Friday, October 23, 2015


     Okay, I'll admit it: I was a Benghazi Committee junky yesterday. Sorry, it just happened to be one of those "ain't got nothing better to do" days. Still, even in one of those type days, I was able to be entertained by the Democrats, frustrated with the Republicans, and outraged at a belligerent.."I'm running for President so I don't give a crap and neither do those who believe I am incapable of being anything but perfect" Hillary Clinton.

     1.) The Democrats were there for one reason; to give Hillary the ability to smile when one of them were up at the microphone, drooling praise on her and saying how this was, as that damn Kevin McCarthy jumped ship and made it clear the Benghazi Committee was there to derail Hillary's Presidential campaign. Huh? I didn't know Hillary was running for President when the murders in Benghazi occurred! Talk about a spin! Deflect the real events and make it appear as if Hillary Clinton is being attacked for no reason at all. Poor, poor baby!

     What is clear from yesterdays investigation is that Hillary has no intention of accepting she failed to protect Americans performing a job, that fell under the oversight of the State Department, which if it was abundantly clear, she was "Madame Secretary at that time". So, let's eliminate the Presidential run. That's smoke and mirrors to allow her to deflect her guilt from not responding to over 600 emails from Stevens requesting additional security, that things were escalating out of control. Hell, the hole they blasted in the perimeter wall should have been enough to have the Marines ground pounding Muslim extremists into the ground, allowing a safe extraction of the Benghazi four. This woman is a liar (fired during the Whitewater investigation when it was proven she lied). She lied then, she has been a consistent liar since. Even the AP fact checked her yesterday and found all kinds of discrepancies with what she said and what was true!

     2.) The Republicans didn't hold her feet to the fire! They allowed her to world hop by saying what was going on in different parts of the Mid-East because of the so-called video. What happened elsewhere happened there. They are not in Benghazi, Benghazi is! Yes or no answers, Madame Secretary: Did you send an email to your daughter the night of the Benghazi massacre...No, no...I didn't ask you what you thought or what occurred later. Did you send this email to your daughter saying it was a terrorist attack on the Benghazi compound the night is happened...yes or no? Did you send an email to the leaders in Egypt and Lybia that night, stating it was a terrorist attack on the compound in Benghazi? (Oops, Madame Secretary, didn't you arm the very people who killed the Benghazi four?) No, Madame Secretary, we're not asking about other parts of the world or a fluid situation. Did you send those emails? Yes or no?

     See, she should have been held accountable and kept straight on course to answer their questions, with specific answers to the very specific questions, but that didn't happen. They allowed her to joy ride all over the place to deflect her responsibility away from where it was supposed to have been directed. What a bunch of wimps. I'm no prosecutor or politician, but even I know how to get direct answers. This would have shown the American public, once and for all, that the video was politically motivated to allow Obama to not have to deal with it at the final part of the campaign. Lies, lies and more lies. HILLARY CLINTON IS A DAMNED LIAR, HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE! Just like John Kennedy warned us of Nixon, I'm warning you about Hillary, the damned liar, Clinton.

     3.) Should anyone vote for Clinton, no American's life is safe. She will turn her back on the American Citizens while we're slaughtered in the streets, then go on television and say it was work place violence, or better yet, the media has yet to inform her of what happened. The Democratic party has proven they don't give a damn about the Benghazi four. It's not good politics. They spouted that the investigation was wrong and purely Partisan. I will agree. It was purely Partisan. That happens when one party wants accountability, while the others deflect, wanting, not to have justice for four Americans who died in a foreign land on her watch, but to maintain their party as doing no wrong.

     If our lives, the lives of our soldiers, and Ambassadors are at the mercy of politics, get the body bags and the coffins ready. We'll damn sure need more of them!

     Last thing: Why was the creator of the video, an American, arrested? I will agree it was not the smartest idea to make the video, but isn't Freedom of Speech a protected right? The video in no way equaled the murder of four Americans, killed by terrorists! Blame the video, arrest an American and violate his Constitutional rights and send your spin team out to lie about the true events that occurred in Benghazi. Obama, Hillary and that whole damned administration have done nothing but work to undermine the security of American from within and out. They have done everything to push the racial divide even wider, by using the wedge of lies and divisiveness, which has resulted in our police officers looking like deer in headlights and out come the guns to kill them. In closing: Send all of the Obama Administration packing, even to the point of making living in America a bad idea. Chase Hillary into hiding from warrants issued for her arrest for criminal negligence in her duties as Secretary of State!

Sunday, October 11, 2015


     I can still remember the days when folks went to church to hear the Word of God, pray and worship. They understood that it required them to conform to the teachings in the Bible and change the way they lived, in hopes of the Resurrection. That was then, this is now. Now churches and God must conform to them!

     Mega Churches are the thing. Some serving coffee before and during services, or even meals. 5,000 - 10,000 or more that are members. The minister(s) tell you the Word of God to where is is all positive, removing the negatives of sin from their sermons. They want you feeling good so the money will flow, and your life is not interrupted or you feel condemned by the lifestyle you lead. You see, all they want you to hear is that God is Love. They want you to feel the warm embrace of His love, but heaven forbid you read of how God reacted to sinners and evil. Yet watch one of those ministers walk by you on the street, leaving you unacknowledged because they haven't a clue who 99% of their parishioners are. Are you having that warm fuzzy feeling right now? If you are, you might as well quit reading this. I couldn't make a dent in your mindset with a sledgehammer!

