Sunday, June 15, 2014


     If you feel secure, that as Americans in the great country of America, and short of a terrorist attack, we are safe...well you might want to become a little insecure. I just heard the most inaccurate and ludicrous statement by a panel member on Fox News Sunday stating that our allowing ISIS to surge and butcher its way through Iraq and our lack of readiness to stop them couldn't be placed at Obama's feet. I suppose she wants to praise him for playing golf on Sunday to be considered as hard consternation as what the U.S.'s reaction should be to stop ISIS. "Mr. President, that was a long straight drive down the fairway!" "I know, and that means we should take direct action to...monitor the situation and...well, let's play another hole to see what else should be done."
     I know I am probably the most pessimistic and sarcastic individual you've ever ran into, but we (American Citizens) have earned he right to be that way. In my past Blogs, I have performed the best job I could on laying out the failures of Obama, I don't believe the word failures aptly describes what has occurred since 2008. What has happened is a well laid out plan to destabilize America by ruining its economy, to suppressing job growth with his massive socialist healthcare plan, further destabilizing both economy and job growth by demanding an increase in the minimum wage on already shaky small businesses, ignoring world events that he believes are not our problems, secretly releasing terrorists in an Afghanistan holding facility to boldly and illegally releasing 5 terrorist for a traitor, terrorists who no doubt went right back to work to destroy America and push Islam and Sharia law on all countries. Putin would be a better president if it were not for his Communist and KGB background. Remove his background and you see moxy and a spine, something Obama isn't even aware exists.
     Now as Iraq crumbles, like the fable of Nero, Obama fiddles (plays golf) while the world burns. His recent statement, "I didn't take this job to start wars, I took it to end them" Well gee, I suppose every other president before him was a war mongering individual, chomping at the bits to be sworn in and then immediately declared war on some one. I feel very safe in saying that any president, knowing he was about to commit American troops to quite possibly die, was out partying and bragging how he was about to give the body bag business a boost! No, they most likely walked the halls of the White House praying for strength, and possible shedding tears over the pain his country was about to endure. They sure weren't out playing golf!
     ISIS has made the bold statement, "We'll see you in New York City!". Do you believe they wouldn't be successful in attacking America? Let me ask you this, did you ever believe you would watch a wide open border that we now know, Mexican gang members are using to enter the United States, the flow unable to be stemmed by a beleaguered and overwhelmed Border Patrol, their hands full with the exodus of children leaving their country to enter ours? You say, "Well these are just children, they pose no harm! We want amnesty for all the illegals!" Okay, I hope you own a thousand acres so we can build apartments and buildings to house them, and a working farm to feed them because our already skyrocketing debt means our government entitlements are not in a position to do so! You cry amnesty, but by God, if it directly affects you, you would dial 911 and cry HELP. That's how ignorant and immune to intelligence liberals are. If it affected them, their liberal ideology would quickly disappear!
     Back to my point of invasion, (which is already occurring at our border), this President has not only given the rest of the world a view of America as weak, he has proven it. Now let me clarify what I just said. "He" being the President has done this, but the American spirit and determination is alive and well, just throttled by Obama, his administration and Harry Reid. The Superpowers of the world knows and sees this and is readying for Obama to make just the right mistake to take down America. THE MISTAKE is his want to turn our Constitution and Bill of Rights authority over to the United Nations. Once done folks, I don't care how many militias we have and how many gun owners are out there, the might of the U.N., will bring in forces to overrun our country and its citizens at a high price to Americans. The blood will run in our streets, but at what the U.N. will consider more than acceptable to gain control of our country. This President, the Democratic Party as well as the liberals find this as a way to remove the Second Amendment, and squeeze the 'free' out of free speech. Yes we are ripe for invasion. I take ISIS's warning very, very seriously! So should you!
     Forget for a moment that the stability of the area is key to oil reserves that are needed by most nations in the world and the stability of oil on the stock market. ISIS is not the Taliban. The Taliban shits its britches at the thought of ISIS! When Iran puts out an olive leaf to the United States and offers to join us to drive ISIS not only out of Iraq, but out of existence, then you know big, bad Iran is very worried what will happen when ISIS turns its eye on them. Consider ISIS to be a scourge of locusts on the crops of Iowa. A barren Iowa would be a destroyed Iowa. Just a small study of ISIS's tactics reveals a scourge, intent on killing everything in its way, almost as if they have taken a page from Hitlers plan of genocide on the Jews. Demoralize and destroy.
     We have one of, if not the mightiest military in the world, with nuclear destroyers, aircraft carriers and Trident submarines and drones capable of firing missiles and dropping 500lb. bombs, all within striking distance to stop and decimate the ISIS bastards, yet this President states within 72 hours he will come up with a strategy as to how we will deal with the situation. Nope, didn't want his meeting with Sioux leaders or his golf game to be interfered with by some world crisis. A crisis that our brave men and women (doesn't matter to them whether their were WMDs there or not), gave their very lives and souls to battle and defeat one of the world's most evil and corrupt dictators who had already gassed the Kurds, his own Iraqi people. You don't spit on the Vets and the honored dead just because its inconvenient to your plans of visiting the Sioux leaders (which is time a president did make contact with the Native Indian Tribes) and playing golf. Both of those agendas needed to be replaced by the urgency to stop a new scourge destroying Iraq and then onto other countries, including Israel. All of the world's eyes on on this president and I hate to be the one to disappoint them, but the Jello spine Obama has is liquifying. Believe me, I am the last one to want flag draped coffins to return to our country, so don't use boots, use strategic airstrikes that will decimate the ISIS army, allowing the Iraqi forces to destroy them completely.
     If you don't show some backbone, Barrack, ISIS will meet us in New York City, but then again, is that what you intend?
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