Monday, October 5, 2015


     Every time an individual commits a heinous crime, especially when a gun is involved, all the anti-gun activists come out crying foul against guns. Gee, will you ever give it a break? The Gun or Guns did not commit the crime! A whack job human being did so! However, blaming the evil individual for what they did is not political fire-power (sorry, I couldn't help myself!) to make the wacko liberal left have a soap box to stand on and scream their words of guns are evil verbal sewage!

     Hillary wants to close the loopholes! Before you do that Hillary, close the loopholes on the crimes and treason you've committed and face the law for your crimes! (By the way, actual gun loopholes are created when you mount the trigger guard!) Uh, as a person who believes in our Constitution (and wasn't Hillary, at one time, sworn to protect it as well?), I find NO LOOPHOLES IN THE SECOND AMENDMENT!! You idiot lefties need to understand: our Constitution made our country great for the last 232 years (sorry, I can't include the years since Oblasfemer was elected). If we allow them to find non-existent loopholes in the 2nd Amendment, then as Demoncrats, you will find loopholes in the 13th Amendment and put blacks back in slavery as you did before the Great Emancipator brought your tyrannical rule over slaves to an end! Yes, it was the Demoncrats who enslaved you then and enslave you now with entitlements.

     Gun ownership is not like a driver's license. A driver's license is a privilege, not a right. Gun ownership is not just a right, guaranteed by the Second Amendment, but requires citizens to own guns to maintain a ready militia. What say you left nuts?

     Hillary wants to be able to sue gun manufacturers if a crime is committed with a gun they made! Why not make the manufacture of the metal that casts the guns liable? Don't forget the manufacturer of the gun handles or stocks liable as well? So, if we are going to hold guns accountable for crimes committed, then you have made guns sentient. If guns are sentient they deserve, and are guaranteed by our legal system to have a speedy trial by their peers. This is where it must get confusing for some. Who is the DA? Who are the defense attorneys? Who is the sitting judge, and most of all, who is the gun's peers? See how stupid it is to blame a gun? Humans kill. Hitler used guns, gas and fire to kill over 10,000,000 people. Oops. Now we have to find the loopholes in fire as well!

     When we get to the point that, as a society, we see evil in human form, not in inanimate objects, more massacres will continue. (The indigenous folks, the Native Americans, were massacred by our government using guns, swords, knives, fire, or whatever else they could find!) Someone is dropping the ball on these individuals. Someone knows that they have access to weapons, but are legally mentally imbalanced and are a threat to harm themselves or others, or threatening, and not taking it serious. You want to stop these massacres? Like the old saying goes, "You fight fire with fire!". You arm the teachers and staff. Instead of putting up a 'Gun Free Zone' sign, put up a sign that states, "We are armed and will protect our students and staff with deadly force". Kinda takes the easiness out of massacring people if you think your butt is going to be dead before you get started.

     Stop looking for loopholes and start using common sense. Inanimate objects are just that. Recognize as a society with whom our danger lies. If you hear someone stating harm towards others, you know of someone mentally imbalanced (legally) and they have access to guns, or someone is using social media to proclaim their opinion, or they have a cause that dictates to create harm, or if they are threatening in any way, inform someone: i.e., police, parents, teachers, FBI etc., etc. STOP THE VIOLENCE BEFORE IT IS COMMITTED BY SCREAMING OUT THE DANGER!! Don't wait until its over and innocent people have suffered or died. This is how we bring an end to massacres! Stop the human! The gun will sit their silently if you do!
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