     Wait, Terry! I am saved by Grace and everything I do is covered by Christ's blood and forgiven by His Grace. Oh, okay...I've got it now! You mean "Once in Grace, always in Grace!" How's that work? You might want to read the Scriptures: Matthew 7: 21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ Hmm. Seems like it won't work for them! 

     I've heard the tickle my ears, minister tell beguiled parishioners that all you have to do is shake the ministers hand, say a sinner's prayer, and be baptized in water. How about what Jesus said? I can't find anywhere where Jesus stood still shaking people's hands and told them to say a sinner's prayer and sprinkle a little water on their head and you would be okay and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you really believe he walked the face of this evil earth for 33 1/2 years just to be so mundane? Did he bear the torture of the whip, the Cross, and the empty feeling of being separated from his Father when he looked towards the heavens and said, "At three o’clock, Jesus cried out in a loud voice, ‘Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?’ which is translated, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’” (Mark 15:34; Matthew 27:46). Did he raise the dead, heal the sick, flung the tables and used whips on the money changers in the temple, just so you could just live without condemnation, believing what you do will gain you a place in His Kingdom? Uh huh.

     I am going to finish Chapter (1) of this series with the following statement from the Bible, Joshua 24: 15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! Who are you actually serving? Take an honest view of your life, what you allow in your home, who you allow in your home, and what does your family spend their time doing? Does your evening with your family include prayer and reading of the Bible, or does it include video games, texting, all T.V. or what? If Jesus came by, would you be like some people and try to clean up the house real quick so they don't see how messy your house is? Would it be you rushing to bring your family together quickly to give Christ the impression you are all about Him, instead of allowing Him to see how messy your lives are? Hmm. Chapter (2) soon.

Monday, October 5, 2015


     Every time an individual commits a heinous crime, especially when a gun is involved, all the anti-gun activists come out crying foul against guns. Gee, will you ever give it a break? The Gun or Guns did not commit the crime! A whack job human being did so! However, blaming the evil individual for what they did is not political fire-power (sorry, I couldn't help myself!) to make the wacko liberal left have a soap box to stand on and scream their words of guns are evil verbal sewage!

     Hillary wants to close the loopholes! Before you do that Hillary, close the loopholes on the crimes and treason you've committed and face the law for your crimes! (By the way, actual gun loopholes are created when you mount the trigger guard!) Uh, as a person who believes in our Constitution (and wasn't Hillary, at one time, sworn to protect it as well?), I find NO LOOPHOLES IN THE SECOND AMENDMENT!! You idiot lefties need to understand: our Constitution made our country great for the last 232 years (sorry, I can't include the years since Oblasfemer was elected). If we allow them to find non-existent loopholes in the 2nd Amendment, then as Demoncrats, you will find loopholes in the 13th Amendment and put blacks back in slavery as you did before the Great Emancipator brought your tyrannical rule over slaves to an end! Yes, it was the Demoncrats who enslaved you then and enslave you now with entitlements.

     Gun ownership is not like a driver's license. A driver's license is a privilege, not a right. Gun ownership is not just a right, guaranteed by the Second Amendment, but requires citizens to own guns to maintain a ready militia. What say you left nuts?

     Hillary wants to be able to sue gun manufacturers if a crime is committed with a gun they made! Why not make the manufacture of the metal that casts the guns liable? Don't forget the manufacturer of the gun handles or stocks liable as well? So, if we are going to hold guns accountable for crimes committed, then you have made guns sentient. If guns are sentient they deserve, and are guaranteed by our legal system to have a speedy trial by their peers. This is where it must get confusing for some. Who is the DA? Who are the defense attorneys? Who is the sitting judge, and most of all, who is the gun's peers? See how stupid it is to blame a gun? Humans kill. Hitler used guns, gas and fire to kill over 10,000,000 people. Oops. Now we have to find the loopholes in fire as well!

     When we get to the point that, as a society, we see evil in human form, not in inanimate objects, more massacres will continue. (The indigenous folks, the Native Americans, were massacred by our government using guns, swords, knives, fire, or whatever else they could find!) Someone is dropping the ball on these individuals. Someone knows that they have access to weapons, but are legally mentally imbalanced and are a threat to harm themselves or others, or threatening, and not taking it serious. You want to stop these massacres? Like the old saying goes, "You fight fire with fire!". You arm the teachers and staff. Instead of putting up a 'Gun Free Zone' sign, put up a sign that states, "We are armed and will protect our students and staff with deadly force". Kinda takes the easiness out of massacring people if you think your butt is going to be dead before you get started.

