Tuesday, June 3, 2014


     This is a story I am working on and will write a full blog on it as I obtain all the information. This much I know, Senator Ted Cruz is screaming mad that 42 Democrats actually signed a bill to make and Amendment to the Bill of Rights that would allow Congress to control political speech and rhetoric. According to Senator Cruz, this would also allow Congress to silence the NRA, Unions, and other groups. I will dig more into this on Wednesday and will out what Democrats signed the bill and what State and District they represent (see the Bill would not allow me to do that!). This is so serious of an action that it is time we end this liberal, socialist, communist takeover of our country. It's not as if something weird is happening maybe once or twice a year, its everyday that the Communist movement in this country is doing everything it can to remove our Constitution and Bill of Rights!
     Geez, has anyone yet been able to wrap their heads around the whole Obamacare, Benghazi, NSA, IRS, 5 top terrorist releases, 35,000 hardcore criminal illegal aliens released into our society, the VA scandal and now the Democrats wanting to Amend the Bill of Rights? It's like Linda Blair's spinning head in the Exorcist! One scandal to take attention off of another scandal to take your attention off of other scandals! Crap! I just got a crick in my neck! We have to completely flip the Senate to when a Democrat wants to speak they have to give the Senate a 30 day notice...oh...no that wouldn't work. The president has set precedent that 30 day laws are irrelevant. Oh shut up, Terry!
     Anyway, I will find out as much as I can on Wednesday about the new Democrat attempt to revoke free speech and report it to you. Oh, I do have this tidbit...Democrat Hank Thompson tried to do this very same thing back in November 29, 2012. Maybe the Republicans can pass an amendment that removes the right for ALL Democrats to talk, sign, write, type or even use pictographs. One can only wish. Until Wednesday, later good people!

     I am sorry that I don't have the Blog I promised, but it has been a day of IT, PC and Laptop hell. Something went through my systems so heavy that it burned out my router (all of my systems are on surge protectors as well as surge protected wall units), so what would cause that? Conspiracy theory? Obama surge back? Bwahahahahaha! Yeah right. Anyway, all is finally back to normal and I will put out the Blog tomorrow. Let me give  you something to think about: Maybe it's been buried under the return of the traitor, deserter, giving aide to the enemy Bergdahl, but cruising the news channels while I pulled out my hair trying to reload software, doing a 40 mile round trip to pick up a new/updated router and modem, I didn't see any broadcasts about the 42 Democrats signing a Bill to Amend the Bill of Rights to remove and control Freedom of Speech. That strikes me both as serious and suspicious. Is this another weekend Obama pass it through without backlash because of Members of Congress being gone? God, I know I despise Obama as much as any human can despise a person, but would even he try that? I am spending the whole day tomorrow investigating what is happening. Folks this is a death blow to our freedoms if this is somehow slipped through and passed. Warn everyone you can in your circle of friends and have them warn theirs and so on and so forth. I swear before God Almighty, I will find out who these Democrats are in will list their names for all to see! Damn it, it all stops here!
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