson, Al Sharpton, a Missouri State Senator and others have come out, not to tell the black community to peacefully protest and to denounce and turn the wolves over to authorities for prosecution and bring to an end to the violence, rather they have stoked the flames of an unneeded fire of hate and racism. No one receives justice when violence and anarchy rules, especially not Michael Brown, the Brown family, the businesses, or car owners, who saw their life's work or purchases destroyed in flames..
     Justice was not done Monday. The Grand Jury was fed a litany of witnesses and evidence. The only item of evidence that was missing was COMMON SENSE. Per true eye witnesses and the forensic evidence, Michael Brown did in fact tussle with Officer Darren Wilson in the open doorway of the police vehicle, causing shots to be fired at close range, hitting Michael Brown in the hand, forearm and bicep. These injuries, though no doubt extremely painful, were not life threatening. The actions of Michael Brown resulted in Wilson fearing for his life, resulting in Michael Brown being shot approximately three times at close range. Here is where the common sense comes into play.

     If I am afraid for life, do I chase the running person I was in fear of? Here is where the shoe of evidence switches to the other foot. Michael Brown, not officer Wilson, was in fear for his life, already being shot three times, hurting, bleeding and being chased by a man with the gun who just shot me. Michael was at that time was in fear of Wilson and running for his life. Wilson, in pursuit, could have at any moment switched from deadly force to a non-lethal form of defense. Pepper spray or his stun gun, could have and should have been used to end the fight with Michael Brown. Michael became the feral beast backed into a corner, turned, and according to Officer Wilson and witness statements, turned and charged Wilson. By then Officer Wilson, armed with his non-lethal  forms of defense, could have easily disabled Brown, stopping further injury to both Brown and Wilson, and allowing the whole event to end without anyone dying that day.

     In a previous Blog: Why are police opting out of non-lethal for lethal encounters?, I explored what I saw as a trend in American law enforcement. What we see is the ramped up of the distrust of police by minority communities. The very people that need their help the most, the minority good citizens living in those dangerous poor neighborhoods, now are in more fear because the very last line of help they reallied on, will now place them in danger should they be seen calling on law enforcement for help (The Wolves are watching!).

     So, Terry, the man who is full of opinions, what do we do? First we see things as they are. A very loud cry of injustice for Michael Brown and his family. Officer Wilson was guilty of no less than Voluntary Manslaughter. His training should have either called for him to wait for backup or switch to a non-lethal form of defense. We have to have cooler heads prevail Instead of the Jacksons and Sharptons stoking the coals of hate and racism, we need a show of unity in resolving the mistrust by the standing up and mixing in with upset communities by the Dr. Ben Carsons, the Conda Leeza Rices, the Allen Wests, and the Juan Williams, African Americans who can bring together and speak positively to these communities and law enforcement about constructive change and how to address short term and long term resolutions that will turn racism into Americans trusting Americans with their safety and justified use of force to take down the bad seeds. Ferguson law enforcement, no, all law enforcement should go through extensive re-training on the use of proper force to stop a perpetrator, not just pulling out a 9mm Glock.

     No amount of training will stop the need for deadly force, especially when law enforcement is facing down the barrel of powerful weapons, or knowing they are having to deal with the real bad guys. We want our law enforcement safe as well. Will there ever be a stop to violence. No. However, with proper attitudes, training and trust, we can make a disastrous situation into one that drives us forward towards a common goal: The right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  All Americans want it and deserve their chance. 

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