Thursday, June 19, 2014


     I know that this may be unpopular to the pacifists, left wing loonies, Obama worshipers, a government who has lost it's mind, and a government that has forgotten who their employer is. I don't want to rehash Blogs of the past, because those of you who have read them will just say I have nothing new to say, but I have plenty of new ammunition (a rhetorical phrase meaning none used in weapons, for those Homeland Security and Secret Service who are now monitoring my know you are) to use against not just Obama, but the complete criminal abuse of power by all divisions of government. Lois Lerner and her cohorts need to be held accountable for her criminal activities, by the Department of Justice, the FBI or the court of American Citizens. We did not give any government, Local, State or Federal, the power and authority to trample all over us. America has now turned itself upside down, while we idly stood by and allowed it to do so. Might as well live in Russia. At least they have a leader with a back bone, good or bad.
     With all of the criminal activity occurring in Washington, the Department of Justice and the FBI should be all over the criminal activity in Washington. Where are they? At what point did these departments become partisan? They are to be free of Presidential oversight, and investigate and prosecute, if evidence is present, any and all criminal activity no matter who is alleged of the crime on a bi-partisan basis. Eric Holder, for the most part, is only present for photo ops with the President, but absent when it means investigating all the scandals involved with this Administration. He is not the head of the DOJ, rather another lap dog for Obama, the Democrats and the left wing loonies. If the FBI and DOJ were doing their jobs as they swore to do, they would have invaded the IRS and confiscated all servers, including the hidden redundant systems, and either found the supposed lost e-mails, or locate they key strokes that caused their surprising loss, and prosecute the offender or start unraveling, through the suspect, at whose instructions did they cause the deletion of the e-mails! That's not legal jargon, just good old common sense or horse sense (even a horse could see that this government was throwing horse shit in the face of America)! The FBI and DOJ are just the enforcement arm of Obama. To use names from World War 2 and name them as Hitler's closest henchmen: Eric Holder - Hermann Goering. The FBI - The Gestapo. The only people held to an ever increasing yoke of legality are the government's employers, the American people, while our employees beat us down.
     I believe, if Lois Lerner and her cohorts I call the Magnificent Seven, come out of this scot-free, they will have set a  precedent that Americans will be able to challenge in courts. If you are audited by the IRS, and in your meeting, with your attorney present, you state that your server burned out and you lost all your information, what will the IRS do? If that is not acceptable to the IRS, your attorney needs to cite the legal precedent set by the Lois Lerner loss of IRS e-mails and it was acceptable. I truly believe, if a judge considers this by legal precedents, he or she must rule in your favor! If they do not rule in your favor, you can at that point that we can all rest assure that the tail (the government) is wagging the dog (the citizens).
     Eric Holder should immediately be removed from office. His criminal malfeasance is more than enough to not only remove him from office, but it's criminal. All politicians, from the President on down, are all guilty of failure of the 'Uphold and Protect the Constitution' oath that they swore to. They are not just trampling all over the Constitution, they are shredding it! Now, under the pressure of the Office of the President, the U.S. Copyright Office has revoked the right of the Washington Redskins to use the Redskins insignia and name. I state under the pressure of the Office of the President because it was Obama's office and administration who were the ones crying 'foul' against that team for its use of the emblem and name. Who would have thought that the government, with all its scandals, weak domestic and foreign policies, lies they cover up, lush vacations and internal criminal activities, would have time to worry about the name of a football team? This doesn't border on the ludicrous, it's just flat out insane! Again, smoke and mirrors. Studying both the First Amendment and cases of revocation by the U.S Copyright Office, there is no precedent for this decision. They have and have always had the Copyright and have always renewed it when necessary and have not illegally used franchise's commercial use of said copyright. The political correct police may scream about it, but the Washington Redskins have not violated any laws or their legal ownership rights and responsibilities. I don't give damn that Obama doesn't like the name. He has no power through his office or the Constitution to force the issue. There is no LEGAL CHALLENGE TO THE USE OF THE NAME OR EMBLEM!! This is a Kangaroo Court action, that the P.C. Police, Left Wing Loonies and the Obama Communist regime are using to overpower the law! I've also heard a newspaper refuses to print the name "Washington Redskins". All sponsors should immediately remove their ads and all subscribers should cancel their subscription to send a message that WE WILL NOT BE TRAMPLED ON!
     We have to start putting a hurt on anything Obama is involved in. Wherever he or his administration goes, peaceful, continual and loud demonstrations should be what he is met with. His administration should receive the same. If they all circle the wagons and huddle in the White House, peaceful, continuous and loud protest in their towns should occur, even in front of their homes until they get the message, we're fed up! Once again, I always refer back to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who proved that PEACEFUL civil disobedience is very effective. If you have a nut case show up that wants to start a fight with those being protested, by all means cooperate with the authorities and inform them of the possible problem that the person may cause and that is not what you want. I believe the authorities would respect you for that. Americans, we must take back our country and silent rage will not work. Open, peaceful civil disobedience is the way to start.

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