     Stop looking for loopholes and start using common sense. Inanimate objects are just that. Recognize as a society with whom our danger lies. If you hear someone stating harm towards others, you know of someone mentally imbalanced (legally) and they have access to guns, or someone is using social media to proclaim their opinion, or they have a cause that dictates to create harm, or if they are threatening in any way, inform someone: i.e., police, parents, teachers, FBI etc., etc. STOP THE VIOLENCE BEFORE IT IS COMMITTED BY SCREAMING OUT THE DANGER!! Don't wait until its over and innocent people have suffered or died. This is how we bring an end to massacres! Stop the human! The gun will sit their silently if you do!

Sunday, October 4, 2015


     When the first smart newspaper publisher and film maker learned how to use subliminal messaging, being a new tactic, we, the American Public were unaware of its use. Then the military and spy organizations started using it to create a 'trigger mechanism' used to control an individual. When the individual heard a word, phrase, or saw a design, drawing, or picture, they would react in the way they were programmed! That reaction may include murder, a bombing, or whatever that particular person was programmed to do.The trigger ensured they would carry it out. Brainwashing is another lovely term to be used as well.

     Have you ever watched the individual, who was supposedly hypnotized and given instructions on what they were to do when the trigger word was spoken, and then the individual would make a complete fool of themselves, making us believe hypnosis could overpower the will of a person. I'm not saying it can't happen, but I need more proof before I file foolish hypnosis in the Unbelievable, But True File.

     Brainwashing and subliminal messaging has been proven to be a hard fact and useful in many ways. Film makers used to use subliminal messaging to increase concession sales. It's true! Every however many frames they would find worked, a single frame may pass by, unnoticed by the eye, but the subconcious part of our brain saw it. A beautiful blonde, lying on a hot beach under a blazing sun drinking the beverage they chose. Now, you may have just finished of a 16oz beverage, but your thist suddenly started growing and you needed another drink. Why? Because the subconcious sees that and sends a signal to the brain that you are thirsty. They used the same technique in increasing revenue, selling more popcorn, hotdogs...well you get the idea. This worked until they were caught at it and a law was passed to stop the blatant brainwashing of their patrons. Do they still do it? Who knows, but if you're at a theater and you suddenly become overwhellmingly thirsty or in need of buttered popcorn...?

     Now to the meat of this article: When a shooting does occur somewhere in the country, we know without a shadow of a doubt that Obama is going to politicize it and call for stricter gun laws. The left wingers, Demoncrats and gun control nuts will come out, trumpeting their overused pulpit thumping rhetoric for gun control. There is only on problem with Obama and all the other nuts: It could have easily have been a bomb, killing and maiming a massive amount of people. It could have been a preplanned arson, where the arsonist has his fire munitions in place and blocks theater or school exits creating a massive casualty rate (Remember Waco Texas?). A whacko could kill quite a few people with a compound bow, or crossbow. They are silent and deadly. Oh, and let's not forget the whacko who brings a sword, a poisonous blowdart gun, knives and kills numerous people. What did mass murderer, Timothy McVey use? A gun? No he didn't, yet he became a mass murdered in a matter of minutes! Did the terrorists who overpowered the jet planes on 9/11 use bombs or guns to overpower the planes, killing almost 3,000 citizens in a short time period? No! They cutters!

     The tool used to create havoc and murder is not the issue, whether it is a gun, fertilizer, sharp instruments, silent but dealy arrows or bolts. fire, or box cutters. It is an individual(s) who decide to commit a violent act of agression and murder. The tool they choose is not at fault, the individual(s) is! Let us not fall into the temptation of blaming inanimate objects, giving them free will to do as they please. We know better. Only a human commits murder.

     Now, if you haven't caught the subliminal messaging that is being used to try to rip our 2nd Ammendment rights away, let me enlighten you as to how they are brainwashing the public. A whacko commits an atrocious act, as we just witnessed in Oregon. Now, I am in no way attempting to justify the 'killer's' action. He deserved to die a hundred deaths for what he did! Now let's see the verbage used by Obama and his leftist, Marxist, nuts use: Gunman. Shooter. Over and over they use these words. They are subliminally driving into your subconcious that the word 'gun' and 'shoot' equate to the need for gun control. Maybe even abolish the 2nd Amendment. The proper verbage would be: killer & murderer, sending the message to our subconcious that killing and murder are wrong!

     We are in a world and country where the need for self preservation and protection are now at its highest. Google the top ten cities with the most gun violence and deaths. Democatically controlled cities with the toughest gun laws. Don't be pulled into their brainwashing. "When we give up liberties, we open the door for a dictatorship, tyrrants, and a genocidal government."

      We already see in place what Hitler could never have envisioned: a society willfully commiting genocide against itself and then selling bodies, body parts and tissue to the highest bidder, not for research, but for profit! The reason Obama, Soros and the rest of his henchmen want an unarmed populace, is the final control of America for their purpose, to where a population can be neutralized and at the mercy of those in power.

     If you gain nothing else from reading this, just remember: An inanimate object has no will, desire, animosity and evil intentions. Only humanity has that. So whatever tool is used to carry out heinous crimes is not the fault of the weapon of choice, it is the fault of the evil person, intent on the destruction of others. Remember this as well: A rock commited the first murder in history. Did you catch that? I blamed the rock! No, Cain committed the frist act of murder. The rock was what he used to carry it out. Do we ban rocks as well?