Thursday, June 12, 2014


     Just a short Blog tonight. As I watch all the different events occurring in our country, mostly...hell just about everything, I wonder where sanity has gone. A president out to destroy America: he is a proven traitor, a liar is so many ways, including the oath he took to uphold and defend the Constitution. Obamanation is now looking to go around Congress and enact his own gun laws, which is highly illegal and treasonous as once again he is failing to uphold and protect the Constitution. The sickening part of it all is the blustering interviews that the Congress does, they sit their big, fat, useless rumps on their hands while Obama ruins our country. Sometimes I want to throw up my hands and say, "Why try?" I then remember I have sons and grandchildren that I have to make every effort to stop this out of control government by remembering the adage,"The pen is mightier than the sword!"
     If anyone doesn't know, what you are seeing are strings being pulled by puppet masters. George Soros, who gladly calls himself, 'a class traitor' being one of them. He is a left wing billionaire out to destroy our system of capitalism while he himself sits on his piles of billions of dollars. He and others wish to destroy our country and the world by the often used key words such as income inequality (we called it upper, middle, and lower class and we never felt shame because of it!). Income inequality has always been present in America. Those who worked hard, educated themselves and went the extra mile, usually rose to the top of the heap. Then there were those who were happy with their lot in life as coming from a middle class family (which in no way something to hang your head about. The middle class drove the country, not the upper crust) and were happy with a house, white picket fence and 2.5 kids and a vacation every year. They didn't live with the stress of those striving to be the upper crust. The middle class were God fearing, church goers who loved to have cookouts with their neighbors and spent quality time with their children. Then you have the next step down. Those who were unable to find the will to pick themselves up from a destitute lifestyle, dropped out of high school, like to frequent the bars instead of the family dinner table and used the excuse, "I am a product of my environment." Personally, I am a product of what I wished to be.
      My mother and father were both hard working middle class Americans. I knew my mom and dad loved me, were there for all our special occasions and were always there for our nightly supper. I chose my route to climb into management because I always felt natural leading than following. Did that make me better than those who were my subordinates? Absolutely not! Again, they were the ones who drove our company. I learned early not to 'boss' my employees but to ensure they had all the support they needed to perform their jobs. The old structure of the pyramid with the workers at the base supporting the company was an arrogant upper management/ownership view to allow them the belief they were the 'entitled'. Wrong. The actual successful pyramid is upside down, with the CEO at the point on the bottom with the management structure working its way up, ending with the workers at the top, being supported by everyone else. It works, I know because I was involved in such a structure and watched it work to perfection.
     The Obamas and Soros of the world will try to make you believe inequality is a new phenomena. Now even the Vatican has picked up on the rhetoric. Why? The Vatican is one of the, if not the most wealthiest institutions in the world and they speak of inequality? For those of you who scrounged tonight, trying to put something together so your children wouldn't go to bed hungry, think of the fine china, silver and the best of foods that those in the Vatican are enjoying, then ask yourself if they have any right to speak of inequality. Inequality? Nah, it's just the perception the young and ignorant buy into, believing they are entitled to the new house, top wages and the lush vacations without the hard work to get them there. Is it more pronounced then before, yep and the reason is this job destroying, entitlement pushing administration. The middle class is being driven out of existence by those in power and influence so we end up with just two classes. The workers and the elite. Sound familiar? Communism. If enough of a population is dependent upon being titty fed by the government, then you deserve what you get, Comrade.  No entry position should ever start at double the wage of what is being pushed. $15 an hour? AN ENTRY LEVEL POSITION IS A TRAINING GROUND TO TEACH YOU WORK SKILLS, TEAM SKILLS AND WHAT IT FEELS TO EARN A PAYCHECK, AND THEN FOR YOU TO LEARN TO HANDLE MONEY PROPERLY. IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE A PERMANENT POSITION, UNLESS YOU WISHED TO WORK UP THROUGH MANAGEMENT, THEN BY ALL MEANS, ATTAIN THAT! 
     When I grew up, the spread of communism throughout the world was a fear, either real or imagined, it made an impact on us. We were never ashamed to say the Pledge of Allegiance, have morning prayer and feel patriotic in our hearts. The question we were asked was, "Would you rather be dead than red, or would you rather be red than dead?" The word 'Red' referred to communism. The angry America we live in is the result of a push back by the government in holding back our economy's growth, causing fear and anger to rise up. All communist leaders rise up as saints to the people and once hooked, the people then become enslaved to the very movement and leader they felt would free them and allow them to live happy, free lives. Welcome to the real world, Comrade. Use your gray matter for once people and see if you notice the same trend happening again. Take off the blinders and see the world as it is becoming!
          Never call me Comrade.


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