Sunday, August 28, 2016


     I love it! If you disagree with the liberals and Democrats, colorful euphemisms are used to discredit those who disagree: Bimbo, Idiots, Racists, using 'Mental disorders' and making fun because someone spells a word incorrectly. Nothing is ever properly discussed or argued when we debase the conversation with insults. Hillary and Trump have made this a presidential campaign a gutter of insults. 

     Me, yeah, I'm a Republican, but have split tickets when I knew the better person was not a Republican. This campaign is a hard one to decide who is the better, seeing that both candidates have terrible track records. Hillary, well, from Watergate she provided the country with her brand of legal thinking by being fired for lying. Even in a recent interview she answered a question about lying by saying, "I try to never lie'. Either you lie or you don't. You don't try never to lie. You just don't lie, simple as that. She's never stopped. She has proven she is treasonous and treacherous.

     Trump, well, Trump is Trump. Larger than life, and his brain and time don't always match. Like my father always said to us, "Engage your brain first before opening your mouth". Good advice for both opponents. I don't know if I trust Trump, but Hillary has never failed to make me shake my head when she has all the corruption exposed, yet she believes she is above the law. Here's a new name for her Donald: Teflon Hillary. The present administration has Teflon coated all the criminal activity she has done and continues to do. 

     The DOJ and FBI have everything they need to indict her. Here comes one of the conflicts of interest. Hillary has stated that Loretta Lynch will continue in her job under Hillary's Administration. That requires Loretta to recuse herself immediately. Will she? Nope. She is more interested in going after Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who DOES enforce the law. If the head of the FBI is also to remain under a Clinton presidency, then he is to also step aside for any and all crimes Hillary allegedly has committed (I use the word allegedly to satisfy the legal term of accusation without conviction, even though her guilt has been proven). 

     So for all you Democrats and Liberals, be careful what you wish for, because you may regret what you get. Just remember, you wanted Obama and other than always being on vacation and on the links, what has he really done for this country? No! Don't make the argument for the Affordable Care Act. If that is his legacy, well, Obama pick a brick and take it with you in January 2017. That brick is one of millions as the Affordable Care Act crumbles to the ground. Some legacy.